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Known for her family channel with a large fan base, Alyssa FamilyFunPack is quite popular on YouTube. Her family business has been on socially completely due to one reason, their togetherness, and adorability at best. Alyssa might just have got her back on it and she is getting her fan base soon. Her channel is also near to 1M subscribers goal thanks to all of her daily vlogs that have easily bloomed up. Well, let us get to know a lot more about Alyssa FamilyFunPack and her awesome life. 

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Alyssa FamilyFunPack’s early life

She was born in the year 2006, on the 24th of August in the United States of America. She belongs to American nationality. Alyssa hasn’t said anything about her ethnicity for now. However, her looks suggest that she be of Caucasian descent. And if you want to know about her zodiac sign or star sign, it is Virgo. Her father’s name is Matt and her mother’s name is Kristine. Alyssa lives in a big family and has 5 brothers and sisters. And their adorable names are David, Zac, Chris, Owen, and Michael. She even has another family member named Kona, who is her sweet and lovable Golden Retriever. When it comes to her hobbies, she loves doing a lot of things in her free time, including traveling and going to new places.

That’s all about Alyssa’s early and family life. More information will be available at a later time on the website itself.  

Alyssa FamilyFunPack’s educational life

Alyssa hasn’t said anything about her study life now. Well, she is just 15 years old. That means, she is just in her high school days. Alyssa also spends a lot of time making herself available for her channel’s content and her fans too. She didn’t mention anything about the school or its name. Alyssa does keep her studies and school life routine. That’s all about her study journey for now. Alyssa also plans to finish college life as well, instead of directly giving her everything to her channel.  

Personal Details of Alyssa FamilyFunPack

Place of BirthUnited States of America
Birthday24th of August, 2006
Pet nameGolden Retriever named Kona
Real nameAlyssa
ProfessionYouTube content creator, social media personality
EthnicityWhite American Descent
Color of EyesSky Blue
Color of HairSky Blue
Net Worth$900K

Body Measurements of Alyssa FamilyFunPack

PhysiqueSlim, Fit
Height5 feet 2 inches
Bra SizeNot known
Body MeasurementsNot known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist SizeNot known
Hips SizeNot known
Shoes SizeNot known
Dress SizeNot known

Alyssa FamilyFunPack’s professional life

By profession, she is a social media content creator. At the age of 15, she has gained quite a good level of success in her social handles. She is one of the few YouTube channel owners to have a nearing out 1M+ subscribers mark. This is a milestone for millions of channels. 

The name of her channel is “Always Alyssa”. The channel has a great interaction with its subscription owners and this provides her income. Alyssa also makes time to appear on her parent’s channel “Family FunPack”. Her parent’s channel is also one of the most popular channels on YouTube, with over 9.8M+ subscribers. Alyssa FamilyFunPack has made her place in the social world by making videos of the usual genre. She uploads videos of her trips, challenges, adventures, food reviews, daily life tragedies, and similar content. She initially gained a lot of fans, both on her Instagram and YouTube in a very less time. Alyssa gained a social media personality title not just because of her fan following. She has started exploring new things and makes sure her fans can see it too. Alyssa is still creating content videos for her channel till now.

Alyssa FamilyFunPack’s social media life

She has a large fan following on her social handles, mainly her Instagram account. She has managed to get over 130K+ followers latest in 2021, however, her YouTube has 8 times more fans. Alyssa does spend a good time on her Instagram handle uploading photos and videos of her trips. 

Alyssa FamilyFunPack’s YouTube channel

She has her channel by the name of “Always Alyssa”. It now has 1M+ subscribers and over 400+ videos. her channel stats are off the charts, she has managed to get over 450M lifetime views on her videos. Her first video was “Welcome to Always Alyssa” and it has got over 2M+ views to date. her most popular video is “Stuck in a box” with over 16M+ views to date. 

Alyssa FamilyFunPack’s personal life

Alyssa is just 15 years old currently doing her best to finish her studies and brings content to her channel. She has just entered her teen years and exploring things. But for now, she is not in any kind of relationship at all. Alyssa is both cute and adorable. she might be able to attract a lot of guys shortly. For now, she is just focusing on her development. 

Alyssa Family FunPack’s rumors and controversies

Till now, Alyssa hasn’t been into any controversies. Or any rumors that may have brought down her young reputation. She is socially active but does her best to see her boundaries. She also keeps quite of a low profile to her online reputation, mostly on Twitter as possible. Alyssa does her best to keep her community positive and not to include anything problematic for her or her fans. She also appears very kind, sweet, and general on her social profiles. 

Alyssa FamilyFunPack’s net worth in 2021

She has earned a good amount of bucks from her social profiles, mainly from her YouTube channel. Her “Always Alyssa” channel has now 1M+ subscribers and it already minting money for her. To date, she might have just earned a little over $900K. this is her net worth in 2021. Well, this was quite a lot about Alyssa FamilyFunPack that you may have not known yet. 

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