Albert Tsai Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Albert Tsai is one of the young noted actors in America. He gained a lot of attention after working in the movie “Abominable”, as Peng. He also starred in the series “Coop & Cami Ack the World” as the lead actor. He played the role of Fred. He is also quite famous for starring as Bert on “Trophy Wife” up to 2014. Tsai also gained great attention due to his quick-acting skills that got him to the entertainment limelight and into better opportunities. Well, let us know a little bit more about Albert Tsai and his great acting life. 

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Albert Tsai’s early life

He was born in the year 2004, on the 5th of August. His hometown is none other than San Jose, in California, United States. His star sign is Leo and if you have the same sign, that’s great for you. Aside, his nationality is American and his ethnicity is still unknown. It is probably Asian American. He works as a professional sales executive at the KYEC. There is no information available on his mother at the time being. The family along with Albert Tsai and his father Allen Tsailives currently in Los Angeles. That’s all about Albert Tsai’s family information. Not much has been found about his young actor at the time being. Further information about his family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

Albert Tsai’s Educational life

Not much is available for his educational life and childhood. It is found out that, he has received homeschooling for his entire lifetime. Aside, he has good knowledge and his language accent is very good. Other than that, he has Emma Watson as his favorite actress. His favorite spots all over the world include only Europe, Asia, and even Canada, which seems to be his nearest place of love. He also had a passion for traveling and seeing his most favorite places one by one.His favorite colors are Red, white, and black. He loves to eat foods like Pineapple, Cookies and Pizza, Chips. 

Albert Tsai’s professional life

He is a professional actor and screen player. He gained great recognition on his part with the movie “Abominable” and series “Coop & Cami Ack the World”.At the age of 11, he first did his acting intro on the TV. He played small characters in most probably American Sitcom series. Tsai has worked in a variety of Sitcoms and this is another of his unnoticed facts. He worked in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, “9JKL”, “Coop & Cami Ack the World” for which he got very good recognition all over the world. He has also worked in “Trophy Wife” and plays the character of Bert Harrison. His acting skills got his name in the Magazine of “12 Best Child Actors of 2015” in the Weekly “Entertainment Weekly”.

Albert Tsai’s award nominations

Due to his quick-acting skills and easy portrayal by himself, Tsai earned a lot of award nominations for his acting. He was nominated as the Best Supporting Young Actor for his works in “Dr. Ken”. He has a wide range of other nominations including Young Artist Awards, Leading Young Actor, and Best Actor nominations. With his nominations, he was also rated as one of the best young actors in the Entertainment industry. 

Albert Tsai’s social media life

He is present on almost all social media platforms. He has over 82K+ followers on his Instagram handle. He has posted over 400 uploads and he is quite active on the platform. He is also present on Twitter and Facebook, with 7K+ and 20K+ followers gained till now. Likewise, he also stands among the most underrated and lesser young actors of his age. Other info on his upcoming social media handle news will be available here in no time. 

Albert Tsai’s personal life

At the age of 17, he is still single. He hasn’t dated anyone yet. He is not in any kind of relationship at all. Albert is doing his best to focus on his acting career. He is also attempting to make a big name for himself with his hard work. Though he is very near to the adult age of 18 years, he won’t go into relationships for now. He is very dedicated to his profession by all means.  

Albert Tsai’s controversies

He hasn’t been related to any kind of controversies, neither any false rumors till now. The young actor is very well behaved in public and also with his co-stars in his profession. He also spends a lot of time on his hobbies and less on social media. Tsai also keeps his reputation and manners to the good side, no matter what goes on with his life. He does his best to keep his image clean and positive. The young actor also never misbehaved with anyone in his career. Well, Albert Tsai hasn’t been into any controversies, or neither he will ever be.  

Albert Tsai’s net worth

Albert Tsai has earned a good amount of money from his acting career. At such age, he has nailed his roles to the very good. He also gained good recognition in a small time. He has played over in a couple of films. All of that was enough for him to earn good wealth in a small time. He is less potent on the social media platforms, else that would also have been profitable for him completely. For the series, he earned over $7K per episode from the series Coop. With all of these combined, Albert Tsai’s net worth is $1M estimated. His possible low side worth is said to be somehow $100K, but that information is just a probability. Aside, he hasn’t been so much publicity about his annual income at all. He is also said to have a wealth increase this year, due to new projects and work opportunities for him. This is all about the popular Abominable actor Albert Tsai that you should be familiar with.  

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