Affaf Busch Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Affaf Busch is one of the most popular social influencers out there. She is highly active on the social media platform Instagram and has garnered a large number of followers. She is also present on TikTok and has gained over 4.4M fans till now. Affaf also has her own YouTube channel with over 1.9M+ subscribers base, which she and her boyfriend works on. Let us get to know more about Affaf Buslach and her social media life.

Affaf Buslach’s Early life

She was born in the year 1998, on October 8th. Up till now, she is over 22 years old. She took her birth in California, US. With that, she belongs to the American nationality but she belongs to the native of Los Angeles. If it makes you feel any better, her star sign is Gemini and if you have the same sign, then it’s great for you. Her full name is not Affaf Buslach, but Affaf Buslachis. For the time, she may or may not be living with her parents. Although, not much information is available about her parents either. Also, she never has featured her parents in her social limelight, not even for once. This may be for the reason that she wants to keep her family life a bit private. Further information about her family life will be available on the website as soon as possible.

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Affaf Buslach’s Educational life

She has completed her primary education at a city school. She has completed her graduation in it too. For now, she is studying at a university but there is no mention of the name of the place. She also never has mentioned her college or her university name. More info about her education will be available on the website at a later time. 

Affaf Buslach’s professional life

Affaf’s life started well as an Instagram user where she gained a lot of fan following. She has been using Instagram for over 6 years and has over 677K+ fans till now. As a professional, she is a social media influencer on different social platforms. Her lifestyle is depicted from her Instagram account and her YouTube channel too. Apart from that, she posts content and videos on daily life, pranks, challenges, and other things on her YouTube channel “Cringe Fam”. She posts over 3-4 videos in a single week and maintains a brilliant consistency for her fans. Her natural views go over 50K-100K+ in a single week which is very good stats for a social channel like this. Aside, she also aids her boyfriend Jack in most of her videos.  

Affaf Buslach’s social media life

Being a social media influencer, she deserves a lot of social attention and she has already got plenty. She has over 680K+ followers on her Instagram handle. Her channel on YouTube “Cringe Fam” has over 2M+ subscribers. She also has over 4.5M+ followers to her TikTok account now and over 40M+ likes. She even has her own Amazon merch where she sells her designs. 

Affaf Buslach’s YouTube life

Affaf has her YouTube channel by the name of “Cringe Fam” which is a very popular channel on YouTube. It has over 2M+ subscribers base for the time now. The channel has over 400M+ content views now with an average view count of 77M+ views per month. She creates and uploads content of daily life topics like pranks, challenges, comedy skits, and other kinds of content. Her first video was “HICKI PRANK ON MY CRUSH” which got over 200K views over 2 years. Their most popular video was a short video of “his reaction was so Funny” that has over 60M+ views. Another popular video is her “He got so Scared” which has over 42M+ views. Affaf Buslach gets the majority of her income from this channel.  

Affaf Buslach’s personal life

Affaf has dated the social media star Diego Vargas at an earlier time. But now she is completely in a relationship with another social media influencer by the name of Jack Payne. Both of them have been in this relationship for a long time and there is no chance they are getting apart. Both Affaf and Jack share their moments on both of their Instagram handles. They go on a lot of trips. And also make YouTube content together which is very sweet of them.  

Affaf Buslach’s controversies

For now, Affaf has not been into any kind of controversies neither in any possible false rumors at all. She has kept her reputation and image, both clean enough for her fans to be proud of her. Most of the time, she spends her time focusing on her career and making new content on her channel. She also spends quite a good amount of time with her boyfriend and her Instagram handle proves it. So there is no time for her to be in any kind of hassle with other influencers. She has maintained her social life and reputation at an optimal level. With that, she has never indulged herself in any controversies at all. 

Affaf Buslach’s net worth 

Affaf is said to be very rich. She has a very luxurious lifestyle and she makes no exception to stay away from it. Well, Affaf has earned a good amount of money from her businesses that too as an influencer and also a content creator. She works on YouTube too, on Instagram, and a lot of other social places. She is well famous on the social short video sharing platform TikTok with over 4M+ followers to her handle. With all of that, Affaf Buslach’s net worth is 1M dollars to 5M dollars at max. She also posts frequently on her Instagram handle which proves her wealth to a great extent. Her worth is said to increase at a good rate due to her increasing fame and better business opportunities. This is all about the popular social media and digital influencer Affaf Buslach that you should know about. 

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