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Aksually is one of the most popular ROBLOX content creators on YouTube. Due to his hilarious videos, he got a very quick recognition on the social media platform. It happened in a very short period. He is also a popular mimicry content creator with his other content including memes. His YouTube channel attained an insane high rise of subscribers due to his highly funny videos. Let us learn a lot more about Aksually and his impressive feats in his life.  

Aksually’s early life

He was born in the year 1999, on 1st March. A lot of YouTube users don’t know about him for a long time until he presented his mimicry videos on the platform.Aksually’s isn’t his real name. His real name is Aksel. His star sign is Pisces and if you have the same sign, that’s good for you. His nationality is European, which means he hails from Europe. Aside, there is nothing known about his ethnicity and religion at all. He most probably might be Christian. Aside, he has not shared any information about his parents at all. Neither is there any info of his siblings or any family member? Not even in his social media handles. He does have a pet and it’s a cat. Its name is Lola. Despite being a popular icon on social media, he has kept his family life away from the social light. Further information about his family life and parents will be available on the website at a later time.  

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Aksually’s educational life

As for his family life, there also is no form of information on his education and childhood. For now, he is over 22 years old. This means that he has already completed his primary school and high school education. There is also no information on his college life. Maybe he hasn’t joined the college at all and in fact, has dedicated his full time to making YouTube content for his fans. Further info about his education will be available on the site as soon as possible. 

Aksually’s professional life

As a professional content creator, he also had a life of ROBLOX Gaming and Fortnite. He has provided YouTube content for some time as a part of his profession. At first, he only made videos of games. But then he started shifting towards memes and mimicry which made almost viral into the YouTube community at least. His videos won a lot of audience appreciation. His channel by his name also started gaining a lot of subscribers in just a single year. He also made several videos of playing games, specifically the Webkinz game. He shared his view too. His videos started to make a great name for them and Aksel started to get readily better at it. He also made another channel by the name of “Aksually Aksel” and got to lure in more subscribers in less time. 

Aksually’s YouTube channel

The name of his channel is “Aksually” which has over 450K+ subscribers till now. It also got to be one of those channels that got a very fast appreciation for its content. With only 26 videos till now, the channel has gained over 28M+ content views in just 2 years. The first video of the channel created by him was “My country’s government made a video game” that has over 1.3M+ views till now. His channel’s most popular video is “The Webkinz Experience” and it has 2.7M+ views till now. 

Aksually’s social media handles

He is present on common social media platforms mostly on Instagram. He has over 150K+ followers on Instagram now. He posts mostly on it about his life and travels. He is also present on Twitter with a massive 90K+ followers till now. He also spends a good time on Twitter other than Facebook and Snapchat, where he may or may not have activity at all. He also was a social media star back in the days of his YouTube life.  

Aksually’s personal life

For the time being, he is not into any kind of relationship at all. About himself, he is bisexual which means he is both attracted to men and women. Till now there is info on his relationship status and he hasn’t even posted about it all. He is also a bit shy and single-minded most of the time. He was in a relationship a long time ago, with a girl on the Habbo platform. Other than that, his personal life isn’t much open to the social media platform at all.  

Aksually’s controversies

For now, he hasn’t been into any sort of controversies at all. Aside, he also never got involved in any false rumors either. He has maintained his reputation and image both clean and out of any negative impressions. He has been a better content creator for a long time, but the span was small. He maintained great popularity on the social media platform and never got into clashes with anyone. Aside, he is mostly an introvert and doesn’t like to socialize at all. He did manage to get insane recognition on social media. But that didn’t help him to come out of the hideout completely. Ignoring all of that, Aksel never has into controversies at all neither he has been pushed into such paths by anyone.  

Aksually’s net worth

He has been a very successful YouTube star for a long time. And this has helped him to gather a lot of wealth, by his sheer hard work. He has been on social media platforms for a long time. He also has gained insane popularity within a short period. On Instagram, he has over 150K+ followers and over 450K+ subscribers on his self-named YouTube channel. With all of that, Aksually’s net worth is 3M dollars or a little over 3,000,000 dollars. There is also good evidence that he has earned quite good money from promotions and other work projects. Thus, this is all about the popular YouTube star Aksually that you wanted to know about.  

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