Aidette Cancino Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you know a lot of social media influencers, you will surely know Aidette Cancino. She is one of the most beautiful social media influencers who are also popular on Instagram as well as on YouTube. Her profession resides as a YouTube content creator, where she provides tips and tricks for being attractive. Aside, she is also a video blogger and posts some of her content on TikTok too. She also has over 2.5M fans on the short video sharing platform. Well, let us learn a lot more about Cancino and her beautiful life. 

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Cancino’s Early Life

She was born in the year 1998, on July 19th. Her birthplace is in Los Angeles, USA. If you want to know about her star sign, it is Cancer. Well, if you belong to the same sign, that’s great and you might just have similar things like her too. Not so much is available for now about her family life. She has her parents and two younger siblings. Her brother’s name is Anthony Cancino. She also has a younger sister by the name of Jizelle Cancino. She currently lives in California itself. Further information about her family life will be available on the website at a later time. 

Cancino’s Educational life

Just like her family life, not much is also available in her study life. She is over 22 years old now and may have already completed high school. She may or may not have enrolled herself in any city college. With her profession as an influencer, she might have given up on her studies. Since Audette Cancino might want to focus on her career. She might also become a model. As that is what her Instagram handle suggests with her posts. Other kinds of information about her educational life will be possibly available on the site as soon as possible.

Cancino’s professional life

By profession, she is a social media influencer, which is her primary profession. She is also a video blogger by work, with her own YouTube channels. She uploads a lot of content, among beauty tutorials, hair tutorials, makeups, daily life videos, try-on, and other kinds of content. As a content creator, she has a good fan base. Her videos are shot on one side and she keeps her content quality to the top. Audette Cancino has great experience with videos too and she does it very well. She also has her own TikTok account, where she uploads short versions of her content. She quickly gained a lot of followers in time, while gaining huge recognition in the platform too.

Cancino’s social media handles

She is present on almost all of the social media handles, including TikTok and Instagram. She has her own YouTube channel by her name with over 500K+ subscribers. Her Instagram handle has over 600K+ followers and she posts very frequently. She is also present on the short video-sharing platform TikTok. Her account has over 2.5M+ followers and over 50M+ likes. She also has her secondary channel by the name of “Keepingupwithaidette” which has over 190K+ subscribers. Aside, she is present on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and her business account too for further contacts. 

Cancino’s YouTube Life

Cancino has her own YouTube channel. The name at first was “AidetteLovesBeautyXo” and then later was changed to “Audette Cancino” which is her name. The channel has over 500K+ subscribers now. It hosts over 640+ videos and has over 43M+ views on its content. The monthly view count is over 250K+, which is an insane stat for the channel. Her first video was a clip from her mobile by the name “My Beauty Channel Intro” that has got over 30K+ views till now. Her most popular video is titled “Getting My Bellybutton Pierced”. It has gained over 2.8M+ views over 6 years. She posts frequently on her channel, at least once a week. 

Cancino’s personal life

For now, she is single. Cancino is not dating anyone in the time now. The reason she is single is still not known on the social platform. She has kept it quite discreet and did not seem to share it with anyone. She for some reason is focusing just on her career now. She wants to make a better name for herself. She also wants to be a better influencer for her fans too. Aside, she is quite beautiful and may be able to find a good guy for herself later.  

Cancino’s controversies

Until now, she had never indulged herself in any kind of controversies at all. She has spent her time in good ways. She has done her best and utilized her utmost time to be good at what she does. And that is bringing up new content for her fans on her social media handles. Aside, Cancino has never got into any kind of hassles with other fellow social media influencers at all. She has kept her reputation in check and did her best to keep herself clean out of any rumor. 

Cancino’s net worth

Her main source of income is from her YouTube channel. The channel has over 500K+ subscribers till now and over 40M+ content views. This shows that her channel has got very good stats. It is also possible for her to earn more in the future and she easily will. Apart from that, she also earns a decent amount of money from her Instagram handle and her TikTok account. She has over 2.5M fans on TikTok and over 52M likes on her short videos. From her posts, it can be concluded that she might also have been doing modeling in her spare time. With all of that totaled out, Cancino’s net worth is 10M dollars or at least more than 5M dollars to date. It is also expected that her worth will increase in the coming years by over 1M with ease. This is all about the popular social media influencer Aidette Cancino that you should know about.  

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