Alex Demartino Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Alex Demartino is a less known American social media personality. She is not so much popular due to her more known YouTube channel by her name. However, she is an official content creator of another channel by the name of “00RemakeGirls”. She does not run the channel all by herself. Since she has her twin sisters by her side. Their names are Niki Demartino and Gabriella Demartino. Both of them are popular YouTube social stars and Instagram personalities as well. Let us get to know all about the underrated YouTube blogger Alex Demartino and her cool life.

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Alex Demartino’s Early life

She was born in the year 1993, on the 3rd of November. Her hometown is Pennsylvania, in the united states of America. Her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is Caucasian. She also is a follower of the Christianity religion. Her real name is not just Alex Demartino, but it is Alessandra Loren Demartino. She has not provided any more info about her family or any other members. However, her twin sisters are very much famous on social media and also on YouTube. Their names are Niki Demartino and Gabriella Demartino. All of them own their respective own YouTube channels. The channels also have very good stats and earn a good fortune for each of them. Among all of them, she is the eldest of all. she also has a brother by the name of Anthony Demartino. That’s all about Alex Demartino’s family life and siblings. Not much information is available from her side in the online world at all. She has kept a major part of her life into the secret zone from the social life. With that, she also is one of the least social stars who are less public about her own life. More information about her early life will be available on the website at a later time.  

Alex Demartino’s Educational life

Nothing is available in her study life at all. She has not shared anything about her school life or her college life. Now, her age is 28 years and now working in the professional field. Some sources confirm that she has studied in a college in her 20s. Although, the name of the college is not available for the time being. That’s all about Alex Demartino’s Educational life and childhood. A lot of more info will be available at a later time on the site. 

Alex Demartino’s Professional life

She is very attractive among her other sisters. And just like them, she is also a YouTube content creator. Unlike them, she posts more song covers on her 00RemakeGirls channel. Her blogs also come upon her name channel, which is not as popular as her first channel. She posts a lot of content on her channels combined. However, her old channel has stopped uploading content for over 5 years. Her channel now is shooting content and is receiving good appreciation from her fans. She also makes video content with her sisters on their channel.

Alex Demartinos’s social media life

She is not that much of a social media user at all. She is only present on the YouTube platform and Instagram. On Instagram, she has over 130K+ followers gained till now. Also, her own YouTube channels combined have over 250K+ subscribers gained till now. So, she is pretty popular in the online social world.  

Alex Demartino’s YouTube life

The name of her side channel is “Alex Demartino” and her main channel is “00RemakeGirl”. The first one has over 75K+ subscribers and the second one has over 200K+ subscribers gained till now. The first video of her channels was “Pretty Little Liars Theme remake” which has over 600K+ views till now. The most popular video on the channel is “What Guys think girls do at Sleepovers” and it has over 3M+ views. The channel has good stats in its own time.  

Alex Demartino’s personal life

For now, she may or may not be single. She dated Patrick Hale in the year 2019. But there is still no sight of him with her. She may or may not have broken up with him. She also doesn’t share anything of her personal life on social media for many reasons. Aside, she is straight and is attracted to good guys. While for now, she is estimated to be with Patrick. Since there is no confirmed info of the couple. Or she might be living a well-lit single life. 

Alex Demartino’s controversies

For the time now, she hasn’t been into any kind of false rumors or controversies at all. She keeps her boundaries pretty tight among others and knows how to interact in the right manner. She also keeps herself gentle when around other social media stars. Alex also never got into any sort of trouble with internet personalities at all. With time, she has gained good fame. Alex also spends a part of her time doing her things and spending time with her family. She keeps her distance from the social problems completely. Thus, with that, Alex Demartino is not related to any kind of controversies at all. 

Alex Demartino’s net worth

She has earned good money from her YouTube channel for a time. She also has a lot of channels on her name, including the “Alex Demartino” one. Her official channel is less known to her fans and it is “00RemakeGirls”. Aside from all of that, she has good fame from her family sisters with a good contribution to the name. The two channels of her bring a good source of money. However, she also seems to be earning from other sources as well. With that, Alex Demartino’s net worth is $100K to $1M. Till now, she hasn’t revealed anything about her monthly or yearly income at all. She keeps a large part of her income stats under the light of others. This all you need to know about the YouTube star Alex Demartino and her awesome social life.

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