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Songs have always been an integral part of human civilization because of the strong effect that they play on human minds. The singers from different parts of the world have earned names in different countries because it is not the language that touches the hearts of the people but the tune and overall mood of the songs. Audrey Mika is one of the American singing sensations who have come a long way in the industry because of her immense skills. She runs a YouTube channel that has many subscribers. She is already very popular among the youngsters because of the genre of music she has chosen to follow. With proper brands, it is quite sure that she will go a long way with her strong voice and hard work.

Audrey Mika is one of the American singing personalities who have earned a name in the music industry because of her skills. She has a popular YouTube channel that showcases her musical talents at length. She is quite accomplished at what she does. Her channel is responsible for the release of cover songs. There are more than 1.53 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and she often shares some small details about her personal life on that channel as well. Many fans are eager to know about her growing up and what inspired her to sing such melodious songs. Let us get to the details in the next sections.

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Early Life Of Audrey Mika 

Audrey was born in the United States of America. She is originally from San Francisco, California. She was born on 28th July 2000. She has the birth of Leo and her fiery zest at most of the song covers shows that she has the right birth to sing. She is 22 years old at the moment and has a lot to achieve in the present state. She seems to be an only child because she has not shared any kind of information about any siblings till now. She was born Audrey Armacost. Audrey Mika has refused to share anything about her parents on the social media platform till now. She shares a very close bond with her mother. She shared an image of her mother on Mother’s Day from her childhood on Instagram. 

Educational Life Of Audrey Mika

Just like the details about her parents, Audrey Mika has refused to share anything about her educational background as well. According to her age, she might be in high school or she should be studying in college. Audrey might have refused to take up a college education to invest the entire time in her career. This will be a wise move for her as she is interested in the field of music and it takes a large amount of time to rehearse and hit the notes perfectly. 

Personal Details

Birth NameAudrey Armacost
Nick NameAudrey Mika
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California, The United States of America
Date of Birth28th July 2000
ProfessionSinger and  Youtuber

Body Measurements

Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight60 kilos
Color of eyesDark brown
Color of hairBrown

Professional Life Of Audrey Mika

Audrey Mika has gained her popularity by singing the songs of other artists on her YouTube channel. It is not as simple as it sounds. She has sung some of the songs even better than the original artists by bringing some careful changes in the notes and tunes. She had posted her original songs on her YouTube channel as well. Her original song was named “Paper Jet”. She posted the song on YouTube on 17th August 2015. Audrey Mika has done multiple covers of the songs of different artists. She started with the songs of Billie Eilish and then carried forward to the songs of Ariana Grande. 

Family and Partner

Audrey Mika has not shared anything about her family on the social media platform at the moment. She has been very careful to keep her family from the light of the media. It seems that she is very close to her parents as she shares her childhood images with them quite often. Despite this, she doesn’t want her parents to be in the light of the paparazzi. Audrey Mika is not dating anyone at the moment. It is not known whether she has dated anyone in the past or not. She has shared numerous images with her friends though. She is completely engaged with her work, leaving no time for any relationship.

Social Media Life of Audrey Mika

Audrey Mika is a very successful American singer and runs her own YouTube channel. Audrey has 767 followers on the Instagram platform at the very beginning. Now she has about 353 posts and 447k people who follow her daily. Audrey has 1.53 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also shares a bit about her personal life on these platforms.

Rumors and Controversies

Audrey Mika has no controversies or scandals to her name to date. She has been very proper in front of the media which has saved her from most kinds of social media trials. She is very careful to conduct herself in public so that no rumors have spread about her till now.

Personal Details

● Audrey Mika was born on 28th July 2000. She is 22 years old at the moment.

● She has more than 1.53 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

● Her most famous video includes the song “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande. 

● Audrey has performed some of the songs by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello as well.

Net Worth

Audrey Mika has a net worth of 49k USD. Her main source of income is from her YouTube channel. Audrey Mika is famous for the videos she makes on the YouTube platform. They have a certain charm to them that is absent from the original makers. This has made her very popular among youngsters!

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