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Comedy is the essence of every culture. It is not possible to stay happy in this grim world unless there is something funny going on around us. Most comedy geniuses have made use of everyday events to make sure that we are entertained with things that are happening around us. One such comedic actor is AuronPlay. He is a Spanish comedian who posts humorous videos on his YouTube channel. He has several followers across the world who finds his works to be light-hearted and often derive pleasure from going through his works on a hard day!

AuronPlay is a Spanish Comedian who has taken up the YouTube platform to share his content. This is quite good in itself but he focuses mostly on the social issues. This makes his content quite relevant to several people across the world. He has won over more than 25 million subscribers across the world. The funny way in which he presents the depreciating social issues has won the hearts of many fans. Let us get to know this, in detail.

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Early Life Of AuronPlay

AuronPlay was born as Raul Alvarez Genes on 5th November 1988. He is just 33 years old and has already done a great job in creating a career for himself in the comedy world. He has the zodiac sign of Scorpio and has several personality traits which are similar to this sun sign. AuronPlay holds Spanish nationality, as he was born in Barcelona, Spain. His hot Spanish blood has made his content a bit spicy and they are quite biting towards those who have wronged the masses on social issues.

His mother is Silvia Genes. AuronPlay has not shared anything about his father and, probably, he never developed a good relationship with his father. He has a brother, who is 4 years older than him. AuronPlay’s sister is 16 years younger than him. Both of them are quite close with him but they have not released their name in public yet. 

Educational Life Of AuronPlay

AuronPlay has not informed anything about his educational qualifications till now. According to his age, he must have passed both high school and university by now. However, if he had decided to drop out of education in between, we do not know about it. Moreover, Raul doesn’t wish his private life to be a matter of discussion among anyone in the public space.

AuronPlay uses great words and presentation skills while he is handling his videos. This can let us assume that he has a good grasp of vocabulary and he has good knowledge in terms of comedy sense and video making. All of these indicate good education.

Personal Details

Birth NameRaul Alvarez Genes
Nick NameAuronPlay
Place of BirthBarcelona, Spain
Date of Birth5th November 1988
ProfessionYouTuber and Comedian

Body Measurements

Color of EyesDark Brown
Color of HairBrown

Professional Life Of AuronPlay

AuronPlay did not have an easy life. He started to work at the age of 16 and that too in a printing company. He had to work in that company for 9 years to support himself. He launched his channel on YouTube in 2006. That is how he started to gain popularity on social media platforms. He started to make videos that passed judgment on the events which were happening around him. 

The tone of the videos was mostly casual and he tried to do nothing that would fetch a scandal. As time passed, AuronPlay started to incorporate witty statements which brought out another side of the social events. He started to focus on stronger incidents and pass off criticism in a healthy manner.

Family And Partner

AuronPlay has an older brother and a younger sister. His mother is Silvia Genes. It is possible that they have no contact with his father as AuronPlay never seems to speak about him. He has a black cat, Don Gato. AuronPlay is very close with his family and often shares images with them. However, he has not disclosed their identity for the sake of privacy. It is possible that AuronPlay is single at the moment. He is focusing on developing his career at present!

Social Media Life Of AuronPlay

AuronPlay has 11.7 million followers on Instagram. He has 6.4 million followers on Facebook and 25.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. AuronPlay has often mentioned that he loves to spend time with his family and pet cat. However, he does not like the intrusion of social media in his day-to-day life. He has kept his family away from the limelight for the purpose of privacy.

Rumors And Controversies

AuronPlay is often treated like an outcast on social media platforms. Many of his peers have spread some horrible rumors about him. It became very easy to spread fake news about AuronPlay because he was always sitting on the pinnacle of controversy. There were rumors that AuronPlay had been responsible for murders, explosions, and even drug trafficking. 

None of these were proven but people seemed to blame him for every single mishap that happened in America. His true fans did not believe in these accusations because they have seen the YouTuber in action as well. 

Personal Summary

● AuronPlay’s real name is Raul Alvarez Genes.

● He is very well-known for the controversial videos that he makes and releases on YouTube.

● AuronPlay has also written several books to gain popularity.  

● AuronPlay is also a very proud cat owner of a black cat, Don Gato.

Net Worth  

AuronPlay has a net worth of 9.9 million USD just through his YouTube channel and books! AuronPlay made several jokes on gameplay and never batted an eyelid when everyone thought that his content was becoming way sharper. AuronPlay started to criticize the popular videos on YouTube as well. There were many strikes on his account which closed his account for a few days. However, he continued to work in the way he is doing now!

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