Agnes Hailstone Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

On June 14th, 1972, Agnes Hailstone took birth in the city of Noorvik, in the state of Alaska in the United States of America. Gemini seems to be her zodiac sign and by nationality she is American. Being a native Inupiaq, became quite famous after she got the role in the television reality series named “Life Above Zero”.

Childhood And Knowing How To Hunt

The day when the formidable hurricane hit the United States, Agnes took birth on that same day and thus getting the name. She belonged to a hunter or should we say the poacher family and most of their time they had to fight incoherently with the extremely hot and chilly weather of Northern Alaska. Influenced by her family Agnes also, from a very young age, mastered the art of hunting, which is an extremely needful thing to know to fight the beastly wilderness of Alaska. 

Educational Background 

Agnes did her graduation from a hometown school whose name is not exactly known. She never enrolled herself in any college for higher studies and it was later revealed that she did a diploma in something.

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Weapons She Uses for Hunting

Agnes got into hunting and to survive in Alaska it’s a great thing to learn and acquire. She has a licensed NagantMosin 3-line M1819 rifle made in Russia which is a super steady military five-shot rifle made during the years 1882 and 1891. While they were quite popular at their time, almost 37 million of those guns were produced by the Russian Czar government at that time. She also carries a knife for all-purpose named Ulu. 

Life Below Zero” show and Agnes’ role in it

All her skills gained recognition on May 19th, 2013, when she was allowed to cast herself in the reality television show named “To live Below Zero” broadcasted on National Geographic Channel. It shows the life and survival of people living in Alaska and coping up with the fierce weather. It focuses on how they survive in these below zero degree conditions by hunting and using up the minimum resources they have got to use. This show became an absolute hit and became critically proclaimed, winning numerous prestigious awards. The series is already 12 shows and 148 episodes old. 

Agnes’ Hobbies in brief

Agnes loves her cold weather she has been a part of since her very childhood and provides her daily bread. She likes weapons with which she can carry out her hunting ventures and endeavors. Agnes loves to read books especially during her spare time which includes historical novels mainly.

Although she had to kill animals for her survival, she is a lover of them and apologizes before killing them. 

Appearance And Net Worth

Agnes is now 48 years old, with hair black in color and her eyes are blue. Her height and weight respectively are 161cm and 55kgs. 

According to credible sources, her accumulated wealth is near about 400,000 US dollars. 

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