Allana Davison Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Among the most beautiful YouTube stars, Allana Davison surely makes a great impression among them. However, with her adorable videos and sweet gestures, she has gathered a lot of fans in the online world. Allana uploads a lot of videos on her YouTube channel including daily life videos, fashion content, and beauty vlogs. She also stacks quite well among other YouTube stars in the margin of subscribers. Well, let us get to know a lot more about Allana Davison and her awesome social life. 

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Allana Davison’s early life

She was born in the year 1993, on the 11th of August in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She is American or more preferably Canadian nationality. Her ethnicity is not known for now. With her looks, she seems to be belonging to white descent. If you are interested in her zodiac sign, it is Leo. It is very rare among social stars. She hasn’t mentioned anything specific about her family for now. However, she has 2 sisters and their names are Amila Davison and Anya Davison. Her mother is supposed to be Tracey Davison. Allana didn’t mention anything about her father at all. That’s all for now about her family life. Allana feels comfortable the less social media gets to know about her family. She is one of those social media stars who are very much reluctant to share their family info with the public. More information will be available on the website at a later time. 

Allana Davison’s educational life

She is over 28 years by now. Allana already completed her high school education and also, she is a college graduate too. She studied at the University of Calgary and graduated in the field of Arts. She went to college for 4 years, which is considered rare among other social stars not getting into education that much. That’s all for now about Allana Davison’s study life. You will be able to find more info at a later time.

Personal Details of Allana Davison

Place of BirthVictoria, British Columbia, Canada, USA
Birthday11th of August, 1993
Pet nameNot known
Real nameAllana Davison
ProfessionYouTube content creator, Social star, vlogger
EthnicityUnknown, possibly White Descent
Color of EyesHazel Green
Color of HairBrown
Net Worth$200K expected

Body Measurements of Allana Davison

PhysiqueSlim, Fit
Height5 feet 7 inches
Bra SizeNot known
Body MeasurementsNot known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist SizeNot known
Hips SizeNot known
Shoes SizeNot known
Dress SizeNot known

Allana Davison’s professional life

She has a great work-life experience from various points. From working as an administrator at Cornerstore Engineering to customer service in MAC Cosmetics, she learned a lot. Her last job gave her a lot of experience to get into YouTube and launch her channel. till today, her video of “How to Look good in 5 mins” is one of the most favored videos on YouTube. All it was missing was high stats. Her YouTube channel with her social accounts is her main earning potentials. She does get a good load of money from them. But Allana Davison also seems to be focusing on other fields by the time. 

Allana Davison’s social media handles

She is present on most social platforms including Instagram, Twitter mainly. She has over 320K+ followers on Instagram and over 20K followers on Twitter. Her main fan base is actually on YouTube and Instagram. She also has a huge 700K+ numbers of subscribers to her YouTube channel. 

Allana Davison’s YouTube channel

The name of the channel is “Allana Davison”. Till now, it has gained over 730K+ subscribers base and is a very well-known channel. She has uploaded over 920+ videos to date. Her monthly average view count is over 900Kor 30K per day. The channel also has a 110M+ lifetime view count. She seems to be posting fewer videos these days. The most popular video on her channel is “How To Look Good in 5 Minutes”. It has over 2.8M views gained to date. Aside, the oldest video of her channel is “Recent Foundation Routine” and it has just 5K views over 7 years. After that, her videos got over 10 Times more view counts till today.  

Allana Davison’s personal life

She is in an open relationship with her boyfriend who is none other than the handsome Dejan or Dan. There is nothing much available about him, but he looks very handsome and cool by himself. Allana Davison got a great relationship with him and they even adore it on the internet. The couple has been together for quite a long time, over 3 years. But she has known Dan for over 10 years and used to go to school together with him. Allana Davison features her boyfriend Dan in a lot of her videos in unrelated content mostly. But that also shows her love towards him to which Dan adores even more. There is no way the couple is getting ever separated at all. 

Allana Davison’s rumors and controversies

Allana Davison has stayed in the limelight for quite a long time. However, she never has been related to any kind of bad rumors that could have ruined her reputation. She keeps her distance in social media quite well and never crosses her limits at all.Allana is a very dedicated and focused lady on her life goals. She is doing her best to make a good name for herself and see her world bigger. Till now, she has stayed away from controversial topics roaming on social media all the time.  

Allana Davison’s net worth in 2021

She has earned good bucks for her YouTube channel as well as her social handles, including Instagram. She has a large subscribers base of over 730K. her channel also has good stats to follow up for ads. Well, the net worth of Allana Davison in 2021 is over $200K. This is all about the popular YouTube star and video vlogger Allana Davison that you might have not known till now.

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