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Alex Ernst is one of those premium content creators on the YouTube platform that you may have never seen. He has created some of the most innovative and unique videos among other directors. Due to his intense skills, he is known not just as a content creator. He is famous as a writer, director, and even an actor. His works include fictional narrative video blogging. He has created over 27 videos till now. Let us learn a lot more about Alex Ernst and his impressive movie life till now. 

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Alex Ernst’s Early Life

He was born in the year 1996, on the 17th of July on Belle Plaine. It is situated in Scott, Minnesota, in the United States of America. For now, he is 25 years old and has gained a lot of success with his video blog series. If you want to know his star sign, it is Cancer and if you have the same sign, you are lucky. His nationality is American. His father’s name is Rex Ernst and his mother’s name is Anita Schiltz. His sister’s name is Emma Ernst. He also has a brother whose name is john, Ernst. In his family, he also has a rabbit pet and its name is Bailey. That’s all about his family life available for the time now. About a time back, his parents got divorced due to some unknown apparent reasons. He also never spoke about them on social media at all. More information about Alex Ernst’s family life will be available at a later time on the website.  

Alex Ernst’s Educational life

Not much info is available on his study life either. He successfully finished his high graduation from the Belle Plaine Senior High School. He finished all of his schoolings in 2014 and dedicated his time to his channel. He also didn’t go into any kind of university at all. Aside, he was fond of video recording from a very small age. He developed a passion for filming from then which became his greatest talent. He decided on college life at a later time. But then again, he left the idea and started filming his unique content videos from them. That’s all about his educational and childhood life. More info will be available at a later time on the website itself. 

Alex Ernst’s Professional life

By profession, he is a YouTube social media content creator. He also strives among the most unique and beautiful directors of his videos on the platform. His videos are appreciated by a large audience. He also provided content to the channel “OurPizzaGang”. He also got popular on Vine for his impressive 6-sec videos. Later when he moved to Los Angeles, he started working for David Dobrik’s daily video blog. On a side, he also started making his classic videos with absolute perfection. 

Alex Ernst’s social media life

He is highly popular on his Instagram handle with over 1.9M+ fan following. He is very popular on Twitter too, with over 1.6M+ followers and 400K+ followers on Facebook. He was also a platforming star on the popular video app Vine. He also has over 1.4M+ subscribers on his main YouTube channel gained till now.

Alex Ernst’s YouTube channel

The name of his channel is his name “Alex Ernst” and it has over 1.4M+ subscribers gained till now. However, there are only 27 videos uploaded by him till now. The whole lifetime view count of the channel is already over 35M+. Also, his average monthly view reach is 440K+. The first video on his channel is “The Magazine” and it has gained over 1.1M+ views till now. Also, the most popular video on his channel is “Oh Boy” and it has over 10M+ views gained till now. His major earning source is this channel only. 

Alex Ernst’s personal life

He is in a sweet relationship with a sweet girl by the name of Emily. The two posts the fewest pictures on their respective Instagram handles. Alex and Emily are both adored by their fans too. Alex is one of many YouTube personalities to be much open about his relationship Aside, there is no info on his past relationships and he hasn’t been into one either. At times, he also features his girlfriend in his unique video shoots and blogs. They seem to enjoy a very good time together. There is no way the two are getting apart from one another.  

Alex Ernst’s controversies

For the time now, he hasn’t been into any kind of false rumors. He has kept himself away from bad controversies. Alex also keeps his distance from social media fame as much as possible. He uploads whenever he seems it is necessary. He does have a lot of fans in his Instagram handle and he makes the best use of it to the right side. Aside, Alex always has maintained his image quite clean. He also stays away from social troubles as much as possible. He spends most of his time making new videos and films. He also gets his time with his parents and loved ones. Thus, Alex Ernst has no sort of controversies to his name at all. 

Alex Ernst’s net worth

He has earned a lot of with his YouTube videos, unlike other content creators. His channel contains very few videos for a professional channel. Yet, his content reception is far better than other channels. All of his videos have achieved millions of views till now. He also earns a decent amount of money from his Instagram handle. With over 1.9M+ followers, his account can do some brilliant lead generations. But he has done only over 80 posts till now. His channel has over 45M+ views and an average monthly view count of 400K+. These are good stats for such a small channel like this. With all of this, Alex Ernst’s net worth is $600Kin 2021. His worth is said to increase in the coming year as his views are increasing over time. This is all about the popular YouTube director and content creator Alex Ernst that you should know about. 

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