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Being a successful actress is not easy. It is especially tough in the present times as due to the spread of social media, people have started to gain a much larger exposure to the world of acting and entertainment. Several people have already gained a good amount of acceptance among their peers through their acting skills whereas the most talented ones have won the hearts of several people. Audrey Whitby belongs to the second class of people. She is a prolific actor and has already done quite well in her work.

Audrey Whitby is one of the most successful actresses of this generation. She holds American citizenship and is known for her role in the sketch comedy series, Awesomeness TV. She has done a great job with her role and this has won the hearts of many people who watched the show regularly. Her role was a fan favorite and she gained good fame after this. The fans are more excited to know about her personal life as well. We have collected some details which have enlisted her childhood along with her professional life for her ardent fans to know her better.

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Early Life Of Audrey Whitby

Audrey Whitby was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, The United States of America. She has American citizenship by birth and was born on 10th April 1996. Her parents are Susan and David Whitby. They have been good parents to Audrey. She has also revealed that she has an elder sister named, Madeline and the two are very close to each other. The family had to shift to Indiana after the birth of Audrey.

Madeline has been pursuing a career as an actress as well. She is the one who inspired Audrey to be interested in the field of acting. She had paved the path for her sister to get into the world of entertainment. She has not revealed anything about her religion and ethnicity till now.

Educational Life Of Audrey Whitby

Although Audrey has not shared anything particular about her school life, she has mentioned that she was always interested in the field of acting. She used to perform in the theater shows of her school at all times and this made her quite famous among her peers. 

Her family has also informed that she had been one of the most regular performers in most of the school plays and one could not imagine her sitting around whenever there was any event. The family had shifted to Los Angeles when Audrey was 13 years old and this gave her more exposure to the Hollywood industry. She may have applied for a university degree during the year she went to Los Angeles as well.

Personal Details

Birth NameAudrey Whitby
Nick NameAudrey
Place of BirthMurfreesboro, Tennessee, The United States of America
Date of Birth10th April 1996

Body Measurement

Color of eyesDark Brown
Color of hairBlonde

Professional Life Of Audrey Whitby

Audrey made her acting debut in 2011 with the movie “Trippin”. She had a quirky little role to play and she was quite good at it. Her debut role was very wild and exciting which made her a good choice for her role in So Random. She was always interested in shows which were a bit different from contemporary ones. She never stuck to the same kinds of roles and tried to participate in more and more roles as she acquired them. 

She worked in short films as well. One of her first short films was Scared Sweet and the other was Bad fairy. Both of these had a tinge of horror element which added yet another feather to her crown. She worked in many television shows later and had some great characters. The audience loved her on screen and wanted to see more of her. All of these worked in her favor to get her better job prospects in the future.

Family and Partner

Audrey Whitby seems to be very close with her family at the moment, she is quite fond of her parents with whom she shares regular images on her social media handles. She is also quite close to her sister Madeline who has the same career as she does. It seems that the sisters help each other by practicing their roles. Audrey had been dating Joey Bragg since 2013 and the relationship is going quite strong at the moment as well. They share lots of images from their social media accounts and we are quite sure that they are very happy.  

Social Media Life Of Audrey Whitby

Audrey Whitby has a good number of followers on her social media accounts. There are 14k people following her on Facebook and 10k followers on Instagram. She is not much active on Instagram and has only 20 images posted till now. It seems that she wants to enjoy life in real moments rather than indulging herself on social media platforms. Audrey Whitby also has 100k followers on Twitter and has quite explicit views on various matters on these platforms.

Rumor and Controversies

Audrey Whitby is very famous as one of the people who spoke up against Trump during his first election. She had been in the anti-Trump protests and was also arrested at a certain point. She is a very political person and she never apologizes for her views on these matters. She was disappointed when Clinton was not chosen as the President of the American States.

Personal Life

● Audrey Whitby was born on 10th April 1996.

● Audrey Whitby is a successful actress who has a huge presence on social media because of the various roles that she has played till now.

● Audrey Whitby makes severe and unforgiving political comments which sometimes land her in different kinds of controversies.

Net Worth

The net worth of Audrey Whitby is not yet known. She has kept this part of her life entirely private. It is for sure that she has a good amount of assets to her name. She has been in the acting career for a long time and it is for sure that she has earned a good amount of money. 

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