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Arden Rose is one of the cutest social media personalities that you have ever seen. She is among the bubbliest personalities who make comic videos on the online platform. Her videos are mostly around makeup tutorials and she has a great sense of humor when she presents them. Let us get to know a bit more about Arden Rose and what she has done to gain this wonderful and cite personality.    

Arden Rose is one of the social media personalities who make videos on makeup and fashion. However, her works seem to be more unique than others because she has a great comic sense of the tutorials. She makes sure that all of her audiences are enjoying her show equally. She has three siblings and she is quite close to them. Their references crop up in most of her videos and seem to be quite confident sharing about them on social cameras as well.  

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Arden Rose – Early Life

Arden Rose was born on 3rd May 1995. She has the sun sign of Taurus and follows most of the personality traits which are held by the Taurus group. Her mother is named Robin Ricks and her father is Jett Ricks. She has three other siblings. She is quite close with all of them but seems to admire her elder brother most of all. 

Arden Rose did not have a girly personality as she grew up. She was mostly a Tomboy and dressed up like a boy when she was younger. She had to face some minor bullying incidents when she was younger. She had to make up her time with her friends by reading books and going to different types of video games. This is where she started to develop her sense of humor. 

Arden Rose – Educational Life

Arden Rose has not informed her fans about the school in which she had concluded her education. She has been quite open about one of her best friends, Kennedy whom she knows from her times in school. She has mentioned that she had been quite devastated when Kennedy moved out of their town. Arden Rose has a soft and bubbly presence. It seems that although the school years of bullying have hardened her to face the difficulties but not enough to take away her charm. 

Personal Details

Birth NameArden Rose
Nick NameArose
Place of BirthThe United States of America
Date of Birth3rd May 1995

Body Measurements

Height5 feet 4 inches
Color of EyesHazel
Color of HairBrown

Arden Rose – Professional Life

Arden Rose has a soft and bubbly personality. She has debuted on the YouTube platform with the help of her friend, Kennedy. When her friend began her channel, Arden Rose thought of getting into her channel of entertainment as well. She had two channels in the very beginning and started to gain followers almost as immediately as she stepped on the YouTube platform. She had appeared in several sitcoms and comic movies. This is mostly because she has great comic timing and she seems to do better than many of her contemporary actors. She starred as Hadley Pulito as Mr. Student Body President.   

Arden Rose – Family And Partner

Arden Rose has a close-knit family of her parents and three siblings. The family seems to be content with each other. They support each other on social media platforms and often speak highly of each other. It has to be accepted that Arden Rose belongs to very happy and peaceful family background. She had a relationship with one of her high school buddies, Nicholas. The couple dated for quite a long time. However, Arden had to move away from the twin because of her work and the long-distance relationship did not work out. When she met Will Darbyshire later, it seemed that they had an instant click. They have been dating since 2015 and the couple seems to be very happy. 

Social Media

Arden Rose has an active social media presence. She has a great number of followers on most social media platforms. There are hundreds of boys who are crushing on her as well while following her on her channels. She has 1.46 million followers on her YouTube channel which is her namesake. Some 826k people are following her on Instagram as well. She has over 34k followers on Facebook as well. 

Rumors And Controversies

Arden Rose has maintained a very good social media presence. She has never behaved inappropriately in public and it seems that she never loses her cool even in the fire conditions. She and her boyfriend appear quite often in front of their fans but they do not behave in any sort of manner which might harm their image in public. Arden Rose belongs to a family which is quite well brought as well. There has been no kind of rumor or scandal which is related to her family members. This has made her ascent in the world of social media quite easily. 

Personal Details

As it has been mentioned several times, Arden Rose has a very bubbly personality. She makes her videos quite quirky and offers ideas that can come to help in real life. She has also been a source of inspiration for the young boys and girls who have just entered adolescence. She shares certain tips about dealing with high school because she has been bullied in her school times. The young lady is quite accomplished and there are some slight rumors that she might be producing her show in the upcoming months. If this turns out to be true, we can be quite sure that Arden Rose is going to earn more in the upcoming days. 

Net Worth

Arden Rose has a net worth of 17k USD. She adds 2 new videos every month. Each of her videos gets millions of likes. This has increased her net worth to this immense value. 

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