Anto Garabet Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Anto Garabet is a YouTuber who is quite famous throughout the United States of America. He has over 2 million subscribers. He is also a great fan of football and there is special content on his channel on which he has great sports content. He has a great repo among his fans, and he seems to enjoy reviewing each of the sports events. It is expected that his channel will become famous over time and it is going to soar for him with the upcoming videos. 

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Early Life Of Anto Garabet

Anto Garabet was born on 15th June 1993. He is originally from Armenia. He is 28 years old only and his professional career is already taking a huge leap with the best of his works in sports. He has 2 sisters in his family and he is the only son in his family. Garabet has often mentioned that his family had to suffer a huge number of barriers when they were settled in Armenia. They had to move to the United States of America to overcome these hardships. They settled down in Baltimore, Maryland. Garabet has not disclosed anything about his family till now. We do not know the right information about his family till now. He used to play soccer when his family lived in Armenia. This had inculcated his interest in the world of sports in the latter part of his career.

Educational Life Of Anto Garabet

Since Anto Garabet was born in Armenia, it is not quite well known whether he had an education in the American system or not. He has not also disclosed any of the information in terms of educational qualification or paradigm of education. He has not disclosed anything about his personal life because he has always mentioned that his life was filled with struggles in the earlier days. He prefers to keep his personal and educational life a secret. This has created an aura of secrecy around him.

Personal Details

Birth NameAnto Garabet
Nick NameAnto
Place of BirthArmenia
Date of Birth15th June 1993

Body Measurements

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight63 kg
Color of EyesDark Brown
Color of HairBlack

Professional Life Of Anto Garabet

Anto Garabet had shown a very keen interest in the world of filmmaking. He started making short videos on the internet for a very long time. He had also tried to make some creative endeavors which changed his pattern of video shooting. His love for football has always coincided with the videos that he makes for his fans. He launched his channel on YouTube which did not post any kind of video when it was first launched. 

The channel did not receive enough attention in the very beginning but the quality of the video did great after a few videos. He started to collect a loyal set of audiences who always waited eagerly for his videos to be released on the online platform. His channel has received a huge amount of popularity in the last few years.

Family And Partner

Garabet has been dating Stephanie Clark over the last few years. She has her own YouTube channel and works in the areas which are related to lifestyle. Anto and Stephanie started to date in 2015 and they have been in a long-term relationship till now. They post lots of images together on the online platform and showcase their love for each other. They seem to enjoy the fame which they have been endowed with. They seem to be very popular among their fans and they often make videos together to ensure that both of their fan bases are watching. They have avoided controversies till now quite avidly. They have stood beside each other quite strongly till now!

Social Media Life

Anthony Reeves is quite popular on most social media platforms. He seems to have a great number of followers on each of the platforms on which he is active. He has over 11 k followers on the Twitter platform. There are about 2.5 million followers who are always checking up on the works done by Anthony Reeves. He shares lots of images with his girlfriend. 

There are about 15k followers and subscribers on his YouTube account as well. His Instagram account also has 5 million followers. He has been a great celebrity to follow as most of his fans can also send fan mail to his email account as well. This has made him very popular on the online platform of most social media accounts!

Rumors and Controversies

Anto Garabet has avoided each kind of controversy that might come across his life till now! He is very popular on Instagram. Many people have followed him for a long time and they continue to watch his works for further inspiration. He has 63.9k followers on the Instagram platform and about 84.8k followers on Twitter as well. He makes it a point to share information about his working schedule on the internet platform. This has attracted a large number of fans who cherish his professional and personal achievements altogether!

Personal Details

● Anto Garabet is one of those who was born in Armenia and has shifted to the United States of America.

● Anto Garabet has a great number of followers on both Instagram and Twitter platforms.

● He is in a relationship with Stephanie Clark who has her own YouTube channel. The couple has celebrated 6 years of being together now!

Net Worth Of Anto Garabet

Anto Garabet is one of the most successful YouTubers who has ever functioned on the online platform. His sports videos have gained a massive amount of acceptance among his fans. There are times when he has earned just $50,000 in a single month with the help of his videos. It is believed that he has a net worth of 1 million USD. If he continues to make these popular videos, he will be gaining a huge amount of acceptance in the upcoming days. 

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