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If you are familiar with songwriters and singers as well, Alex Goot might not be new to you. He is one of the most famous songwriters on YouTube and also in stages. He initially goes for the cover of popular songs on his channel. He recreates them in a new tune and uploads them on his public channel. He has a lot of fans who love his songs like anything. apart from music, he is also a professional multi-instrumentalist. Alex also plays other instruments along with the bass guitar. Let us learn a lot more about Alex Goot and his awesome song life. 

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Alex Goot’s early life

He was born in the year 1988, on the 15th of March in the region Poughkeepsie on New York, in the US. Alex Good is just his stage name or might be his social media alias. His real name is Alexander George Gut. If you are interested in his star sign, it is Pisces. His nationality is American. Although he hasn’t said anything about his ethnicity at all. There is nothing available about his family life for the time now. Alex has kept most of his family information and personal life away from the social limelight. He seems to be one of those Singers who do not get taken away with the social and TV fame either. Well, that’s all about his early life and family members. More information about him will be available on the website at a later time.  

Alex Goot’s Educational life

As his family life, he is very low on his study life too. There is almost nothing available from him about his educational journey at all. However, he is a singer and a songwriter in the profession. And most professional singers take off their educational careers after finishing high school. Well, Alex seems to be on the same page. In 2021, he is 33 years old and this means, he has finished his school life already. There is no name of his school or college, but he said that he has studied at University too. He also has completed his graduation. That’s all about his educational life and more info will be available at a later time.  

Alex Goot professional life

He did his first recordings when he was just 16. His target of network and social visibility was social media platforms. And from then, he started creating and uploading songs from his YouTube channel. He opened his website for new songs, news, and all kinds of updates. His YouTube channel features all of his songs. His most popular song is Counting Stars that gained a wide range of international recognition throughout the night.  He also has written and sung other songs like Catch My Breath, Closer, Beauty And A Beat, and other songs of popular singers too. Alex is a very dedicated song composer on the YouTube platform. For a lot of years, he has composed and written his songs in his home studio.

Alex Goot’ social media handles

He is pretty well popular on social media platforms. His Twitter handle has over 200K+ followers and his Instagram handle has over 157K+ followers gained now. Aside, His YouTube channel GootMusic has over 3.7M+ subscribers and over 800M+ views. 

Alex Goot’s YouTube channel GootMusic

The name of his channel is good music. It currently has a 3.7M+ subscriber base. The lifetime view count of the channel is 820M+. There are over 165 videos of Alex Goot and his songs. Also, his brilliant average monthly view is 4M+. The most popular video on his channel is “Counting Stars” and it has over 123M+ till now. The first video on his channel was “Dark Blue” and it has 670K+ views gained till now. His song Counting Stars is also one of the most famous video songs on YouTube. 

Alex Goot’s personal life

Alex is a married man. His wife is the adorable Elle Fowler who also seems to be his girlfriend too. The two got married in the Bacara Resort in the Santa Barbara Region, in California. Elle and Alex started dating in near 2015. They spent a lot of time together sharing moments and sweet travels. Then, they decided to get married in 2017. For her, he wrote “unstoppable”. Alex even played the song in his marriage time in front of Elle. He is also said to be an adorable husband. The couple also has a baby named James Alexander Goot. He was born right after 1 year of their marriage in 2018. 

Alex Goot’s controversies and rumors

For the time now, he is not related to any kind of rumors at all. he has maintained his image quite clean since his recognition in the social and professional platform. He has never caused any problem with other notable stars nor dragged them into hassles either. Alex spends a good amount of his time writing songs. This seems to be his intense passion. And he never gets enough of it either. he loves to spend time with his friends and co-workers too. With that, Alex hasn’t been into any sort of controversies or rumors at all. 

Alex Goot’s net worth

He has been a professional singer as well as a professional songwriter for a long time. Alex has an intense talent for songs and lyrics. This has grabbed the attention of his fans which makes him still stand out from the crowd. The majority of his income comes from his YouTube channel GootMusic. It now has an over 3.7M+ subscribers base. And the lifetime view count is over 820M+. Well, it seems his channel has made it on the best of all song channels. The view stats suggest that he has earned good bucks from his hard work through the channel. Thus, Alex Goot’s net worth in 2021 is $1.8M. His worth is said to increase over 5% on his total worth by the end of 2021. This is all you need to know about the popular songwriter

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