Amy Polinsky Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Amy Polinsky and Corey graves are on a verge of separation and divorce right now. Who doesn’t know Corey, the famous WWE champion wrestler? Their relationship, Amy and Corey’s, was quite long-lasting and lasted for about eleven years but it is not possible for Amy to carry on with it and Corey was cheating her and currently dating another WWE wrestler named Carmell. What bothers Amy now is to battle out the custody of her three children and keep them with her. Finally, their long battling for divorce was initiated and completed in the year 2019.

Childhood Days And Life As A Student 

Amy Polinsky was born as Amy Danielle Schneider on 16th January 1980, in Grove, a town in the state of Pennsylvania located in the United States of America. Her date and place of birth convey the message that Capricorn is her zodiac sign and she is American by nationality. She was raised by an agricultural family on her family farm, which was always full of crops of wheat and corn. She has helped her parents quite a lot since childhood. She decided to do something really big in her career and she must choose the field of sports to do it as she had been a fan of various sports from her early life days. Amy completed her matriculation from a hometown school in the year 1998 and then she enrolled herself at the University of Nova Southeastern and obtained the degree of BS in education. Although she wanted to do great in sports, she is a child-lover, so she also dreamt of becoming a teacher. After completing her graduation from Nova Southeastern she enrolled herself for higher education at the University of Waynesburg, obtaining a degree of ME in specialty Education. She specialized to work for and help children with autism, dyslexia, or other kinds of neurological disorders.

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Personal Relationships with Corey, her ex-husband

They met and fell in love in the year 2006 and decided to marry each other after three years of dating in 2009. Corey and Amy made three children together, one son and two daughters. Their respective name is Cash Polinsky, Lola Polinsky, and LennynPolinsky. Corey is an alcohol addict according to his fans and he is often seen playing with her daughter Lenny in the bar and enjoying his booze at the very same time. Fews fans say that it is a very disgusting habit to possess: to drink so much in front of his little daughter. Although the family was deemed to be very happy own after eleven years of jolly togetherness Corey was red-handedly caught cheating his wife with his new girlfriend, the wrestler Camille and hence the happy relationship was finally called over. 

Appearance And Net Worth

Amy possesses long length pitch-black hair and her eye color is hazel. Her height and weight respectively are 5ft 6ins (168cm) and 120lbs (55kgs), along with vital statistics of 34-23-32. Her accumulated net worth is estimated at around 350,000 US dollars or even more but her husband Corey has double that amount as his net worth. 

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