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Music is flanging in different parts of the world and we’re trying our best to explore each kind of music. However, what happens when your choice of music is emotionally triggering and devastating for some people? Is there any kind of demand for this kind of music and video? Who makes these contents? Well, we have an answer for you. ASMR The Chew is one of the content creators on YouTube who has specialized in making autonomous meridian sensory response triggering content on YouTube. Are you interested in her works and what she actually does? Let us get to know it!

ASMR The Chew is one of the content creators on YouTube. You can already guess by now that this is not her actual name. She goes by this name and is quite controversial in the YouTube community for the choice of her content creation. ASMR The Chew is one of the content creators who have deviated from what we can call normal art in order to explore a field that has not been touched yet. There is a long history to her story in which she has developed herself into this content creator who produces autonomous meridian sensory response triggering content. Let us get to know a bit about her childhood and professional life in order to understand her motives better. 

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Early Life Of ASMRTheChew

ASMRTheChew is definitely not the real name of the content creator. She was known as Spirit Payten when she was born on 16th August 1971. She is 50 years old and has the birth sign of Leo. She has a fiery personality which can be perceived from the videos posted online as well. 

The strange thing about Spirit is that she has not shared anything about her family background till now. She is quite old and certainly has her mystical roots in any place in America. She also holds American citizenship and has refrained from voting for quite a few years now. She has not said anything about her childhood, her family, or whether she has siblings or not in any of her interviews. She has been very secretive. 

As fans, it is our responsibility to make sure that we respect the privacy that she has demanded. A 50 years old woman will be able to decide what is best for her privacy. We should provide her with the space that she wants in order to keep creating content. 

Educational Life Of ASMR The Chew

As you can guess, Spirit has not shared anything about her educational journey as well. She has maintained a strict secret about her educational life and ensured that she is not disclosing anything anywhere. She knows about different measures that can irritate the cognitive understanding and nervous system of man. This can come from extended knowledge in the field of neurology. Although we are not quite sure how she stumbled upon this kind of content creation, it certainly shows a huge amount of study behind it. 

Personal Details

Birth NameSpirit Payten
Nick NameASMR The Chew
Place of BirthThe United States of America
Date of Birth16th August, 1971
ProfessionYouTube Content Creator

Body Measurement Ratios

Color of EyesDark Brown
Color of HairDark Brown

Professional Life Of ASMRTheChew

Have you ever thought that the act of chewing can get you millions of subscribers on any social media platform? Well, ASMRTheChew has done this impossible thing! The videos which she posts are often about different kinds of chewing activities. She crunches on different kinds of food and there are satisfying noises when she eats. It triggers a part of the brain of the viewers which makes them enjoy her chewing on some kind of food. The videos which are posted on her channel are mostly about her chewing, crunching, or slurping on some kind of food. The sound is quite enhanced in order to provide a satisfying effect to her videos. It might seem impossible but she does have a huge number of followers who are willing to watch her eat things that can make satisfying noises. 

The most popular video of ASMRTheChew on YouTube is that of her eating pickles. The sound effects are indeed marvelous. She also rants about different issues when she is shooting these videos. Chewing gum videos are also quite common and popular on her channel. She is continuing to upload different kinds of videos of this sort on her account as well. 

ASMRTheChew – Family and Partner

ASMRTheChew whose actual name is Spirit Payten has not shared anything about her personal life on social media till now. She is a grown and mature woman who has decided not to provide any kind of information about her early life and this should be respected by all fans. 

On the other hand, we know that Spirit Payten is married for a long time to her husband. She has not disclosed the name of her husband till now. We also know that she has two daughters whom she keeps away from social media. Her personal life is kept away from the spotlight at all costs and it seems that she values privacy to a great extent.  

Social Media Life Of ASMR The Chew

ASMRTheChew has about 721k subscribers on YouTube. More than 22.6k people follow her on Instagram. She also has 141k followers on Facebook as well. 

ASMRTheChew- Rumors and Controversies

ASMRTheChew has not been a part of any kind of controversy till now. However, it has been informed quite often by many critics that she has no kind of creative content to share. The videos might be satisfying but they do not have any other purpose. This is often stated by different critics who overlook the arena of online content creation. 

Personal Details

● ASMRTheChew was born in 1971 and is an American citizen. 

● ASMRTheChew’s real name is Spirit Payten. 

● She often posts videos that are oddly satisfying. 

Net Worth Of ASMRTheChew

ASMR The Chew has a net worth of 305k USD. Her videos are very popular on social media because they provide a sense of satisfaction to the viewers. 

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