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The world of entertainment is filled up with great stars who are upcoming in the present hours. Many of them are new in this genre and the rest of them are still trying to claim their fame through nepotism or talent. Audrey Hope is one of the people who are rising as one of the best stars in the entertainment world because of her sheer talent. She has been working in various television series and films to establish her role in the acting industry. She has done quite a good work in the projects that she has been a part of till now. It is expected that with enough perseverance and hard work, she will be able to reach the peak of her career as well.  

Audrey Hope is an American film actress and television personality who has risen to fame over the last few years. She has been great in the role of Havah in the 2016 production of 2016, Evarb. The film itself was written by her and this proves her worth in the entertainment industry. She also played the role of Candice Carter in the series See/Saw in 2018. 

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Early Life Of Audrey Hope

Audrey Hope was born in the United States of America. She bears the birth sign Cancer because she was born on 22nd July 2003. She is just 19 years old and is doing quite well in the Hollywood industry at the moment. She has American nationality but has not shared anything about her religion till now. She has not even disclosed the names of her parents in front of her fans because she is worried about the privacy of her home life. 

On the other hand, she has informed that she has a younger brother and sister who look up to her as a mentor. She has shared with her fans that she has been named after the famous actress, Audrey Hepburn. Her full name is Audrey Hope Barnhart. She has not shared anything else about her family till now.

Educational Life Of Audrey Hope

Audrey Hope has been one of the most private people on the internet platform. Her age indicates that she must be in high school now but her talents suggest otherwise. She has not shared anything about her educational qualifications till now. We do not know which kindergarten she has been to or which high school she is attending at the moment. 

Audrey considers that the hounds of paparazzi may bother her in her educational institution and this might have a damaging effect on her educational life. She is indeed accomplished in her studies because she was able to write the story of Evarb, entirely by herself.

Personal Details

Birth NameAudrey Hope Barnhart
Nick NameAudrey Hope
Place of BirthThe United States of America
Date of Birth22nd July 2003
ProfessionActress in film and television, Youtuber

Body Measurements

Color of eyesBlue
Color of hairBrown

Professional Life Of Audrey Hope

Audrey started her career in the world of entertainment in the early days of 2016. She starred in a short film named “Clue” and she played the role of Avery Tate in this movie. She gained a huge amount of attention in 2017 when she starred in an important role in Stranger Things. Audrey had also worked as Disney Princess in one of the theme parks because of her obvious beauty. She is a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Milly Bobby Brown was her role model when she started her acting career. She is also quite well known for the scripts that she has written for Evarb and See/Saw.

Family and Partner

Audrey Hope has refused to share anything about her parents lest it should affect her privacy. The snippets which she has provided about her family life include the fact that she has a younger brother and a sister who look up to her. Audrey is single at the moment. She seems to be focused on her career and she does not wish to indulge in anything that might remove her focus. She has not been involved in any kind of romantic relationship till now.

Social Media Life Of Audrey Hope

Audrey Hope is an active Youtuber and has many fans on that particular platform. Audrey Hope has 15.3k followers on the Instagram platform and about 41.2k subscribers on YouTube. Likewise, she has a very new account on Twitter and has about 442 followers on that platform as well. She posts some fabulous videos on acting tips which have turned out to be handy for many people. Her Instagram account is quite popular as well because she posts extremely gorgeous images of herself.

Rumors and Controversies

Audrey Hope is one of the most careful actresses of her time. She has made sure that her reputation is unharmed even in this era of social media. She has not indulged in anything which might be harmful to her career in general. Moreover, she has refused to share anything personal about her so that the paparazzi have not been able to dig up any dirt on her.  

Personal Details

● Audrey Hope was born on 22nd July 2003. She is 19 years old at the moment.

● She has been a successful film and television actress since the year 2016.

● Audrey is a successful actress and screenwriter at the same time.

● She has a strong social media presence and many fans are eager to know her backstory as well. They are interested in what Audrey does in her free time and her upbringing. 

Net Worth

Audrey Hope is a very famous Youtuber who has millions of subscribers on her channel. This contributes to her net worth. Audrey Hope has a net worth between 1 million to 5 million USD. Her main income sources are her acting career and her YouTube channel. 

Social Media Account


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