Aleksandr Vitaly Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

One of the most underrated YouTube content creators, Aleksandr Vitaly is a very popular social media star on the platform. He hails from Russia and along with a creator, he also is an online gamer and streamer. He is very well famous for his great videos and also does usual collaborations with other fellow YouTube stars. He gained good recognition due to his works with the band “Stuck In Your Radio”. He got a wide range of attention due to the show “Machinima Happy Hour” and also due to the “Sanity Not Included”. Well, let us learn a lot more about Aleksandr Vitaly and his awesome life.

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Aleksandr Vitaly’s early life

He was born in the year 1992, on the 1st of September. His name is not just Aleksandr Vitaly which also is not his real name either. His real name is Alexandr Vitalyevich Tchernev-Merchant and he hails from Russia. If you want to know about his star sign it is Virgo and if you have the same sign, that’s impressive and good for you. He stays now in the United States of America and has been living from the age of 8. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is Caucasian. But he also follows Christianity. In his family life, he has been adopted by another family who is American. With it, he also has spent his entire childhood in Templeton, which is in Massachusetts. That’s all about Alexandr Vitalyevich Tchernev-Merchant or Aleksandr Vitaly’s family life. He hasn’t been into the social limelight about his family life at all. For most of the time, he has kept it a secret for some reason. Well, more information about his family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

Aleksandr Vitaly’s educational life

As his family life, his educational life is also mostly under the table. He said that he went to a college in Colorado where he studied graphic design. He has already completed his studies of his primary and his high school, even got his graduation. There is no info on his previous school at all. He has left his studies and now is spending all of his time working for his YouTube channel. More information about his educational life will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

Aleksandr Vitaly’s professional life

Professionally, he is an online gamer and a YouTube content creator for the time being. He has two YouTube channels, “Aleks” and “cow Chop” which he considers true business sarcastically. His Cow Chop channel also collaborates with his friend James. He is also active on the Twitch platform streaming games and has an insane number of followers on the platform too. He has made a lot of impact on the online platform with his videos. He makes comedy, gaming videos and highlights, commentaries, and a lot of streaming content. He also loves to make gaming videos as his full-time job. Specifically, he is a CSGO Gamer. 

Aleksandr Vitaly’s social media handles

He is present on all social media platforms and is a social media star too. He has over 150K+ followers on his Instagram handle. His Facebook account has over 45K+ followers and his Twitter handle has massive 350K+ followers gained till now.

Aleksandr Vitaly’s YouTube Channel

The name of his first channel is “Aleks” and the name of his second channel is “Cow Chop”. Both the channels have over 800K+ subscribers to the recent count. The Aleks channel already has 1M+ subscribers. The first video on his Aleks channel is “counter Strike Source in 20 seconds” which has over 150K+ views to date. And the most popular video of his channel is “Going All in CS: GO Jackpot” which has over 1.8M+ views till the latest count. His channel also got over 100M+ total content views, which is his main earning source.

Aleksandr Vitaly’s personal life

Till now, he is straight and single for the time being. He hasn’t been into any kind of relationship at all. Aleksandr Vitaly is also isn’t married at all. There is also no form of evidence or any information to support his relationship with any other fellow social media star at all. Well, for now, he is doing his best to focus on his career. Aleksandr Vitaly for the now has over 2 channels and he is spending all of his time on them to the fullest. He is also focusing his time constantly to make a good name for himself. Thus he hasn’t been into any relation for now.

Aleksandr Vitaly’s controversies 

For the time now, he hasn’t been into any kind of controversies at all. He also keeps himself from all kinds of bad rumors and other traps that social media stars have been falling to. He is a much-respected person and he does his best to keep it that way. He also spends most of his time making new content for his YouTube channels. Aleksandr Vitaly never misbehaved on the social media platform at all and respects everyone. Thus, he hasn’t been into any kind of controversies at all until now.

Aleksandr Vitaly’s net worth

He has been doing good business with his YouTube channel for a long time. He also is one of the oldest YouTube stars to now break the 1M+ subscribers base and congrats to him. He also has a lot of other stuff in his quiver to run for business. He also is a Twitch streamer and good money comes from there too. Apart from his own YouTube content, he also spends time with other channels and his professionalism being an online gamer too. He may also be able to generate leads with his Instagram handle that has over 140K+ followers till now. With all of that, his current net worth is $100K to $1M. He is also estimated to have worth more than 200K+ dollars to the current date of 2021. This is all you need to know about the popular Russian YouTube star Aleksandr Vitaly.  

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