Ava McClure Net Worth, Career, Personal, and Early Life

Ava McClure is one of the famous Instagram stars for her performance with her twin sister on the McClure Twins YouTube channel. She was born on July 12, 2013, in Georgia, the United States of America and is only nine years old! Her popularity is #7252. Ava McClure has a twin sister by the name of Alexis McClure. In addition, she has a brother who is younger than her by the name of Jersey Tayo McClure. Her parents are Justin McClure and Aminat “Ami” Dunni.

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Ava McClure’s Personal Life

Ava McClure is a child artist. She is just nine years old and has a twin sister also. Therefore, there is no need to discuss her boyfriend or marriage; it is too early now to ponder that subject. However, she is now jointly performing her acting with her twin sister. If they do not come together, you will find it challenging to identify Ava McClure and Alexis McClure! Her parents guide her because of her tender age, and they will decide about her plans. Anyway, she has a beautiful face and a cute smile, which will be an added attraction in her future, and we hope she will marry the person of her choice.

Ava McClure’s Family

Ava McClure and her twin sister Alexis McClure are adopted children of their father, Justin McClure. Aminat “Ami” Dunni is their mother. They married in 2015 and then adopted the twins in 2016. In this wedlock, Ava McClure’s younger brother Jersey was born in 2017 to their parents. Ava McClure became famous because of their YouTube Channel “The McClure Family”, which must have been created by her parents. However, Ava and Alexis only got recognition as the “McClure Twins” through this channel. So, Ava McClure’s parents have guided her career from the beginning. Younger brother Jersey will also join her in her future programs.

Ava McClure’s Education

There is no information on the education of Ava McClure. She must be studying from home or attending school along with her career programs. Since she is under the control of her parents in all her activities, they will take care of her academic qualification, which is essential in her future life. Parental guidance is the root of character building and proper behavior. She is lucky to get their watchful eyes in all her performances.

Ava McClure’s Professional Life

Ava McClure and her sister jointly acted in videos initially. They first got recognition from their video “Twins Realize They Look the Same”. Inspired by the video’s success, her parents launched the YouTube channel “The McClure Family”, in which she and her twin sister Alexis McClure acted, which was a grand success. In 2016 and 2017, Ava McClure and her twin sister made their initial appearance on Television on ‘Goodmorning America’. In addition, both sisters walked in the Rookie USA fashion show in the New York Fashion Week program.  

Surprisingly, at this age, she and her sister have done modelling for Levi Strauss & Co., Converse (shoe company), Harley International, Nike etc., In October 2016, she acted on the YouTube channel ‘Dada eats all the food, which was a big success. In 2017, the twins became the youngest of the Forbes “Top kid influencers.” More than 6 million views for their performance in “Twins style each other’s hair (by themselves). Both Ava and Alexis have shown their viewers how to style their hair.

Ava McClure’s Social Media Handles

The age has not braced Ava McClure’s quest for more achievement. She has been operating a joint Instagram account, @mccluretwins, which has 836 posts with more than 2 million followers. Her family’s YouTube channel, “The McClure Family,” now has 1.61 million followers and 222 million views in total.

Personal Details of Ava McClure

Place of BirthGeorgia, United States of America
Birthday, Date of BirthJuly 12, 2013
Real nameN/A
ProfessionInstagram Star
Colour of EyesDark Brown
Colour of HairDark Brown
Net Worth$450k

Body Measurements of Ava McClure

Since she is very young, her body measurements will change quickly. We have to wait at least for ten years for her to come to proper shape. Hence no details are available now.

Weight N/A
Bra SizeN/A
Body MeasurementsN/A
Breast SizeN/A
Waist SizeN/A
Hips SizeN/A
Shoe SizeN/A
Dress SizeN/A

Ava McClure Rumours and Controversies

There is no chance of rumours and controversies as far as Ava McClure’s life is concerned because she is too little to get involved in any controversy or affair that may become a topic for people to discuss. She is now jointly attending all her programs along with her twin sister Alexis McClure, and both of them are very innocent, nine years old, and do not invite any matter for debate.

Further, she is under the total control of her parents, who watch her progress in all walks of life. As such, they will not allow any controversy to creep in. Even if there is any issue, it will be taken care of by her mature parents on these aspects. So, nothing to discuss on this subject at all.

Ava McClure’s Net Worth

Ava McClure and her twin sister Alexis McClure jointly appeared in many videos on their channel “WILL OUR CHILDREN GO WITH A STRANGER? SOCIAL EXPERIMENT”, TODDLER TWINS TRICK MOM!”OLYMPIC TWINS vs. McClure TWINS EPIC RACE!” These and other videos have been slowly catching the attention of millions of viewers, and these genuine efforts at this tender age, have earned about $450k. She is living a peaceful, happy life with her parents and siblings.

Ava McClure is a cute, energetic, charming and enthusiastic girl with a bright future and talent and the strong willpower to achieve more in life. With proper guidance and encouragement, she can develop excellently, shine in her all walks of career and prove to the world that she is also one of the best performers on the screen!

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