Aimee Song Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you have ever visited the website “Song of Style”, you might be able to recognize Aimee Song. The blog is completely owned by her. She is a renowned fashion blogger as well as a YouTube Star. Aimee is insanely popular due to her blog and she has silently gained a lot of followers. Her Instagram handle currently holds over 5.7M followers and it’s increasing. She also has her own YouTube channel where she provides daily life videos and tutorials. Let us know a little bit more about the famous blogger Aimee Song. 

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Aimee Song’s Early Life

She was born in the year 1986, on December 10th. Her birthplace was in Los Angeles, USA. If you want to know her star sign, it’s Sagittarius, and if you have the same sign, that’s great. She belongs to the nationality of America but her ethnicity is still unknown. Not much is available about her parents at all. However, little is known that she has a little sister. Her name is Dani Song. She also is a blogger by profession. There is no sort of info available on her parents even on her social media handles. Further information about her family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

Aimee Song’s Educational Life

She has quite a good track of education in her life. She is a graduate of the University Academy of Art and she completed her education in the year 2012. She also did an internship at Huang Ibosi Architecture. She then started her fashion blog “Song of Style” while she was still studying interior design. Surprisingly, she has over 4M+ views on her website every month and it gave her a nice boost of finance. She got a good grade of income from her website during the time of her studies. With such success, she even got to work with brands like Lacoste and Bloomingdale. There she worked on some cool-looking bracelets and she got to show off her talent. Further information about her educational life will be available on the website later. 

Aimee Song’s professional life

By profession, she is a fashion blogger and an interior designer. Her blog is highly successful and is a place for new designs. Apart, she is a content creator on YouTube with her channel. She is also a fashion influencer with a lot of fans following her on Instagram. 

Aimee Song’s social media life

She is a highly popular social media star and a fashion blogger. Her website by the name “Song Of Style” gets over 4M+ views a month. She is well popular on Instagram with over 5.7M+ fans following. Aside, her Facebook handle has over 850K+ followers and currently, she has 70K+ followers on Twitter. 

Aimee Song’s YouTube life

She has her own YouTube channel by her website name “Song Of Style”. It has become well popular over the years. The channel currently holds over 363K+ subscribers and has 30M+ content views. The most popular video on her channel is “How to take good Instagram photos” which has over 1.1M+ views till now. Her very first video was “My Fall Winter Fashion Must-Haves by Song of Style” which has got over 100K+ views till now. She has been on her YouTube channel for over 11 years.  

Aimee Song’s Instagram life

Aimee has an insane life on her Instagram handle. With over 5.7M followers on to her, she is not more than any Instagram influencer nor a celebrity. She is also a heavy Instagram user with over 10K+ posts uploaded till now. An average of 50K followers watch her every post, which makes her quite popular on the platform too. 

Aimee Song’s personal life

She has a very sweet life relationship with her boyfriend. His name is Jacopo Moschin. Like her, he is also a travel worker and professional photographer. She met Moschin over 6 years ago on a foreign trip from both of their work stuff. The two easily got acquainted with each other and fell in love soon. Both Aimee and Jacopo travel a lot to work. For most of the time, they travel altogether with one of them on their current job. She hasn’t been into breakups at all and neither will happen with Jacopo at all. Since the two are very suited to each other. 

Aimee Song’s controversies

For now, she hasn’t been into any kind of controversies at all. Nor she has indulged herself in public hassles with other famous personalities. She has kept her distance and discreetness solely to her profession for some unknown reasons. Over time, she has grown exceptionally capable of her skills as a fashion blogger. But Aimee Song never got into disputes with other professionals in her field. She was widely praised due to her great dedication to work. She was also honored as a better designer due to her continuous efforts in the field. In her free time, she spends her time creating content on YouTube and sharing her life moments on Instagram. Thus, she never had gone into any sort of controversies at all that would have brought down her reputation. 

Aimee Song’s net worth

Aimee Song has a lot of business that she has been making over with time. Her website “Song of Style” has gone into good business. It makes great money every month. She even has her own successful YouTube channel with over 360K+ subscribers. Her Instagram handle is highly popular with over 5.7M million fans who follow her. She even receives a good amount of money from her Instagram handle via advertisements. With all of that taken into account, Aimee Song’s net worth is 4M dollars till now. Or it might be a little over 4M dollars. Her worth is said to increase by a couple of 100K in the next year due to her increasing business revenue. This is all about the popular fashion blogger Aimee Song that you wanted to know. 

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