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Acting is considered to be one of the most important and entertaining professions of all time. It has been found that actors are the mirrors of society and they tend to educate and align the views of the societal people to a certain extent. Their profession must be respected not only because they earn a huge amount of money but also because they have a profound impact on their peers. Autumn Falls is one of the actresses who got into the adult film industry and did quite a good job for herself!

Autumn Falls is an American adult actress who has Puerto Rican ancestry. She is presently working in the AV Industry and she is the youngest actress in the industry to have shone so brightly. She has a strong social media presence and many people follow her quite avidly. Autumn has made a career for herself through her efforts. She is quite respected by her peers and juniors because of the huge amount of success that she has cornered within such a small amount of time.

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Early Life Of Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls has not declared her real name in front of the public till now. Sometimes she goes by the name Leo Autumn because she was born on 4th August 2000 and has the sun sign of Leo. She seems to have personality traits that are quite similar to the Leo personalities all over the world. She is presently residing in New York, the United States of America and she was born here as well. 

Autumn holds American nationality even though she was born in a Puerto Rican Family who had their roots in Costa Rica. She has kept all the details of her personal life away from the media because of her profession and she doesn’t want her family to come across any words that might make them feel bad!

Educational Life Of Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls has even refused to share the bare minimum details of her education with her fans. She has not been informed which middle school she has attended. According to her age, it is possible that she has already passed high school or is even pursuing her degree right now. 

Unless she wishes to share anything about her personal life, it will not be appropriate for her fans to get into her space. She has not provided any kind of information about her likes and dislikes in terms of movies or songs as well. We have no way of knowing whether she is interested in any of the pop-culture references of the present hours or not.

Personal Life

Birth NameNA
Nick NameAutumn Falls
Place of BirthNew York, The United States of America
Date of Birth4th August 2000

Body Measurement

Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight50 kg
Color of eyesDark Brown
Color of hairBlack

Professional Life Of Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls had been interested in acting from a very young age. She had acted in plays and theatres when she was just 8 years old. Later when she grew up, she showed an active interest in the adult acting industry. She had been informed that she had lost her virginity at the age of 16 years and this paved her way into the adult industry. 

Autumn Falls has been working with the consent of her fellow actors from a very young age. She has worked with several professional and famous actors in the adult industry. She is mostly known for the hard-core lesbian movies she has done till now. She has also earned a good reputation for herself on television. 

Family and Partner

Autumn Falls has not shared anything about her family in the public space till now. She has been in a relationship with Markus Dupree, a director. They had met on the set of one of their films and the couple fell in love easily. They do not show off her relationship in the public space. It seems that they have completed a year by now in their dating life but they have not celebrated it in public. Markus had also been in a marital relationship with Bridgette B. This relationship ended in 2019 after which Autumn and Markus started to date.

Social Media Life Of Autumn Falls

She has a strong social media presence with hundreds of fans following her every day. She posts gorgeous images of herself on the social media platform and uses paid promotional means to increase the reach of her page. Autumn Falls has about 19.6k subscribers on her YouTube channel to date. Her Instagram account is quite famous as well and she has about 1.8 million followers on this platform. She has her own Twitter account and she also owns her own website space. She is doing quite well as a social media influencer with her existing popularity as an adult film actress.

Rumor and Controversies

Other than being involved in the adult film industry, there is no such rumor about Autumn Falls. She has been close to her roots in most of her appearances and has not shared anything in public which might lead to public disgrace. Autumn Falls has never been ashamed of what she does and holds herself with dignity in most public places. Her strong relationship with her boyfriend has also removed all kinds of scandals that can afflict a celebrity in the adult film industry.

Personal Summary

● Autumn Falls was born on 4th August 2000.

● Autumn Falls has not declared her actual name in front of the public till now.

● She has been in the adult film industry for a long time and is considered to be one of the youngest artists in her genre.

● Autumn Falls has been in several advertisements and she is well accepted by her fans for being what she is. 

Net Worth

According to the information which has been given by Autumn Falls till now, she has earned about 500 USD from the adult film industry till now. She has not shared the other details of her earnings on social media till now. Her earnings have mostly stemmed from her acting in adult films and the work she has done on the social media platform for promotional services. 

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