AJ Calloway Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

AJ Calloway is one of the most popular and recognized reporters in the US. He is not just any reporter, but an entertainment reporter leading his way into the field. He has been doing his job for a long time and was the host of the great show “106 & Park”. For that, he received a whole grade of acclaim and social media attention in recent times. Let us learn a lot more about the popular AJ Calloway and his entertainment life. 

AJ Calloway’s Early Life

He was born in the year 1974, on August 29th. His birthplace is in New Jersey, USA.Well, if you want to know about his star sign, it is none other than Virgo. AJ holds clean American nationality as well as citizenship. He also is a keen follower of religion and has chosen Christianity. Much about his family life is not available at the moment at all. There is no official information about his parents or any of his siblings at all. For the time, he also hasn’t shared anything either on social media. AJ keeps most of his family life discreet for some unknown reasons. Further information about his family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

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AJ Calloway’s Educational life

He has spent much of his education and childhood both in New Jersey. He went to the Saint Benedict Preparatory school in the city. He was good friends with the recognized basketball coach PJ Carlesimo in his school life. He completed his education by graduating from Howard University, which is located in Washington, DC. Further info about his study life and childhood will be available at a later time on the website itself. 

AJ Calloway’s Professional life

He was a full-time and prime host of the show “106 & Park”. It became one of the top 10 shows to air on TV. It also gained great popularity on BET. It also broke viewers’ count and earnings records for quite a time. The show was recommended for its unique direction style and simplistic approach. He has interviewed a lot of important personalities on the TV at Big Apple. He has risen to great fame and recognition with his Travelling all around the world and interviewing important people live. He has worked in the “Extra” for over 14 years, before being finally removed from the show for specific reasons. From that time, he hasn’t returned to the show at all nor was he called back. AJ Calloway loves serving the community for its benefit. And with that, he serves in the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. There, he has got the position in the Advisory Board. AJ also has his foundation named “Building The Bridge” where he offers scholarships and financial help to students. 

AJ Calloway’s social media life

AJ Calloway is typically a TV star and an entertainment reporter. He has been in the profession for a long time, over 20 years. With all of that, he might have been into social media real quick. But he didn’t. He is present on the Instagram handle with over 167K+ followers. He stays active on his handle for quite a time. His account also posts a lot of posts, over 5000+ of them. AJ is also present on the Twitter platform with over 40K+ followers. Calloway is not present on other social media platforms as he likes to keep out of the social media limelight. 

AJ Calloway’s personal life

He is married to his lover Dionne Walker in March 2013. Until now, he is married to her and there is no chance of divorce. He had 3 kids with Dionne and they are living a happy life. He was divorced from Lao Sealey after being married for 2 years straight. The couple broke up in 2007 and never met again. AJ is also said to normal and he is attracted to women only. He has neither been into any sort of other relationships during his married life. His Instagram handles also features a lot of photos of him enjoying his married life just fine.

AJ Calloway’s controversies

For quite a bit of time, AJ Calloway was never into any kind of controversies at all. Nor was he ever into false rumors that related other social stars in it. 2 years ago, he was suspended from the show “Extra” due to allegations of sexual misconduct by his co-workers. The victims were females and were mentioned to be directly assaulted by the entertainment reporter. It was said to happen on the work premises itself. AJ Calloway completely denied all of the allegations. He mentioned having never misbehaved with any of his co-workers. His lawyer mentioned him being a very nice guy. There was also information of absolutely no evidence available to prove AJ Calloway’s misbehavior at all. The victims mentioned different circumstances in which they were assaulted. But all of the information wasn’t enough to judge him right. Aside from all of that, AJ Calloway was never into any kind of misconduct to anyone. He is also said to have maintained his boundaries against everyone and never approached anybody.  

AJ Calloway’s net worth

AJ has earned a lot of money in his profession. He worked as a TV host for a long time of over 5 years. He has got hold of his position quite well and never left himself away from it. Due to his dedication, he was one of the most popular entertainment reporters and personalities. He was the prime host of the show “106 & Park”. He also worked in the Extra after being finally pushed out due to some legal reasons. Leaving all the prior reasons, he has earned a good deal of wealth. And saying it, AJ Calloway’s net worth is 4M dollars or a little over 4M dollars. He is also wide open to all kinds of projects and shows concepts that come towards him. This is all about the popular entertainment reporter AJ Calloway that you wanted to know about. 

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