Alexander Vlahos Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Alexander Vlahos is not just a writer, but also an accomplished actor. He is even a director too. He has gained good acclaim for his character role as the Duke of Orleans “Philippe” in the acclaimed series “Versailles”. He has gained a good amount of recognition through this role in social media too. Let us get to learn a bit more about Alexander Vlahos and his good TV career. 

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Alexander Vlahos’s Early Life

He was born in the year 1988, on the 30th of July in Tumble, Carmarthenshire. A lot about Alexander Vlahos is not known on the internet. Not also from his personal life. He has spent his entire childhood in Llantrisant and has grown up here. The names of his parents are not known for the time being. However, his father belonged to the Greek culture and his mother to the Welsh culture. Alexander also belongs mostly to the Welsh Culture. His ethnicity may be Greek-Welsh or anything since it is not known for now. He is also very fluent in both English as well as Welsh. Both of his language accents are very good. That’s all about his family life and members. He has not revealed much of his family life on social media either. Alexander keeps away his personal life as well as family away from social media most of the time. He does this for no apparent reason at all. More information on his family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

Alexander Vlahos’s Educational life

Like his family life, his educational life also stays under the hood. Although, he studied in one of the city schools and finished his high school education. He also got his graduation quickly and joined college to learn about acting. Alexander joined the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama which is in Cardiff. At last, in 2009, he finished his acting education and got his graduation. When he was 8, he developed a sheer passion for hockey. But he left his passion to join acting as his mainstream career. 

Alexander Vlahos’s professional life

He directly got the role of Dylan in the acclaimed series “Crash”. He also featured himself in other popular series like “Pen Talar”, “The Indian Doctor”. He also got to replace a role for a different actor in the character play up of “Mordred”. He got an incredible portion and a straightforward role of Philippe. The name of the role is Philippe I, the Duke of Orleans in the renowned series “Versailles”. He got the title of being an excellent talent to step on the studio and theatre to attain the status of real talent. Alexander Vlahos’s acting was considered to be pure and general to others with just a pinch of natural spark. He also nailed a lot of theatre roles and he worked in “Fortune’s Fool”. He easily got parts in popular shows like “Macbeth” and another one named “La Ronde”. 

Alexander Vlahos’s social media handles

He is quite popular on social media platforms starting with his Instagram handle. He has over 100K+ followers on his Instagram account and enjoys a good time in it. Aside, he has over 80K+ followers on his Twitter handle and posts almost frequently on the platform. Alexander stays active on his Instagram profile most of the time. He uploads very adorable photos of his daily life, travel, and most importantly, of many be his pets. 

Alexander Vlahos’s personal life

He has been into a lot of relationships for the time being. He is dating Lauren Samuels for the time being. Before her, he also had been in a relationship with a Swedish model named Kajsa Mohammad Kajsa. Alexander and Kajsa had dated for a long time from 2012 and got engaged too. The two announced their engagement in the online platform and they kissed too. Well, the relationship did not last at all. The two had already parted ways and broke up with one another in 2016. Alexander Vlahos for the time is with Lauren Samuels and the two started to date right in 2016. For now, he is in a relationship with Lauren. The actor did not sound, nor gave any details of their relationship progress on social media at all. Alexander Vlahos keeps a large part of his relationship life away from the social limelight. 

Alexander Vlahos’s controversies

For the time now, he has not been into any sort of controversies. Alexander also stays away from possible rumors and never goes into social problems or hassles. He duly respects everyone in his co-working space. He also behaves very well in the public as well as on his social media platforms. Alexander also keeps his distance boundaries from other notable stars and actors. He believes in keeping a distance is a better way to be safe from social troubles. Aside, he spends his free time with his family. He also does what he likes the most in his spare time, including writing. Thus, he hasn’t been into any controversies lately.  

Alexander Vlahos’s net worth

Alexander Vlahos has earned a good amount of wealth from his acting career. He has acted in a lot of TV shows, series, and films. He is also very appreciated by his directors for easy follow-up and brilliant cooperation for solid studio performance. Apart from an actor, he is also a good director and a screenwriter too. He also had made a good score of money by his direction career. Alexander Vlahos’s net worth in 2021 is $2M. His worth is said to have an increase of 1%-5% in the total wealth by the end of this year due to more upcoming projects and films for him. Aside from his good worth, he has not revealed anything about his current assets at all. He also hasn’t told anything about his current estate and luxuries either. This is what you need to know about the popular actor Alexander Vlahos. 

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