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Asher Angel is the very epitome of what a young actor should be. He is not only filled with a huge quota of talent but he is also very handsome. This young actor and model have just stepped into the industry and he has been working wonders ever since. He has been in very close collaboration with Disney and has worked on many projects with them. He has also worked as a voice actor and was quite perfect at his job which has brought more projects for the future. Are you interested to know a bit more about his life? Here we come with all the sauce which has filled up the life of this young actor just stepping into the Disney franchise. 

Asher Angel has been a part of the Disney franchise when he played on Andi Mack as Jonah Beck. He has been quite great at his job and seems to thrive on his talent for voice acting. He is just 18 years old and it is believed that he has a very bright future in the world of animation. He seems to be a very prolific actor as well because he can depict the perfect emotions of his characters even in the form of cartoons. Asher Angel has a smooth glide into the industry and most critics think that he has a long way to go in this world of entertainment. 

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Early Life

Asher Angel was born in Phoenix, Arizona on date 6th September 2002. The young man was born under the sign of Virgo and it seems that his zodiac sign has served him well in his ascent into the industry. His father is Jody Angel and his mother is Coco Angel. He is living in Arizona at the moment. Asher seems to share a very close bond with his family. He is the oldest of three siblings and has shared a lot of memories with his younger siblings. His siblings Avi and Landon Angel seem to adore him and speak very highly of him in most of the public interviews. 

Asher Angel seems to share a lot of images with his family on the social media platform. He cares a lot for the people who have helped him to grow up into the person that he is now. He must be studying in high school at the moment. However, he has not shared any information regarding this. It is a part of public knowledge that he has a great voice. He also plays guitar like most of the teenage boys of his age. 

Educational Life

Asher Angel has not shared much information about his educational life on the public platform. He has just turned 18 and should be in high school at the moment. However, he has chosen to keep his educational life private. This must be because he doesn’t want any kind of extra interference from the paparazzi in his day-to-day life. His voice and choice of words show that he has come from an eminent educational background. As fans, we must provide him the space to keep certain aspects of his life personal. He is an American and has a Jewish accent.  

Personal Details Table

Birth NameAsher Angel
Nick NameAsher
Place of BirthThe United States of America
Date of Birth6th September 2002

Body Measurement Ratios

Height5 feet 6 inches
Color of EyesGreen
Color of HairBrown

Professional Life

Asher Angel has started his life in the entertainment world with one of the best franchises all over the world. He started his career while playing as a voice actor at Disney. He is very well known for his role in Andi Mack. He had made his debut on the silver screen at the age of 5. It was Jolene where he had acted for the first time. Both of these have carried a huge weight in his career and it seems that he is doing quite well in representing brands as well. He has acted in some of the most famous and sensational plays all around the world. He has been the main character in Mart Poppins. Asher Angel surely has a bright path in his career if he continues to work as diligently as he is doing now. 

Family And Partner

Asher has a very close relationship with his family. He has been enjoying the single life for quite a bit of time now. This handsome hunk is not known to be dating anyone at the moment. He had talked about his past when he had dated a YouTube star. However, this relationship with Annie LeBlanc didn’t work for a long time and they had to break up. 

Social Media

Asher Angel is quite popular as he has adorable looks and many people, especially girls seem to adore him on social media. He has about 5 million followers on Instagram and 4.8 million fans on Tiktok. Other than this, he also has 125.9k followers on Twitter and about 93k fans on Facebook. All of these indicate that Asher Angel is quite popular on social media and has been gaining a huge amount of acceptance among his fans all over the globe. 

Rumors And Controversies

Asher Angel doesn’t seem to have a huge amount of controversies or rumors trailing behind him. He seems to have a natural presence over his fans. He stays away from most kinds of controversies. Despite the fact that he had brought up his breakup with Annie in public, it failed to tarnish his reputation by any chance.  

Personal Details

Asher Angel has been in the market for a long time now. He seems to do perfectly well with the roles he has to play. He has a good relationship with his family members and holds a very clean image. He also has a very great career to pursue as a TV actor in the entertainment industry.   

Net Worth

Asher Angel has not disclosed his net worth till now. However, it is expected that he has a huge net worth because of the work that he has done till now. 

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