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Alecia Beth Moore is among the most multi-talented people in Hollywood. Professionally, she is a record producer, singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, a well-known spokesperson as well as a Model too. She has been on the internet for a good time and has brought millions of people to know herself with her unique style of appearance. With songs like “There You Go”, “What About Us”, she has gained huge internet recognition and became one of the most influenced music producers ever. She is also a highly popular social media star. Well, let us get to know a lot more about Alecia Beth Moore and her musical life. 

Alecia Beth Moore’s Early Life

She was born in the year 1979, on the 8th of September. Her hometown is Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her father’s name is James Moore and her mother’s name is Judith Moore. She got asthma in her childhood from a separate cause. When she was 10 years of age, her parents got divorced and separated. Her nationality is American. Her ethnicity goes back a few races and she is Irish-German-Lithuanian-Jew. But she mostly accepts and identifies herself as a Jewish person. There is no information on her siblings or other family members other than her parents at all. At the time of her childhood, she got her popular stage name “Pink” with which she is famous now. Her Pink name is also an icon in the Entertainment industry. That is all about her family life. More info will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

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Alecia Beth Moore’s Educational life

She went to the Central Bucks High School at West. There, she received most of her education. She got to participate in the High School Band for singing after she found out about her singing passion. She also wrote lyrics for songs that were deep enough to impress her mother, who complimented Beth for those. She became a member of the band by the name of “Basic Instinct” but it did not last forever due to some reasons. That’s all about her study life and early reach to songs. More information on her educational life will be available at a later time. 

Alecia Beth Moore’s Professional life

Reflecting on her professional life, she is a multi-talented actress and a songwriter, and a singer too. In 2002, she gained recognition as a Solo Singer and the stage name Pink got her into action. In the beginning, she just wrote songs for other artists. She got worldwide attention when her song “There You Go” was released into the public. Her songs also got the position on the Billboard Hot 100 and kicked off other songs to the bottom. In “Kazaam”, her song “Key to my heart” got featured. Her incredible work on “Can’t Take Me Home” was an immense Hit. Even the RIAA or the Recording Industry Association of America made and got it Double Platinum Certified. Her song “Pink-Just Give me a Reason” has over 1.2B+ views in 8 years, which is one of the most popular songs ever produced. She announced her own Album “Hurts 2B Human” which was one of her last Albums. She then took a break from her Entertainment career. She said she wants to dedicate herself to the family. In the year 2019, she got her Hollywood Walk of Fame due to her insane contribution to the Entertainment industry. 

Alecia Beth Moore’s Social media life

She has been on the social media platform for a long time. Beth has her handles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. She is insanely popular on Twitter with over 32M+ followers till now. Her tweets also get over thousands of Re-tweets on a lot of important issues that she raises her voice over. She has over 8M+ followers on Instagram now. Her ID on Instagram is not her name, but just her stage name “PINK”. She also has over 12K+ fans on her Facebook Handle. 

Alecia Beth Moore’s personal life

Alecia Beth Moore is a married woman. And she is married to the Moto Cross Carey Hart, who is a popular bike racer. The couple has been married for over 15 years. They have a daughter and her name is Willow Sage Hart. She was born in 2011. She has also had a younger son of 6 years and his name is Jameson Moon. Till now, they have been together and there is no way the two are getting separated at all. 

Alecia Beth Moore’s controversies

For the time now, she hasn’t been into any sort of controversies at all. She also didn’t get involved in any false rumors either. Beth is a very hardworking woman and she spends almost every bit of her time doing her best for songs and production. She also spends a good amount of time with her family. She respects everyone in her studio and never misbehaved with anyone. Thus, she never had any controversies related to her. 

Alecia Beth Moore’s Net Worth

Among the richest Hollywood stars, Alecia Beth Moore is one of them. She is not just an actress or a singer. But she is an accomplished record producer, songwriter, and a model too. Alecia Beth Moore is the very definition of perfection of different fields in just one single package. Aside, she has her own choices of the profession in the most perfect way possible. She also has an Instagram profile with over 8M+ followers. Along with her popularity, she also earns a bit of money from leads, ads, endorsements, and product promotions on her already popular Instagram handle. It generates more than enough money for her expenses on a single day. With all of that, Alecia Beth Moore’s net worth is $200M, which is insanely rich. She has worked hard for her life and she deserves it. Aside, her worth is expected to have a rise of 2-3% by the end of 2021. Thus, this is all about the popular songwriter Alecia Beth Moore that you should know about.  

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