Antonia Durrah Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Hip Hop dancers who are also rappers are rare in the world. And Antonia Durrah aka “0g.banjii” is one of the rising stars. Quite not a famous name, but Durrah became famous for content that she posts on her Instagram account. With most of 0g.banjii’s content is of her dance videos, she managed to make an official and popular identity of her own due to good following fans.

Antonia Durrah Early life

Despite an uncommon stage name as 0g.banjii, Antonia or Antonia Durrah was born in the state capital of Ohio, Columbus on June 8, the year 2000. With already a sufficient life in Ohio, she had to move to Atlanta, Georgia for some reasons. There is no specific information about her parents, foster parents, or any family member that makes into the discussion. Although some sources clarify that she had a sister but there is no official name of her yet disclosed. When she was eight years old, she moved out of Ohio and probably settled to make her new career. B

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Antonia Durrah: Education background

There is no specific information on her education that can be known enough. With her age as a number, she is old enough to get high school and that’s what can be ruled out. We don’t have any official resources that confirm this fact. But as a Rapper and a skilled professional dancer, 0g.banjii completed her dance education in Ikonic Dance Studio. She is well skilled and proficient in Hip-hop dance, funk dance that she learned while in the studio. There is no other form of information available on her education from other sources and we will update here immediately for you.

Antonia Durrah: Personal Life

Being one of the best dancers that you can find on social media, 0g.banjii is quite discrete about her personal life. There is no probable information of her family status, parents. She has a sister but no information has been provided for an official status or disclosure. As a career option, she is a very popular dancer as per her Instagram account. With other 400,000 fans who follow her on Insta, her dance video clips get very good appreciation from the audience. Give a visit to Antonia Durrah’s official Instagram account at “@0g.banjii” and make sure to follow her. Let us read more about her profession, Age, Net Worth, and passion for Hip Hop dance.  

Antonia Durrah: Age, Net Worth

Among the most underage dancers, artists, or rappers, Antonia Durrah who is commonly known by her stage name or rap name “0g.banjii”, is almost 20 years of age in 2021. She was born in the year 2000, on June 8. Despite her small age, she got a very good grasp of Hip Hop Dance, Funk Dance, she immediately got a high rise into her wealth with her talent and hard work in the field of Dance.

Official Net Worth

On to this date and year 2021, her net worth is somehow around a minimum of 1Million Dollars and a maximum estimate of $5 Million. The exact amount of her wealth is yet to be devised to be official and most sources are not fluent in her salary. Most of her income, wealth, and money comes from her work as a Hip Hop dancer and small-time money may come from her Instagram posts. She currently works as a proficient Hip Hop dance and that’s all. There is no new information on her professional career as any other form of passion or influence. As a matter, 0g.banjii is also an Instagram influencer.  

Antonia Durrah: Career in Modeling

0g.banjii or Antonia Durrah once got a chance in modeling to show off her talent. Uncommon for an artist, who is passionate about dance, this was something different to do. She immediately got to show her skills and presented herself to a popular fashion designer, who goes by the name of Kimani Kouture. This was her first show and she did as much as well possible for a beginner walker.

Antonia Durrah: Career in Hip Hop Dance

With her expertise and experience in Hip Hop dancing, she is quite popular on Instagram with her videos though it sounds weird that she may or may not be on YouTube. In the year 2015, she aired officially on one of the popular music videos of Migos’s “Look At My Dab” along with the other dancers together. Her talent got to be discovered when she along with her team named D4YL, got a chance to perform in a World of Dance Atlanta show. It was a silent Music video with the name “My 1st Girlfriend”. This video got her a huge career boost both in the usual sense and also in Instagram.

Antonia Durrah: Professional Life

Among various other artists and dancers, 0g.banjii is one of the richest among them who was originated in the state of Ohio. 0g.banjii also gained a good amount of followers over time as she started doing vlogs on a whole lot of other stuff.  

0g.banjii’s Social handles

She has several kinds of social media accounts. She joined Twitter and is available with the username “@Therealbanjii”. 0g.banjii also has its own YouTube channel under the same name and it contains videos of her songs, dances, and her music videos too. Some of her popular uploads include, “Banjii X Retta – Conscience” which managed to get over 30,000 views in 3 years. Other songs of Antonia Durrah Singing include “Tell Me”, “Show Me”, which is also categorized as her own Official Audio.

Is Antonia Durrah on Tiktok?

Apart from YouTube, Instagram, 0g.banjii also uploads her contents of dance videos, songs, music videos, Lip-syncing, to her official account on TikTok. With added new content of Comedy, fun videos, and Hip Hop dance, she also managed to get over 60,000 followers. She currently posts her common Hip-Hop dance videos, travel posts, lifestyle posts, and other kinds of content in her feed. She posted a great cover dance of her performance at the WorldOfDance event.

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