Anthony Fantano Net Worth, Career, Personal And Early Life

Anthony Fantano had begun his career in the world of American entertainment while being a music reviewer and vlogger. He has earned his fame by working from the very scratch. Unlike most reviewers, he focuses on a variety of music types. He works with new music which is created in the world of hip hop, metal, and experimental genres. His work is often considered to be worthy of attention, even by renowned singers. Want to know his success story? Here it is!

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Early Life Of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano is a proud American citizen who was born on 28th October 1985. He is 35 years old as of now. This talented man was born in Connecticut. None of the information regarding his parents is available at the moment. Any kind of data which is related to his upbringing is also absent. He has not revealed anything about his cousins or siblings. The only thing that we know about his parents is that they were divorced when Fantano was very young. It is probably because of this event that he prefers to keep his personal life away from public interest.

Educational Life Of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano was a child who was bullied quite a bit during his time in school. He came from a broken home which had been attributed to bullying from his classmates. He was a great fan of “The Simpsons”. As he grew up, he attended Southern Connecticut State University. He had a huge array of subjects in his preparatory scale. He had to study political science, journalism, and broadcast communication. He had also been among the music directors for the SCSU radio station. His works had been praised from the time he had been a college student.

Personal Details

Birth NameAnthony Fantano
Nick NameAnthony
Place of BirthConnecticut, United States of America
Date of Birth28th October 1985
ProfessionMusic Reviewer

Body Measurement

Height6 feet
WeightNot available
Color of EyesBrown
Color of HairBrown

Professional Life Of Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano started the very first half of his career as a music director. He had worked as a director in the radio station of his university as well. After getting into this genre, he started to explore different forms of music. In the early days of 2000, one of his friends encouraged him to write music of his own. This had instilled a fire within him. He started to get through casual blog posts which expressed his thoughts about music of different kinds. While working on these, he started to pay off his student loans as well.

With the help of one of his professors, Anthony Fantano bagged his first podcast with WNPR. The show was titled “The Needle Drop”. He simultaneously created a website that had the same name as his podcast. The website and videos started to get more popular. Fantano started to experiment with the videos which started to focus on a wider scope of music. He had received criticism for some of his works but his career has been going through the roof ever since.

Family And Partner

Anthony Fantano is deeply in love with his wife, Dominique Boxley. They met each other on the online platform and they had been in love ever since. The two dated for several years before they finally got married. It is not mentioned in either of their social media accounts, the actual date on which they had got married. The two share lots of images of themselves enjoying vacations. Dominique has also made a point of sharing every video that she likes of her husband. They are quite active on social media platforms. Despite being from the African American lineage, their love is as fresh as a flower.

Social Media Life

Anthony Fantano is quite popular on social media. He is known to have about 1.25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 612k people follow him on Instagram. Most of his videos are around music, either the work he has done or the reviews of the work done by others. Fantano sometimes indulges in reaction videos as well. He has 225.4k followers on Facebook. The man is quite active on Twitter with his posts. He has 190k followers on Twitch and most of his posts get reposted very often.

Anthony Fantano has an active presence on the social media platform. He has been serving his audience through this platform for a long time. The online platform has brought a huge contribution to his life. Most of his earnings are from YouTube and Twitch. He had even met his wife on this online platform!

Rumors And Controversies

Anthony Fantano has been in the field for quite a bit of time now. He has not faced many controversies yet. However, as he wrote an article on “50 failed First Impressions”, it encouraged him to pursue a solo career in music. Each of these events came as a learning step in his career. The young man takes criticism very well. Anthony Fantano had turned down many career options to pursue his works in music.

Personal Details

● Anthony Fantano started to work in the field of music when he was studying in the University grade.

● He hired web designers to organize his website so that it becomes more acceptable to the people who had been following him.

● He described himself as the Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd.

● His music videos have allowed the analysts and audiences to interact in such a manner that had been absent before.

● His music videos have a strong sense of authenticity.

Net Worth

The net worth of Anthony Fantano as of now is 1.5 million USD. Anthony Fantano has been in the field for a long time. He has been working wonders with his reviews as they are so accurate. Most of his earnings come from YouTube videos and Twitch. He is quite popular on both of these platforms for the review options on his video.

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