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You might be a common user of TikTok. And chances are, you might know Alex French and her super popular TikTok handle. She is one of the popular stars on the platform residing from the USA. Her content revolves around twerking dance and makeup videos. Her account name is @mynameisalex.french and she is also popular on the Instagram platform. Let us learn a lot more about Alex French and her great social media career.  

Alex French’s early life

She was born in the year 2003, on the 19th of March. Her hometown is in Texas, in the United States of America. For now, she is over 18 years of age. Her star sign is Pisces. If you too have the same sign as her, then it is just great. She is mostly known on social media by her single name “Alex”. Her nationality is American, her ethnicity is Caucasian Descent and a follower of Christianity. Her father’s name is Bart French and her mother’s name is Stephanie French. Her father works for a real estate business company and her mother is a sweet Housewife. Alex has three brothers. Their names are James French, Owen French which is the smallest among the three, and last, Charlie French. She also has a dog named Annie. Her dog also has an Instagram account with the ID of @annievizsla. From a very small age, she was fond of dancing and had a slice for acting too. Along with that, she also loves traveling a lot and likes to click photographs. That’s all about her Family life and brothers. More information will be available on the website at a later time. 

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Alex French’s educational life

She hasn’t done much of the after high school education or technically, college education. She has finished her schooling at McKinney Boyd High School. After high school, she hasn’t studied further. Alex has dedicated all of her time to making content on her social profiles. Apart from that, she is also a very knowledgeable person. That’s all about her educational life and childhood. More info will be available at a later time for you to have a grasp. 

Alex French’s professional life

In terms of profession, she is a twerk dancer and a beauty content creator. She has her twerking videos lined up on her TikTok handle. Her content is very attractive and has managed to get a lot of acclaim in time. She has got to become a popular social media personality. Her TikTok account was made life in 2019 and her content grabbed almost everybody’s attention. Alex made lip sync videos, twerking dance videos, comedy skits, and other types of content. Surprisingly, she saw a great boost in her view stats and gained a lot of fan following within a small time. 

Alex French’s Social media life

She has a great fan following in her social handles. Her most popular handle is her TikTok account with over 4M+ followers. Her Instagram handle also has 700K+ fans following her. Even her Dog Annie has over 20K+ followers on his Instagram account and it is still growing. 

Alex French’s YouTube channel

The name of her channel is “Alex French”. It currently has over 40K+ subscribers with an insane 500K+ views gained. The channel has only 8 videos and her average view per month is just 9000+. It is great that she has attained good stats from the start. The first and most popular video on her channel is “Q&A Alex French”. It has got over 220K+ views till now over 1 year. She is now spending much of her time on YouTube to bring more content. 

Alex French’s personal life

For the time now, she is single. She is not into any kind of relationship at all. Her age is just 18 years, which means she is also not married either. Currently, she is spending all of her time making a proper social career. Alex now spends quite a good time on her YouTube channel, TikTok account to bring better content for her fans. Aside, she goes on traveling and spending time on the beach as long as possible. Alex is quite adorable and she might attract a lot of guys in the future too. 

Alex French’s controversies and scandals

She once got into a controversy of using a bad N-word on one of her social media profiles. However, some sources confirm the stand. But others are not confident at all. Alex completely denies the existence of such things on her Instagram profile. She also completely negates using such words in her bio. The news then got concluded to be fake and nothing else. Aside, she also keeps a lot of attention to her social reach. She never indulges in social media fights or hassles. Alex keeps her boundaries pretty closed. Apart from her professional work, she spends most of her time traveling and photography. Thus, Alex French doesn’t have any strong controversy or rumor related to her. 

Alex French’s net worth

She has earned good fortune from the social platforms with her handles. Her Instagram handle has over 700K+ followers. Also, her Tiktok account now has over 4M+ followers and over 10M+ likes gained. Her content revolves around twerking, dance videos, makeup tutorials. All of her content on the social platform has gathered millions of views and millions of fans. Her YouTube channel has started gaining subscribers quite well. Now it has over 40K+ and still growing to good numbers. She may also use her Instagram handle to lure leads and ad revenues from other brands. With her popularity on the rise, she also has visited small-scale productions for professional work. With all of that, Alex French’s net worth is 600K+ USD or a little more than 600K+ dollars in 2021. Her worth is also increasing due to her popularity on social platforms. And it is growing day by day. This is all about Alex French that you should be knowing. 

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