Alex Centomo Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Alex Centomo has been a regular YouTube personality for a long period of 8 years. She has been in the social limelight for quite a good time. Professionally she is a fashion video blogger, lifestyle, beauty, and travel content creator. She uploads a lot of content on her YouTube channel Alex Centomo. She also has another channel with her husband “Alex and Dan”. Aside, all of her channels are well popular on the YouTube platform. Well, let us learn a lot more about Alex Centomo and her awesome social traveling life. 

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Alex Centomo’s early life

She was born in the year 1990, on the 6th of July. If you want to know about her star sign, it is Cancer. And if you also have the same sign, that’s great for you. Her nationality is Canadian. But her ethnicity is not yet known at all. There is not much info available about her own family life at all. Also, her father and her father’s name are not known for the time now. For once, she has featured them on her social media pages. But that is all about them till now. Alex keeps a bit of her personal and family life out of the limelight. however, the reason for that is not yet known either. She might be one of those social media stars that try to keep her family life away from social visibility. However, that is all available for now. more info on her family life will be available at a later time from now.

Alex Centomo’s educational lie

As for her family life, not much is available from her educational life at all. She has studied at the famous Concordia University a couple of years ago. While she was studying, she also has done a part-time job at the Brandy Melville store. Other than that, very less is known about her past jobs before she got into the YouTube business. That’s all about her educational and study life for now. More information will be available at a later time on the website itself. 

Alex Centomo’s professional life

In her profession, she is a fashion and lifestyle video blogger and a content creator on YouTube. She has two channels of her own that bring up fashion and daily life videos regularly. For most of the time, she uploads makeup tutorials, daily life videos, blogs, beauty tips, hacks, and techniques also. She is partially a model too. Her YouTube channels have started to attract a lot of followers in the current scenario. She has been on the platform for over 8 long years and has finally got her portion of success in it. 

Alex Centomo’s social media handles

She has over 1M+ followers on her Instagram handle. She also is a very active user on the platform and has over 1.7K+ posts uploaded till now. She is also one of the most popular Instagram stars on the platform. Besides, her Twitter handle has over 16K+ followers and her Facebook handle has over 7K+ followers now.

Alex Centomo’s YouTube life

The name of her solo channel is “Alex Centomo” and the name of her other channel is “Alexa and Dan”. The second channel is run by her husband, Dan. Both of them post their content on it. And it has over 150K+ subscribers till now. However, her channel has over 600K+ subscribers gained till now. The first video on her channel is “NYC 2012” and it has over 12K+ views. It was uploaded 8 years ago. The most popular video on her channel is “Loose Curls Hair Tutorial” and it has over 3.8M+ views gained till now. On her husband’s channel, the most popular video is “Santorini, Greece” and has over 780K+ views gained till now. She earns the main income from her channel and her Instagram handle. 

Alex Centomo’s personal life

She is married to a handsome and adorable man named Daniel. The two got married in the year 2018 after they dated for 2 years. Dan met Alexa in 2016. In 2020, they gave birth to their first child named Arkham. The couple lives quite a simple but happy life. Their love can be seen on Alexa’s YouTube channel and her daily travel videos.  

Alex Centomo’s controversies

For now, she hasn’t been into any kind of controversies at all. She also doesn’t have any kind of false rumors or bad names to her name either. Alexa has maintained her reputation quite well. She never got herself acquainted with any kind of social troubles and hassles. She also behaves and responds very kindly and gently towards her fans. Being a social media star, she never got into fights and troubles with other notable social media stars and actresses at all. Alexa also has a good image of herself on the online platform. Thus, Alex Centomo doesn’t have any sort of controversies on her name yet. 

Alex Centomo’s net worth

She indeed has earned a great amount of money from her YouTube channel. Or say YouTube channels. She is very popular with her channels and each of them has a large audience. Her solo channel has over 600K+ subscribers and the channel with Alex has over 150K+ subscribers. Both the channel has over 550+ and 400+ videos uploaded till now. Alex is very dedicated to her channel and never misses to introduce an update too. Aside, her Instagram handle has over 1M+ followers. this is very much suitable for her to generate ad leads from Instagram. As she is a fashion video blogger, she can easily attain a lot of product ads for sponsorships. She is also almost a social media star and an influencer too. And this is because she has an insane number of followers on her Instagram account. With all of that, Alex Centomo’s net worth is $1M till now. in 2021, her worth has increased to a slight percentage due to her uprising view count and ad revenue. This is all you need to know about the popular content creator Alex Centomo and her awesome fashion life.

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