AldosWorld Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Among all popular YouTube stars, AldosWorld deserves a separate mention. He is one of the best pranksters on the platform with his own YouTube channel. The name of his channel is AldosWorld TV and it currently has over 3M+ subscribers. He is well famous among other stars for posting hilarious pranks, great street interviews, and challenges among others. He is also quite famous for his videos that have a strange impact on the platform too. Well, let us learn a lot more about AldosWorld and its Entertainment journey.  

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AldosWorld’s early life

He was born in the year 1994, on the 4th of January. His birthplace is none other than Canada, USA. His nationality is American. There is no info on his ethnicity. He is believed to have origins from Syria and probably belongs to the Canadian-Syrian Ethnicity. His real name is not just AldosWorld, but only Aldo. His zodiac sign is Capricorn and if you have the same sign, that’s impressive. Moreover, there is very little information about his family life. The names of his parents, siblings, and other members related are not known yet. There is also no sort of information from his side on social media either. That’s all about AldosWorld’s family life. More information will be available on the website at a later time. 

AldosWorld’s Educational life

As for his family, there is not much available in his educational life and childhood. He seems to have a very good accent of his English and another language that he speaks. That means, he was quite well brought up and he also seems to have gone to school. The names of his school and graduation university are not known for the time being. AldosWorld also doesn’t share that much of his own life on his social media at all. With his age being 26, he may have already completed his college life. Or he just has dedicated his entire focus and time to his YouTube channel for all.

More information about his education and childhood will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

AldosWorld’s professional life

He is a professional Content creator on the YouTube platform. He has been making shorts pranks for a small time, at first. Then he moved to make more serious pranks for his channel to grow.

With time, he has gained quite a good status of realism on his pranks, mostly scary ones. AldosWorld makes almost all kinds of content, including scary pranks, funny pranks, street interviews, and collaborations too. For most of his videos, he is known as The Prankster.  

AldosWorld’s social media handles

He is present on all of the social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. His scary videos have won him an insane fan base all over the world. He has over 250K+ followers on his Instagram handle. He also has over 50K+ followers on his Twitter account and 10K+ followers on his Facebook page. 

Aside, he spends most of his social time on YouTube only. 

AldosWorld’s YouTube channel

The name of his channel is “AldosWorld TV” and it has gained over 3.2M+ subscribers till now. The channel may not have a lot of subscribers to the view count. Since, the total view count is over 500M+, which is an insane stat. He also gets an incredible 270K-300K+ view every day.

This is enough for him to get great payouts from the ads and impressions.

The very first video on his channel is “Why girls say we are stupid? “ and it has over 36K+ views over the time of 8 years. That’s not so good either. 

Well, the most people’s video on his channel is “Calling Dame Tu Costia on Facetime”. It has gained over 23M+ views in just 2 years. 

AldosWorld’s personal life

Till now, he hasn’t been into any kind of relationship at all. He has never dated anyone before and there is still no reason for it. He is not married yet either. AldosWorld is quite handsome and can easily adore a lot of women on his looks. But he is still focusing most of his time and work on his YouTube channel. He is also found to be enjoying his life to the fullest on his Instagram channel. 

AldosWorld’s controversies

For quite of a time, he has been into tiny controversies on his name. He has been found to break laws a couple of times. But he wasn’t fined for them, in fact, any of them at all. He also escaped quite well from them a lot of times. There are no possible rumors or controversies related to AldosWorld regarding his social status. He seems to be very decent on his way to behave on the online platform. Aside, he also behaves very well on his channel and interacts in public places. Thus, there is no form of rumors on his at all, till now. 

AldosWorld’s net worth

He has a lot of content on his channel “AldosWorld TV” and it has been earning a lot. The usual video view count of his channel in a single month is over 8.1M+. That’s 270K+ views per day, which is an impressive feat for a YouTube channel. This means he has earned a good fortune from it. He is also quite popular on his Instagram channel and other social media platforms. His YouTube channel has over 500M+ content views, which is insane. This itself has earned him a lot of bucks. AldosWorld also earns a bit of money from his Instagram account. He has a lot of products on his uploads which he got for promotion. He gets a lot of brand promotions as well on his YouTube channel too. With all of that, AldosWorld’s net worth is $1.3M or a little over 1.3M Dollars. His worth is said to increase over 10% in a couple of years due to his increasing content engagement. Thus, this is all you wanted to know about the popular YouTube prankster AldosWorld. 

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