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More of a TV host, Alexandra Steele is an American-based meteorologist who prominently appears on Television. She is famous for her expert representation of data from facts and articles that are posted on online media or newspapers. She has been a TV star for a long time and also a famous meteorologist. She appeared as the host of the “Good Morning America” program and has gained a lot of fans in the meantime. She is also the host of the program “Prime Time Live”. And being a meteorologist for a long time, she has co-hosted programs with Jim Cantore. Let us learn more about Alexandra Steele and her great Television life. 

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Alexandra Steele’s Early life

She was born in the 1960s. In 2021, she is already a 50-55-year-old woman at least. Her hometown was in Albany, New York, which is in the US. Well, her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is English and Scottish.  Moreover, there is very little information about her childhood available now. Most of the online sources about Alexandra Steele are completely void. Since she has shared very less information about her in the past years. Aside, she is a journalist and a TV presenter, which again throws her into the corner of the lesser-known people. She also hasn’t revealed anything about her family at all in the public either. Her family, members, siblings, and other kinds of information are not at all disclosed yet. She keeps her family life and private life out of the social limelight. She does this just to avoid extra attention to herself. While she is a very beautiful and intelligent woman, she is not like other stars and journalists. She is very different from them on a lot of things. Well, that’s all about Alexandra Steele’s family life and members. More information will be available on the website at a later time. 

Alexandra Steele’s Educational life

As for her family life, not much of her education life information is also available at the moment either. Although, she used to study at the local school and completed her high school graduation from there. She also went to a reputed college to study science fields including Thermodynamics, Hydrology, and other notable fields. The name of the college is still now available at the moment. Aside, Alexandra also approvals from the American Meteorologist Society. She completed her education and immediately got herself acquainted with jobs and works. That’s all about her educational and childhood life. More info will be available on the website at a later point.

Alexandra Steele’s professional life

She has worked as a meteorologist for a long time in TV. She was very good in her early days and initially started her career with being a Radio Jockey. The two shows namely “Prime Time Live” and “Good Morning America” were completely hosted by her. A lot of her fans started listening to the show almost daily. She also got to work with her then-husband Jim for co-hosting many couples of shows. Her ideal weather show anchoring also came down with Jim himself. She then worked as a meteorologist in CNN in 2010. She gained a lot of skills in the meantime to be a better host for any show. 

Alexandra Steele’s social media handles

For now, she is not available on any kind of social media handles. She neither doesn’t use Facebook, nor Google platform nor Twitter, and not even Instagram. Coming from a time where these technologies weren’t available yet, she maintains her status of life through TV only. Aside, she stays super busy with her work. She will hardly find time for surfing into social media at all. 

Alexandra Steele’s personal life

For now, she is married to the handsome Jim Cantore. The couple also has one daughter and Jim’s children from his previous marriage. However, she has kept all of her personal life out of the social media focus. And for now, there is no exact information on her marital life at all. With her social status to the count, she may or may not be married currently. But at least, the two aren’t separated either. They are living a happy life and she seems to be very happy about it. The two and the entire family are now spending their lives in Atlanta.  

Alexandra Steele’s controversies and rumors

For the time now, she is not involved with any kind of controversies at all. She also wasn’t involved with any bad rumors that could take down her reputation for good. For once, she got into a related rumor of marital status. The rumor was that she was already married to Jim Cantore and he was already her husband. The rumor was nothing much for Alexandra at all. Since the entire pressure came towards Jim, who also had a sick wife. His wife died and he joined with Alexandra for the rest of his life. On the other hand, some discussed and blamed it on Jim for not being supportive of his wife. While others suggested it in the opposite sense. Other than that, she wasn’t into any sort of rumors or controversies at all. She keeps her entire personal life away from the social limelight for preventing any possible bad rumor against her. 

Alexandra Steele’s net worth

She has been a TV presenter and a meteorologist for a long time. And with this career, she has earned a lot of wealth from different sources. She has outshined herself in the position of a meteorologist, nailed the role, and gave the audience a great show to enjoy as well as learn. With all of that, Alexandra Steele’s net worth is $1M or somewhat a bit more than 1M dollars. She has earned good money from her meteorologist career. Her annual salary was around $85K. Aside, she has featured herself in a lot of other TV shows too. This is all about the popular TV star and meteorologist Alexandra Steele that you wanted to know about.

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