Akeila Collins Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Collins is one of the most lesser-known content creators on YouTube. Apart from other creators, she is mostly a digital creator with animation characters as her tool. She is also one of the most popular animation content creators besides others nearing 1M subscribers. Among other Roblox stars on the social media platform, she is also highly popular.  Well, let us try to know a bit more about Collins and her great life. 

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Collins’s Early Life

She was born in the year 2000, on 27th August. If you want to know about her star sign, it is Virgo. And if you have the same then it is great. She comes from the United States of America. When it comes to her parents, there is not so much information available on this portion. She also hasn’t shared that much about her parents on her social media handles at all. There are a couple of photos of her father on her Instagram handle which she has uploaded some time ago. She is not so keen on sharing her family life on social media at all. As a result, she is much more discreet about her family and wants it to be that way.  She also holds American nationality. She has her ethnicity of mixed race, probably African-American. As per religion, she is a follower of Christianity. Further information about her family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

Collins’s Educational life

As for her family life, not so much is available on her education and childhood too. Although she is now over 21 years of age, this means her school days are over. She already has completed her primary school and already graduated from her high school in the year 2019. For now, she is an undergraduate student and may or may not have enrolled in a college. She may have switched careers to keeping up her passion alive including online games and creating content on YouTube. More information about her educational life will be available on the website at a later time.  

Collins’s professional life

As per her profession, she is an online gamer. She has been a serious and dedicated player at ROBLOX Games for a long time. She has created her YouTube channel over 2 years ago, in 2016. From them, she has been posting ROBLOX content. Her videos make a great impact on people with gaming as a life. But she also shows how it can be used in a lot of ways to make it far better with a bit of love.She Collins has gained massive recognition among millions of people due to her content on her channel “Its Akeila”. She posts daily life videos with ROBLOX grade characters with her voice in them.  

Collins’s YouTube life

For now, she has earned over 900K+ subscribers on her channel “Its Akeila”. The channel has over 130M+ views in its lifetime. She has an amazing daily view gain of 210K+. This means, her content is viewed by over 210K+ people in a single day. She also has uploaded over 224 videos till now.Her most popular video is the “Family’s Daily Routine” which has got over 44M+ views till now in just 1 single year. Her first video was “My Instagram followers control my life for a day” which has over 600K+ views till now.

Collins’s social media handles

She is highly famous on YouTube and has over 900K+ subscribers on her channel now. The name of the channel is “Its Akeila”. She also has another channel by her name” Akeila Collins” and it currently has over 7000+ subscribers. Other than that, she is not so active on other social media platforms at all. She has her Instagram handle with only 20K+ followers till now. The account now only has over 17 posts.

Collins’s personal life

Collins is a famous online gamer. She has been into the sights of a lot of gamer guys. But sadly, she is single. She is not in a relationship at all for the time now. Collins has a sweet smile on her face all the time. She never misses to impress her fans with her sweet voice and make an impression with her videos. Well, she is also not into anyone. She also hasn’t made an impression of the kind of guys she likes on her social media interaction either. At most, she has also kept her relationship life discreet and away from social media completely. 

Collins’s controversies

For the time now, she has never been into any kind of controversies at all. Neither has she indulged herself in any kind of false rumors against other popular stars at all. Collins is a very dedicated gamer on the YouTube Platform. She had her passion for online gaming when she was young. Besides, she spends almost all of her time making the best content for her fans. Aside, she keeps her boundaries legit and never thrashes against others at all. She knows the value of her reputation and does her best to keep it good.  And with that, she has never been into any controversy at all.  

Collins’s net worth

She has been into gaming for a long amount of time. And with that, she has earned a great amount of social status and online popularity. Her YouTube channel has grown to a big community now. She is also focusing a lot of time on her animation works and it seems to be working just incredible. With her channel receiving the near out of 1M subscribers she will be another YouTube content creator on the animation side. Well, with all of that, Collins’s net worth is 300K or as estimated, a little over 300,000 dollars. She is also quite rich by her side, provided she does get promotional offers and extra ad benefits too. Well, this is all about the popular online player and content creator Collins that you wanted to know. 

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