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As people from the present generation, it is not possible for us to think about the lives of people from hundreds of years ago. It is tough for us to imagine what kind of life they might have led from their younger days. We can get to know the past from people who have lived in the last eras. Some of them are still alive and it is a great option to know them. 

BaddieWinkle is one of the people who are practically from another whole generation. She was born in 1928. Presently she has an Instagram account as well. This made her even more accessible to the common people who follow her on Instagram. 

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Early Life of BaddieWinkle

The real name of BaddieWinkle is Helen Ruth Elam. She was born in Hazard, Kentucky, The United States of America. Her birthday is on July 18th and she was born in 1928. She is 93 years old and seems to be quite healthy for her age. She has a frail figure and sports colorful and smart clothes which makes her look younger than she is. Helen was born in an era that we cannot even imagine. She had to face the Great Depression as well. Helen worked in a factory to support her family. She was a very hardworking woman with an indomitable spirit. This has helped her to survive for so long despite the troubles she has faced over years. We have a great deal to learn from her. 

Educational Life

Helen Ruth Elam belongs to an age group who did not receive much education in their times because they were women. It is not mentioned by BaddieWinkle on any of her social media pages about her education life. It is best that we do not get much into this detail because it is something she has not decided to share with her fans.  

Personal Details

Birth NameHelen Ruth Elam
Nick NameBaddieWinkle
Birth Date18th July 1928
Place of BirthHazard, Kentucky, The United States of America
Zodiac SignCancer
Sexual InclinationStraight
ProfessionInstagram Influencer

Body Measurements

Cup SizeNA
Body MeasurementsNA
Chest SizeNA
Waist SizeNA
Hip SizeNA
Shoe SizeNA
Dress SizeNA
Eye ColorsBlue

Professional Life

Helen Ruth Elam’s great-granddaughter, Kennedy Lewis was the first one who introduced her to the world of social media influence. She made sure that her great-grandmother is a part of the present generation and everyone gets to know her story as well. She dressed up her great-grandmother in her own clothes and posted those images for the very first time on her Instagram handle. This received immediate attention from different people with different tastes. It was quite apparent that Helen was quite popular among fans who wanted to know her story as well. This is when she started to share various reels and stories about herself on Instagram. 

Helen Ruth Elam is also an advocate of the medical use of marijuana. She has often mentioned in several of her videos that she thinks that patients should receive relief from pain through medical marijuana if it is considered to be important. Moreover, her works on patient rights have gained ground because her own son had suffered greatly from cancer before leaving this world. 

Family and Partner

Helen Ruth Elam was married to Earl Elam and they had a son named David. She lost both of them to a car accident and cancer respectively. She has eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She is very happy with her family till now and her grandchildren seem to adore her for the important role that she had played in their lives.

She has not mentioned much about her personal life till now. Although she is very vocal about the issues she believes should be talked about, she never talks about things which are intricately related to her personal life. This remains one of the major contradictions of her social media presence.  

Social Media Life

BaddieWinkle has a huge social media following. She was initially popular on Twitter because of the images posted by her great-granddaughter, Kennedy Lewis. Her posts on Twitter are filled with innuendos. This has also gained her a good amount of popularity on social media. Later she started to gain followers on Instagram as well. She has about 3.7 million followers on Instagram and 2.7 million followers on Facebook. 184.7 k people follow her on Twitter. She often states that age is just a number and no one should be bothered about the way one age because it is simply a natural process. 

Rumors and Scandals

Although Helen Ruth seems to be a person whom everyone loves, even Rihanna, there are some controversies. Many people on the internet are not fond of the way she dresses and called her fashion choices to be lewd. She has also been criticized for the slogans written on her shirts. She is an advocate of medical marijuana which has further decreased her credibility among certain people. 

Personal Details

● BaddieWinkle is just an Instagram name for Helen Ruth Elam. Her granddaughter introduced her social media platform. 

● She wears colorful clothes and it is quite apparent that she is walking way ahead of everyone in her fashion choices. Her dresses and makeup routines have gained a huge number of followers on social media platforms. 

● Her work on medical marijuana has earned criticism from different people across the world. 

● She was married to Earl Elam. She lost her son to cancer and her husband to a car accident. 

● She has about eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren at the moment. She lives very happily with her family in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Net worth

Although it is not exactly known, it is believed that BaddieWinkle has a net worth of assets between 1 to 5 million USD. She had entered the world of social media influence for a very short time and it is quite apparent that her popularity has won her this number of assets over time. 

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