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If you are familiar with a lot of social media stars, you might sure as well knew Alex Erin. Among all transgender social personalities, he is one of the transgender social male stars. He has gained good internet sensation and attention overtime via his Instagram handle. He also posts a lot of uploads on his social profiles. His uploads include photos of him, his family, and others. Let us get to know a lot more about Alex Erin and his incredible social life.  

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Alex Erin’s Early life

He was born in the year 2000, on the 2nd of March in California, in the united states of America. If you want to know about his star sign, it is Pisces and if you have the same sign, that’s brilliant. His nationality is American. His ethnicity is not known in the public yet. He has not mentioned anything about his parents at all. There is also no information whether he lives with them or not. He does have three sisters and just one brother. His sisters’ names are Taylor Erin and Jade Erin. Surprisingly, he also has a twin sister by the name of Ashley Potter. He also uploads a lot of posts with her on his Instagram handle. Aside, Alex is much closer to his grandparents than anyone. that also includes his parents. Alex Erin had to adjust a lot to his trans behavior for a long time. At first, he was confused about his gender. He initially wore out the clothes of women to see if he was comfortable with them or not. He wasn’t into his mind when he was under 10 years. Alex had to deal with a lot of behavior and self issues. Luckily, fate got him to the right path after he joined high school. He finally figured out that he was more of a boy and starting dressing accordingly. He got his confidence back and started living a happy life. Alex also got his hair cut like other handsome boys and felt much better, almost like a grown-up. His parents also got him to use a chest binder, which almost changed his life for good. 

Alex Erin’s Educational life

He has not mentioned anything about his educational journey either. For now, he is 20 years old, he already has completed his primary and high school education. For the time now, he may or may not be studying in a college. He also may have left his studies to focus on his Instagram life. 

Alex Erin’s professional life

He is a professional video content creator on Social media. At first, he joined TikTok and started posting small videos at first. He got a very good appreciation for his content. Slowly, he started gaining a lot of followers for his videos. His first video was “You are in love with me” and it gained him a lot of fan following. He eventually moved to YouTube with his first channel having 25K+ subscribers now. 

Alex Erin’s social media life

He is present mostly on TikTok with over 500K+ fans. He is also popular on Instagram and has over 50K+ followers. Alex spends most of his time on TikTok and Instagram. He rarely goes over his Twitter and Snapchat accounts where he has a small fan base. 

Alex Erin’s YouTube life

The name of his channel is his name “Alex Erin” and it has 25K+ subscribers now. The lifetime view count of the channel is 400K+. This is good for a channel with just 16 videos only. The first video on his channel is “Meet Alex the little Trans” which has got 89K+ views till now. This also seems to be the most popular video on the channel too. 

Alex Erin’s personal life

He is currently in a relationship with a guy. However, the name and identity of the guy are not revealed yet. He has a picture of him on online social media kissing the person. It looks like he is totally happy within the relationship. He has captioned the upload with “thanking his partner with Sweet Love”. Alex hasn’t been into early relationships at all. There also is no info on his earlier relationships, even on his social media profiles. 

Alex Erin’s controversies

For the time now, he is not into any kind of controversies at all. He is very gentle on social media. Alex is also super adorable and interacts with his fans like his own brothers and sisters. He also has a very supportive character on social media. He has gone into social troubles in his school years for his gender. And all of it got solved when he finally joined his high school. From the past, he has done his best to keep out of social troubles at best. He doesn’t have any kind of false rumors to his tail. Nor is he related to any bad troubles or rumors, unlike other social media stars. Thus, Alex Erin has his image completely clean. He has no form of controversies to himself. 

Alex Erin’s net worth

For now, he hasn’t spoken very much of his earnings at all. He might be popular on all social platforms, but his social profiles in only at the beginner earning stat. He has over 50K+ fans on his Instagram handle. He is much more popular on his Tiktok account. He currently has over 500K+ fans and over 10M+ likes. It seems that he is much popular on TikTok than on any other social media profile. He is also present on a lot of other social media platforms including Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. There is no evidence of him earning in the professional field. He does have his YouTube channel with over 25K+ subscribers gained till now. The stats of the channel are also pretty good. It will become popular in the coming years. With all of that, Alex Erin’s net worth is estimated to be $100K-$150K. This is all you need to know about the popular Instagram star Alex Erin

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