Alanah Pearce Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you play computer video games or technically, PC games, Alanah Pearce should be familiar with you. She is an Australian game writer for computer games. She has worked notably for IGN as a game host. She is widely famous for her shows including The IGN Show, Button Bash. She also has her own YouTube channel by her name and posts Game reviews too. She also spends a good amount of time on her streams to Twitch and YouTube. Let us know a bit more about Alanah Pearce and her awesome game life. 

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Alanah Pearce’s Early Life

She was born in the year 1993, on the sweet day of August 22nd. Quite less information is available on her family life, and probably her too. Her star sign and her ethnicity are not known for the time now. She has Australian nationality. Although she is an Australian Game writer, her exact region is not known. She grew up possibly in Australia and now lives in Los Angeles, California. Her mother’s name is Susan Pearce. She was featured on one of her videos, mainly the Until Dawn. And that’s all. Nothing more is known about her life There is no information about her father, siblings, and other family members. No info even from her social media handles too. With all of that, she is much closer to her family. She has kept her family information quite discreet and away from the social media limelight for unknown reasons. Further information about her family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

Alanah Pearce’s Educational life

She is a talented game developer or writer. She is now 28 years old and has already completed high school graduation and college too. She graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in the field of Mass Communication, Entertainment, and Journalism. She also has worked with a lot of Big Tech companies for a short time. She also knows video game development.  

Alanah Pearce’s professional life

She is multitalented and has worked mostly in the field of Games. She also has worked as a journalist, voice actress, on-camera host and now works as a YouTube Content creator. She also works on the channel Funhaus, as an on-camera host. She is famous for her time in IGN, where she reviewed games for them and with them. She was also live for a lot of times on the commercial radio and TV in Australia. She produced the Australian breakfast show program, “Sunrise” in 2012. Then she went to work for “The Co-Optional Podcast”. She left IGN about a time ago and joined Funhaus in 2018. Aside, she also worked as a Screenwriter professional on Gaming Weekly. She now is a host for the Inside Gaming brand. Alanah Pearce’s social media handles She is present on all social media platforms including Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram as her main handles. She has over 550K+ followers on Instagram, 550K+ subscribers on YouTube too. Aside, she also has massive 350K+ followers on Twitter and 60K+ followers on Facebook. With that, she is a social media star somehow. 

Alanah Pearce’s YouTube life

She has her YouTube channel by her name “Alanah Pearce”. It has gained over 550K+ subscribers till now, the same number as her Instagram followers recently. Well, she seems to be a completely dedicated streamer with over 650+ videos on her channel. The total view count of her content is over 55M+ views till now and her average daily view count is 70K. Her first video was 8 years ago, by the name “Minecraft Underwater House” which has over 54K+ views. The most popular video on her channel is “10/10 Game Reviews” which has over 1.5M+ views now in just 11 months. She also uploads 2-3 videos every week. 

Alanah Pearce’s personal life

She has a boyfriend named Blaine Gibson, who is a member of the Rooster Teeth Productions brand. Both met with each other when they were on a travel tour. They got to meet each other in a random talk. Well, it’s great that it happened and she got someone to spend time and the couple immediately started dating. The pictures of the couple can be found on their Instagram handles. There is no way they will ever get separated at all.  

Alanah Pearce’s controversies

For the time now, she hasn’t been into any sort of false rumors or controversies. She also keeps good track of her reputation and makes sure to keep her boundary tight. She is a prominent social media star. She makes YouTube content and does live streams in her free time. Other than that, she for once receives threats in her career. Those threats were directed to her from teenagers. She found out the truth about it and learned to control her feelings about it. She got slightly trended in social media for this trouble too. Thus, Alanah never got into any social media problems or any controversies at all in her lifetime. 

Alanah Pearce’s net worth

She is a multi-talented Game writer along with a YouTube personality too. She is well famous on her Instagram handle. In terms of wealth, she has earned good money in her career. And not just earned good money, she also has worked with one of the biggest game brands in the world. She also has her own YouTube channel, Twitch account and even her Instagram account can be put into this. She earns a good portion of her wealth from her YouTube channel too. She receives over 800-1300 dollars on every post sponsored by reputed brands and companies to promote their products. With all of that, Alanah Pearce’s net worth is $1M or might just be a little over 1 Million dollars till now. Her worth is said to increase over time due to better upcoming work projects and social works. She also gives away a visible amount of her earned money for charity. This is all about the popular game writer Alanah Pearce that you wanted to know about. 

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