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Every social media presence has to start from somewhere. For some, it is their self-made talent and for others, it is through the aid and popularity of their parents. For Ashley Burgos, it is both. She has evolved into one of the most popular stars on Instagram and other social media platforms through her sole talent. She is an entrepreneur at this young age and wishes to bring the world to her feet with her amazing works on social influence. She is the daughter of another Instagram star and model, Bernice Burgos. Bernice is not only a model but also a businesswoman who has started her work on the social media platform as an outlet. 

Ashley Burgos is one of the rising stars on the social media platform. She has been working on these areas to increase her popularity amongst her fans. Ashley Burgos is indeed one of the people who can claim to be a beauty with brains. It is quite apparent that she gets both of these attributes from her mother, Bernice Burgos. Bernice is also a very successful Instagram star and model who has earned millions through her works. She is a person with an active business background and she has done wonders with the advantages of the social media platform.  

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Early Life Of Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos was born on 9th May 1996. She is an American citizen. She was born in New York, The United States of America. She is not the only daughter of her mother. She has a sibling who is almost 10 years younger than her. Ashley has a sister named Sarai Burgos. They have the same mother. Bernice Burgos had Ashley when she was just 15 years old. Her father was 19 years old at that time. It was a very hard time for the family to get through. 

No information is provided by the family about the biological father of Ashley Burgos. She has often claimed that her mother is everything to her. Ashley Burgos has indeed developed a good name for herself in the Instagram community. She has Puerto Rican descent and she is not afraid of hiding her roots in front of her fans. She has the sun sign of Taurus.

Educational Life Of Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos has completed her high school graduation from Hempstead High School. She has not provided much information about her educational life. It is quite easy to assume that her career has not always been this smooth because of the hard work her mother had to put in to bring her up. Ashley Burgos may not have attended college till now but it is very clear that she has done a great job in maintaining herself in front of the public. This has helped her to snatch several deals which were meant for many experienced models.  

Personal Details

Birth NameAshley Burgos
Nick NameAshley
Place of BirthNew York, The United States of America
Date of Birth9th August 1996
ProfessionModel and Influencer

Body Measurement Ratios

Height5 feet 1 inch
Color of EyesBlack
Color of HairBlack

Professional Life Of Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos is one of the people who had walked quite successfully on the steps which were laid by her mother in the industry. She had started modeling from a very young age. She had been very instrumental in laying the foundation of a company named Bold and Beautiful with her mother. The company is well known for selling sporty and flirty night dresses for women of all ages. They have models in their company by themselves as well and due to the efforts paid by both mother and daughter, the company is finally stable on its feet in the online market. 

Ashley Burgos had worked as a bartender and waitress before she came into the career of modeling. Her works in Bold and Beautiful are what made her so famous. She is pursued by many brands which are quite well known all over the world. She has been exploring different areas which can provide her more exposure as a businesswoman and model. She is also doing quite well as an Instagram star. It is expected that she will be gaining even more popularity in the upcoming days. 

Ashley Burgos – Family and Partner

Ashley Burgos is one of the people who have her life filled up with events that are not acceptable to society. She got pregnant at the age of 21. This was criticized by many people around the world, including her fans. Ashley Burgos didn’t decide to abort the baby and her mother stood by her in her decision. She now has a beautiful daughter, Amarie. 

Ashley Burgos is still in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend. She has not revealed the name of her boyfriend till now. However, she surely posts a lot of images with her daughter every time on social media.  

Social Media Life Of Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos had 200k followers on Instagram. She deleted that account after she had reached these many followers. She has opened a new account on Instagram and it is expected that she will be gaining even more followers in this round. She also has over 1.3k followers on her Facebook page. Both of these accounts are very new. 

Ashley Burgos – Rumors and Controversies

Ashley Burgos is a consequence of statutory rape. Her mother Bernice was raped by her biological father who was way older than her. She was born out of wedlock. However, neither of them allowed this to become their own identity. They became their person and developed a place for themselves within the online community. Ashley Burgos is a wonderful person and she has steered away from most controversies herself. She got pregnant at a very young age with her long-term boyfriend, but she didn’t allow this to stop her from pursuing her career.

Personal Details

● Ashley Burgos is a popular American model of the present times.   

● Ashley is the partner of Bold and Beautiful with her mother. 

● Ashley has been signing deals with larger brands to explore her talents in Modeling. 

Net Worth Of Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos has not announced her net worth till now. Her mother Bernice however, has a net worth of 1 million USD. She is sure to earn more with even more prestigious projects coming her way. 

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