Alannized Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Among the famous young YouTube stars, Alannized is one of them. He also is among the young social personalities that post about content on makeup Tutorials and daily life videos. He has a YouTube channel with his name. He has gained over 800K+ subscribers till now and nearing 900K. He also is kind of a social media star as he is well known on Twitter and Instagram too. Let us talk about Alannized and his internet career in brief.

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Alannized’s Early Life

He was born in the year 1998, on the 25th of March. He is a resident of the United States and it also is his birthplace. With that, he belongs to the American Nationality. His ethnicity is still unknown on social media. If you are concerned about his star sign, it is Aries and if you have the same sign, that is good. Regarding his family life, he has a mother named Asiret Perez. There is no info about his father at all. He does have a sister and her name is Gretal. He also seems to be living with his mother for the current time. There is no extra information about his family. He also has kept his family life away from social media. Aside, Alannized’s mother appears on his on pranks and other types of content. That’s all about his family life. Further info will be made available on the website as soon as possible. 

Alannized’s Educational life

Not much is available about his educational life. With his accent, he must have gone to a good school. He also seems to be well brought up in discipline and manners. His age is now 23 years. He already has completed his primary and high school and may be enrolled in a college. There is also a very high chance of him leaving his education for focusing on his career. As he seems to be very much dedicated to his YouTube channel and social life. More information will be available on his study life at a later time. You will find it right here. 

Alannized’s Professional life

He is a professional content creator on YouTube. He has his channel with his name. He posts about all kinds of Makeup Tutorials and video blogs, daily stuff videos, and some food challenges. He also collaborates with other popular YouTube stars on a small basis. On his professional side, he seems to be an expert at good Makeup. He is also very skilled at what he does.  

Alannized’s social media handles

He is present on almost all social media platforms. He currently has over 780K+ followers on his Instagram handle, 120K+ followers on his Twitter handle, and over 800K+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. He also attained social media personality status very quickly. He is also present on TikTok with over 13.6M+ likes on his content. He also has a huge 750K+ fans to his TikTok account. Other than that, he is present on Snapchat and he has an extra private Instagram account. 

Alannized’s YouTube channel

He has his own YouTube channel that also portrays his name “Alannized”. It currently holds over 800K+ subscribers. He also has a very good reception of views. All of his videos combined has over 110M+ views till today. He is a very dedicated content creator and does his best to impress his fans. He makes a video every 3 days. He also has a monthly average view count of 1.2M+, which is considered a pretty good stat. He also earns his major income solely from his YouTube channel. The oldest video in his channel is “My Coming Out Story Am I Gay” which has over 340K+ views in 6 years. His most popular video on the channel is “Ultimate Buffalo wild Wings MukBang” which has 1.7M+ views in just 2 years. Planned does his best to make his fans happy with the best content available to himself.

Alannized’s personal life

He is found to be gay, but the star is completely happy about it. He has a boyfriend too. His name is not in the public yet but he assured me he will do it sometime later. He uploads a lot of posts on his love life on his Instagram handle. Along with his happiness, his posts also get appreciated by thousands of his followers. There is no way the two are breaking up at any time. Nor they are ever going to go into that path either. He hasn’t been into any other relationships at all. 

Alannized’s controversies

For the time being, he has nothing on him at all. He seems to be completely clean of himself around any bad controversies or false rumors. The YouTube star also does his best to make friendly surroundings around his area. He spends most of his time creating content for his fans. His YouTube channel has grown to a great extent due to his regular engagement with his fans. He also does his best to maintain his reputation only to the positive side. Thus, till now, Alannized hasn’t been into any kind of controversies at all.  

Alannized’s net worth

He has earned a good amount of money in his YouTube career. He currently has surpassed the 800,000 subscribers count on his channel. He also gained 700K+ followers on his Instagram handle. Aside, Alannized is pretty popular on social media platforms. He has good recognition among a lot of other popular TikTok stars too. He also seems to earn a good amount of side income from ads and promotions right from his Instagram account. All of this in his vault, Alannized’s net worth is expected to be 1M dollars at minimum or 5M dollars at max. His worth is expected to increase at the end of the year due to his increasing subscriber and follower count. Well, good for him. This is all about the popular YouTube personality Alannized that you wanted to know.

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