Alex Kompothecras Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Alex Kompothecras is a very popular TV star as well as a known personality on the TV stage. He is famous for his work on the show named Siesta TV, a reality TV show on MTV. Alex is also quite famous for his charming looks and seems to attract a great number of fans towards him. He also spends a good time having fun swimming, for when he is not shooting for TV. Let us learn a lot more about Alex Kompothecras and his amazing TV Life.  

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Alex Kompothecras’s Early life

He was born in the year 1995, on the 21st of April, in the Florida region, USA. in 2021, he is 26 years old and looks very adult and mature unlike other prominent actors of his age. His full name is Alexander James Kompothecras. His father’s name is Gary Kompothecras and his mother’s name is Beth Bronson. His father is known mostly for helping patients online through insurance. He is also the founder of the 1-800-ASK-Gray where he provides this service. A lot of people got help from it. Alex has a big family of 8 people and five brothers and sisters. His sisters are Sarah Alice, Gabriel, Helena, Neesa, and one single brother Bronson Kompothecras. Helena is famous for winning a lot of medals in Gymnastics. That’s all about his family life and early upbringing. Alex also hasn’t shared anything prominent about his family life more than what is available for now. Aside, more information will be available at a later time on the website.  

Alex Kompothecras’s Educational life

Alex also seems to be quite discrete in his educational life. Since he hasn’t mentioned anything specific to it either. now, he is 26 years. That means he already has completed most of his education, including high school. Alex said that he got his Entrepreneurship degree from the University of Tampa. He is a TV star by profession and that has been a great deal of help to shape his career. That’s all on Alex’s study life. You will be able to find more info later on the website.  

Personal Details of Alexis Jenkins

Place of BirthFlorida
Birthday21st April, 1995
Pet nameNone
Real nameAlexander James Kompothecras
ProfessionReality TV star, actor
Color of EyesBrown
Color of HairBrown
Net Worth$3M

Body Measurements of Alexis Jenkins

PhysiqueFit and muscular
Height6 feet 1nch
Body MeasurementsNot Known
Breast SizeNot known
Waist SizeNot known
Hips SizeNot known
Shoe Size8
Dress SizeNot known

Alex Kompothecras’s Professional life

He got a boost on his career from the show MTV Siesta Key. It started in 2017. A lot of good actors and professionals on the show got immediately popular after it aired. Alex Kompothecras seems to have got a lot of good friends too, including Chole Trautman, Owns, and his ex-girlfriend Juliette Porter. Till now, Alex has been a part of this show for quite a long time. He has been creating quite an influence on social media with his lifestyle. His fans are very happy with his performance and his prominent charm in the show. Alex Kompothecras is also to come into a lot of other shows in the future soon.

Alex Kompothecras’s social media life

He is popular on his Instagram handle with over 400K+ followers count till now. He is also present on his Twitter handle and now has gained over 40K+ followers. Alex is mostly active on his Instagram account. He generally posts photos of himself, family, fishing photos, swimming, and other aspects of his life. 

Alex Kompothecras’s personal life and relationships

Alex Kompothecras is a married person. He is married to the beautiful Alyssa Salerno. He met her when he was working in his reality show and immediately got attracted to her. She lives in Florida too, in Sarasota. Alyssa has her salon, whose name is Meraki Wild. She got pregnant with Alex’s son in 2019 and had their first child girl in 2020. Earlier, Alex has dated the professional co-star of his reality show, Juliette Porter. Sadly, the relationship did not last for long. Since she found out that he was cheating on her. 

Alex Kompothecras’s rumors and controversies

For once, Alex Kompothecras got into a small controversy after posing a photo with a hammerhead shark. He posted a photo with his wife and with the shark that he had killed. He was holding the shark in his hand. He got into not-so-good attention after he killed it. Since a lot of people got after him for this matter. He may not have been into much trouble due to the incident, as it got off social media quickly. Alex was also found cheating on his first girlfriend and they immediately broke up after that. Apart from that, he has kept himself quite clean in his image. Also, Alex Kompothecras seems to be a very basic person with simple life choices. For most of his free time, he goes on swimming on the seas. He also loves to fish and travel a lot. With that, Alex is not related to any bad controversy or rumors at all. 

Alex Kompothecras’s net worth in 2021

He has worked in shows and mainly, reality shows. Alex is mostly fond and presents himself on such reality TV shows. He has earned a good amount of fortune in his TV career. A lot of professionals in his age now have double or triple times the money. But that does not seem to scare or make Alex worried at all. He is strong in himself and is happy with his progress. Apart from all that, Alex Kompothecras has only started his career in the reality series. And he has already seen success in his hard work and consistent efforts. With that, Alex Kompothecras’s net worth in 2021 is $3M. There is no specific info about his wealth or assets. This is all about the popular TV star Alex Kompothecras that you might just need to know. 

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