Alanna Masterson Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead Television program, you know Alanna Masterson better than anyone. She is the person who plays the character Tara Chambler on the show. From the time of the series airing, she has been a popular character on it. She also gained a lot of recognition worldwide aside from appreciation on the show. Alanna also gained good social media status and gained over 1M+ followers to her Instagram handle. Well, let us know a little bit more about Alanna Masterson and her cool TV life.  

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Alanna Masterson’s Early Life

Alanna Masterson was born in the year 1988, on the 27th of June. Her birthplace is none other than New York City, USA. If you have any interest in her Zodiac Sign, it is Cancer. And if you have the same sign, it’s just great. Her father’s name is Joe Reiche is a professional Australian former Rugby player. He is also a footballer and has played a long time with the Sydney Roosters, South Sydney Rabbitohs. Her mother’s name is Carol Masterson which also matches her title. That is a bit of confusion as she should be using her father’s. Likewise, she also has three brothers of her own. Her own brother’s name is Jordan Masterson. She has other two half-brothers by the name of Christopher and Danny Masterson. Surprisingly, their titles also match their mother’s. This is all about her family life and members. Anything else found will be immediately available on the website soon.  

Alanna Masterson’s Educational life

Not much is available in her education life. She completed her school quickly and moved further in her career. On a side, she developed a strong passion for acting like her brothers. Since she grew up with her brothers already in the entertainment industry for a long time. She currently stars in the popular AMC Television show “The Walking Dead”. She went to the New York Film Academy to learn about acting and Arts. She also completed her graduation quickly with good academics. Further information about her education will be available on the website at a later time. 

Alanna Masterson’s Professional Life

She is a very talented actress and has shown her skills on a lot of TV shows. Her first debut on the TV was via “The Young And Restless”. She played Colleen Carlton. She was just 6 years old at that time. She also did a lot of guest shows including “Malcolm In The Middle”, “Definitely Maybe”, “Greek”, Terminator. She even started in the popular series “Grey’s Anatomy” as a guest Role. It did turn on her fans for a very quick but precise role. 

Alanna Masterson’s and The Walking Dead Journey

She took up the stiff role of “Tara Chambler” in the American TV Series “The Walking Dead”. She joined in the 4th season and was cast in the next one. She worked in the show till the 5th season. The producers of the show presented her name in the credits of every season from then. This was done to mark her role’s dedication and her influence on the show, including her hard work too. Alanna worked in the surprisingly 4th season of “Mistresses”. It gained her quite a lot of attention. Since then, she has worked in a lot of shows and movies. 

Alanna Masterson’s Social media handles

She is very popular on her social media handles. Alanna was on the path to be a social media star. She is very well famous on Instagram with an insane 1.3M+ followers till now. She also gained over 320K+ followers on her Twitter handle. She spends most of her time on Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook, she also has over 50K+ fans. She is not so active on her social handles due to her intense professional pressure. Aside, she also spends a good time with her family.  

Alanna Masterson’s personal life

Alanna has been in a couple of different relationships. For a long time, she has been dating Brick Stowell. She also has an adorable daughter. Her name is Marlowe. And her father is none other than Brick himself. The two had a break-off a long time ago. Now, she is dating another guy named Paul Longo. She is in a relationship with him. He also has accepted Marlowe without any issues at all. Both of them share a lot of pictures. It seems like she has found her mate in quite a long time to spend her life with happiness. 

Alanna Masterson’s controversies

For the time now, she hasn’t been into any kind of controversies or any false rumors. She is a very dedicated actress and spends most of her time with her family. Alanna also keeps a very close relation to her profession. It has helped her to get to use her talent in the right place. With good fame and recognition, she didn’t fail to maintain her humbleness and simplicity. She does her best to maintain good relations with almost everyone. With her good fame, she is also well respected in the entertainment studio. Thus, there is no way she has been into potential controversies at all. 

Alanna Masterson’s net worth

Alanna had a very good entertainment industrial journey till now. With great recognition all over the world, she earned a good amount of wealth in time. She stared in the show, for 4th, 5th season mainly and some later seasons till now. With such small screen time of the show’s runtime, she had a very good impact on it. Masterson was also had involved with other big projects including Mistresses. That also gave her a wealthy boost. With all of that, Alanna Masterson’s net worth is $2 Million or more than just 2 M dollars till now. Her worth is said to increase over time with upcoming projects and new promotional works. She also does a lot of promotions, endorsements, and shoots, which gives her extra money. This is all about the popular Walking Dead Actress Alanna Masterson that you should know about. 

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