Anthony Padilla Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Anthony Padilla is an internet sensation at the moment with his creative and funny videos on the YouTube platform. He has turned out to be a young star who has made a name for himself in the world of entertainment with his creativity and strength of humor. He has quite a large fan following and has turned out to be a great fan among the children as well. He hosts a talk show on Nickelodeon. His talk show, “Throw Back” is very popular and it is found that most people are in love with his sense of humor. Let us get to know a bit more about him!

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Early Life Of Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla was born on 16th September 1987. He is 32 years old at the moment. He was born in Sacramento County, California. Like his home county, Anthony has a very cheerful and bright presence. His birth name is Daniel and his zodiac sign is Virgo. His mother Eden and father Dan broke up when he was just 2 years old. Young Anthony did not like the prospect of choosing between both of his parents. His father came to visit him when he was younger. The idea of meeting his father just on the weekends did not appeal to young Anthony. He also missed his loving grandmother who passed away when he was very young. Despite having such a painful childhood memory, Anthony Padilla grew up to be a very fine young man.

Anthony Padilla’s mother has strong agoraphobia because of which he had to do all kinds of household chores. He was not close to any of his parents and did not have many friends. He also has two half-brothers with whom she shares a very strong bond.

Educational Life Of Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla attended the Del Campo High School at Fair Oaks. He had also attended the American River College. However, he did not like the prospect of standard education and he had to drop out after two years of attending college. Most of his works are not based on the education that he received in college. His works tend to be around the sense of humor that comes from personal education.

Personal Details

Birth NameAnthony Padilla
Nick NameAnthony
Place of BirthSacramento County, California, the United States of America
Date of Birth16th September 1987
ProfessionYouTube Sensation

Body Measurements

Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight71 kg
Color of EyesBrown
Color of HairBlack

Professional Life Of Anthony Padilla

Anthony Padilla went into some great professional careers with his partner Ian Hecox. He is the co-founder of Smosh and they had started to get into his career through web-based content. They started their venture into the internet world with their comedy video on 19th November 2005. The duo got into a great career start with the best of their content. Anthony Padilla left Smosh quite a bit of time ago but he had a great start to his career with this platform.

Family And Partner

Anthony Padilla had a hard time dealing with his childhood. He had parents who split over a long issue. They had broken up when Anthony Padilla was just 2 years old. They did not keep a cordial relationship. His father came to visit only on the weekends. His childhood was quite traumatic as he had to take up the work in his household because of her mother’s illness.

He is currently in a living relationship with Mykie. She is a fellow YouTuber who has a channel under the name, Glam & Gore. They had started to date in 2009 and they are still together. He mentions his girlfriend in most of his videos and calls her the most “wonderful person” he has ever seen. He has avoided most kinds of controversies in his entire professional and family matters. He has kept his personal life quite private and this has helped him to avoid most kinds of rumors.

Social Media Life

Anthony Padilla has an active social life as most of his works are on the social media platform. He has gained a huge number of fans on most social media platforms and there are about 2.8 million fan followers on the Instagram platform. There are 89k fans on Facebook who are following his posts quite regularly. He also has a great number of fans on Twitter as well. There are 4.56 million subscribers on YouTube as well. He is quite popular on most social media platforms.

Rumors And Controversies

Anthony Padilla avoids controversies of all kinds when it comes to his professional and personal life. His girlfriend also steers clear of most kinds of controversies that may come over to a person who is always in the limelight of the social media platform. He prefers to keep his personal life quite a secret. Although he had left his older work at Smosh, he still shares a comfortable relationship with his old partner. He is more focused on his career than on getting any kind of rumors about his name.

Personal Details

● Anthony Padilla had been associated with a great project with his working partner Ian for the very first part of his career.

● He has a loving relationship with his girlfriend who is also a YouTuber.

● He is very active on social media platforms and he has been operating on these platforms to increase his fan base.

● He has a huge net worth in his bank account.

Net Worth

Anthony Padilla had been in the market for a long time. He has earned a huge amount of money over the last few years. His net worth is estimated to be 15 million USD. He leads a very lavish life with the earnings that he makes from his shows on most platforms. There are some additional works with which he has been associated for a long time. This has made his career flourish!

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