Alexis Carrasco Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Among all other unique and adorable YouTube stars, Alexis Carrasco is one of them. She has gone into the extreme limelight due to her adorable videos. That also includes her streams on a variety of channels. The name of her channel was “Alex and Tati”, but the channel does not exist anymore on the platform. She has posting content on another channel by the name of YNR Plus. She is also a social media influencer and has thousands of likes on her TikTok handle. Let us learn a lot more about Alexis Carrasco and her sweet adorable social life.

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Alexis Carrasco’s early life

She was born in the year 2001, on the 21st of July, in the United States of America. Her nationality is American. But her ethnicity is still not known. In 2021, she is 20 years old. She looks very adorable to look at and takes the breaths of a lot of her fans. If you are interested in her star sign, it is Cancer. And if you have the same sign, that’s incredible. Her family is a big one. She has over 4 siblings. Out of them, one is a sister and the other 3 are her brothers. However, no names of any of her family members are available on the internet at all. Not even of her parents. She has kept all of her info about her family from the social limelight. Well, there is no apparent reason for that, which is common among all social media stars. That’s all about her family life and siblings. More information will be available at a later time on the website. 

Alexis Carrasco’s educational life

Just like her family life, there is almost nothing about her educational life at all. With her age of just 20 years, she already has completed her primary school and high school graduation. She might also have joined a popular city-wide college. Or Alexis Carrasco may just have focused on her career with her full time. More information about Alexis Carrasco’s educational life will be available at a later time. 

Alexis Carrasco’s professional life

She is a professional YouTube content creator and a social media influencer. She has been on the YouTube platform for quite a long time and also uploaded a lot of videos. She and her before girlfriend got their own YouTube channel by the name of “Alex and Tati”. Sadly, it didn’t last for a good time and it initially got deleted. It contained a lot of videos about their lifestyle, traveling, and a lot of fun stuff. She also loves to travel a lot. 

Alexis Carrasco’s social media life

She is present on the Instagram handle. She has over 260K+ followers on her Instagram account. Last checked, the channel “Alex and Tati” got a lot of subscribers, to over 400k+. She also has over her own titled Twitter handled with over 160K+ followers. She is also on Snapchat and Facebook. 

Alexis Carrasco’s YouTube channel

A lot of surprises got caught up on her YouTube channel. The name of the channel was “Alex and Tati”. For now, the channel is deleted. The two posted content on another channel by the name of YNR Plus. The channel has over 800 videos and over a 20M+ views count. The monthly view count seems to be the max for 2021. There are also a couple of channels by her name like “Alexis Carrasco”. It now has over 38K+ subscribers and it growing even without any video content at all. They also seem to have broken up and split and erased their channel right after they broke up. 

Alexis Carrasco’s personal life

For now, she is single. She is not married either. And she is also not married at all. She has dated her own YouTube side partner and friend, Tatiana Mendoza. Unfortunately, the two broke on open terms and that was nothing but a bluff term. Both Tati and Alex got separated to spend more time with them. They also made a single video about it and explaining their separation. This did shock a lot of her fans but that’s just all happened. For the time now, both of them are happy and living separate lives.

Alexis Carrasco’s controversies and rumors

For the time now, she hasn’t been into any kind of false rumors or controversies either. She keeps her boundaries pretty tight among others. Alexis Carrasco knows how to interact in the right manner. She also keeps herself gentle when around other social media stars. Alex also never got into any sort of trouble with internet personalities at all. She also has soft spot for all of her fans and friends in the social circle. Her channel “Alex and Tati” has been deleted for many reasons, one being their separation. With time, she has gained good fame with her YouTube channel. Sadly, the name of the channel “Alex and Tati” is not available for now. Alex also spends a part of her time doing her things and spending time with her family. She keeps her distance from the social problems completely. Thus, with that, Alex Demartino is not related to any kind of controversies at all. 

Alexis Carrasco’s net worth

She has earned a lot of money from her social media career and Instagram handles too. She has a very good fan base and leads can be easily generated from her handles. Alexis Carrasco also has been into social life for a pretty long time. She is fully present on all social platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Her fan following has increased over time with her fame increasing just long enough. She is also a social media influencer and has earned good bucks with promotions too. Her Instagram handle gives good proof of that. With that, Alexis Carrasco’s net worth is $1M till now. Her worth also might be more than just 1M dollars in 2021. This is all you need to know about the popular YouTube star Alexis Carrasco. 

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