Alex Cloutier Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Alex Cloutier is one of the most attractive YouTube content creators available on the platform. She has been in the social media limelight for a long time and has gained great fans from all over the world. Usually, her YouTube content revolves around daily life videos, she also uploads unique content with her kids. Apart from that, she is a professional blogger and an Instagram star too. Let us learn a lot more about Alex Cloutier and her awesome social life.  

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Alex Cloutier’s Early Life

She was born in the year 1998, on the 23rd of October in the US. Her hometown is not yet known to the exact location, but she has lived most of her life in the United States. Her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is White. If you want to know about her star sign, then it is Scorpio. And if you have the same sign, that’s great for you. Her mother’s name is Robin Boutwell-O’Shea. She has one of the best roles to play in Alex’s life in her childhood. She got married to her father but the relationship did not last long at all. Her father was abusive and her mother filed for a divorce. Later she moved with her grandmother. A few years back, Alex Cloutier’s mother got into an accident and got disabled. Then after some time, her paternal uncle passed away. That’s all about Alex Cloutier and her family life. More info will be available on the website at a later time. 

Alex Cloutier’s Educational life

Unlike her family, very less information is available on study life. It is confirmed that she and her now-husband used to go to the same school. They may have studied together for a long time till now. Alex Cloutier had a very good interest in studies. She wanted to study further and may want to pursue high studies. Although she does have the talent, she hasn’t told anything about her degrees or study length till now. That’s all about her study for the time being. More information will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

Alex Cloutier’s professional life

She is a professional video content creator on the YouTube platform. She is on the job for an exact 4 years. From then, she gained a good audience. Her videos are mostly daily life videos, with her sons, family, mother, and herself. She also posts tons of other content regarding baby life, her own life, serious moments, and others. On YouTube, she is also famous as a teenage mom. 

Alex Cloutier’s Social media life

She is well popular on social media by a good margin. Her YouTube channel is growing very well with millions of views gained till now. The channel has also managed to hold off 380K+ subscribers till now. She is also present on Instagram and has over 98K+ followers gained till now. She doesn’t post that much about her personal life on social media at all.  

Alex Cloutier’s YouTube life

The name of her channel was something else at first. But now, the name is “Dear Gre” son”. It currently has 380K+ subscribers and over 375 videos. The lifetime view count of the channel is over 66M+ and the daily view count is 20K+. This is a much better impressive stat for a YouTube channel and she earns good money from it. The first video on her channel was “17 and pregnant” which has over 950K+ views in 4 years. The most popular video on her channel is “Home Water Birth”. The video has gained over 13M+ views in 2 years. She gets a majority of her income from this channel.

Alex Cloutier’s personal life and relationships

She has been married to her childhood friend and classmate, named Patrick Cloutier. But for the time now, she is single. She is not currently dating anyone. Nor is she married to a third person at all. Alex and Patrick had been together since their childhood but not ideally. They knew each other and Patrick had an early crush on her. The two got engaged after she had her first baby in 2017. And then two got engaged in one year. The couple divorced for no apparent reason in 2020. This happed after she gave birth to her second son in 2019. For now, she is single but is living a very happy life with her small family.  

Alex Cloutier’s controversies

For the time now, she isn’t related to any kind of controversies at all. Alex Cloutier also keeps herself away from all kinds of social troubles. Since she is a social media star too, she never misbehaves with other fellow stars at all. She keeps her distance from problems. She focuses on bringing newer and better content to her channel as much as possible. Being a mother of two children, she also takes out a good time for her kids. She also has done her best to keep her image clean. Thus, Alex Cloutier isn’t related to any controversies till now.

Alex Cloutier’s net worth

She has earned a lot from her Instagram account and her YouTube channel. She posts content regularly on her YouTube channel. She doesn’t miss a single day to not worry about her family as well as her business. Her channel has now over 380K+ subscribers to the latest count. Her monthly view count is over 600K+ or 20K+ in a single day. This is very impressive for a small channel like this. Also, Alex Cloutier is the only manager of it including her being a creator too. Alex Cloutier’s net worth is $1M and estimated to be near to $5M. However, she has the visible wealth to near about $1M only. Her annual salary was around $10K-$100K for the time now. Her worth is also said to increase in the coming time due to her increasing influence and fans. This is all about the beautiful and adorable YouTube star that you wanted to know about. 

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