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AeroViro is one of the lesser-known Anime artists who hail from Germany. Although she is an acclaimed social media star, her real name is not what you think. Anyway, she works as a graphic designer for Cartoons and also has her own YouTube channel. She posts a variety of content on her channel including Gameplays aside and a lot of other kinds of content. Well, let us get to know a lot more about AeroViro and her cool career. 

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AeroViro’s early life

She was born in the year 1997, on the 31st of July. If you want to know, her star sign is Leo and if you have the same sign, that’s incredible. She currently lives in Germany. Her real name is not AeroViro or it is not what you think. AeroViro’s real name is Veronique. On social media, she is also known by the name of Pika. She is mostly famous by her other social name “Shen”. This name also accounts on her YouTube channel and her other social media handles too. Her mother’s name is Shenmom and her last name isn’t yet revealed. Her mother also appeared a couple of times on her YouTube channel for content. This is all that is available now about AeroViro and her family life. Further information will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

AeroViro’s Educational life

As for her family life, not much is available on her educational background too. She works as an anime artist but it doesn’t prove anything about her studies or knowledge. However, she is a talented artist and picked her hobby for a long time. For now, AeroViro is over 23 years old. With that info, she may already have completed her primary education. Also, there is no evidence for that, but AeroViro also may have joined college and completed it. Further information about her educational life will be available on the website as soon as possible.

AeroViro’s professional life

She works as a Graphic designer for anime cartoons. Well, AeroViro is a well pro at it. She got her great attention with her drawings that got wide base recognition for their uniqueness. As with profession, she also runs two of her YouTube channels, “Senpai” and “Senpai Streams”. AeroViro uses most of the common Graphic tools, mostly Photoshop, Vegas Pro 13, and a Huion GT for drawing. She uses OBS Studio for all of her streaming pieces of stuff.  

AeroViro’s Social media life

She is present on most of the social media platforms. She is most popular on YouTube and Twitter. AeroViro has over 100K+ followers on her Twitter handle and over 700K+ subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is not so active on Instagram, with only 6K+ fans on her handle. Her second channel also has earned over 100K+ subscribers till now. As a streamer, she is also present on Twitch with over 198K+ followers. She is also present on Tumblr. 

AeroViro’s YouTube life

She is widely famous on the social media platform by her name of AeroViro and her YouTube channel “Senpai”. It currently has over 700K+ subscribers base. The current total content views of the channel are over 90M+. She has uploaded over 300+ videos on her channel. She also has her second YouTube channel by the name of “Senpai Streams” and currently has 100K+ subscribers. AeroViro’s channel gets an average of 3M+ views averages on every month. She uploads content of trending games and streams them on her channel too. The channel’s first video was “Commission Speedpaint” which got over 9.8K+ views in 8 years. Well, the most popular video on her channel got over 1.6M by the title of “I Torture My Friends in Minecraft” in just 2 years. 

AeroViro’s personal life

She mentioned herself in the bio as a Bisexual. That means she is both attracted towards men and women. However, that isn’t anything disastrous since AeroViro has mentioned herself to be very cool with it. For the time now, she is not in any kind of relationship at all. Not in her Instagram or Twitter handle, she hasn’t yet mentioned anyone that she might date in the future as well. With other things in the concern, AeroViro keeps her personal life away from the social media focus completely. As for her family life, not that much is known about her personal or relationship life too. For the time now, she is single. 

AeroViro’s controversies

For now, AeroViro hasn’t been into any kind of controversies or any kind of false rumors either. As a prominent social media star, she has maintained her reputation as well as a prime status to the top. AeroViro never got into hassles or trash talks with any other fellow YouTube star or nor any of Twitter users in her social media career. She also spends a lot of time on her passion and creating quality content on her YouTube channel. AeroViro is also a social media personality in her competition. She does not look upon others and keeps her limits. With all of that, AeroViro keeps herself busy with her pastime. Thus, she never got herself indulged in any kind of controversies at all. 

AeroViro’s net worth

She is a well-known talented anime artist. With that, AeroViro should earn very well from her profession. She also works on her YouTube channel and uploads a lot of video and game content for now. Her channel has over 700K+ subscribers till now and that is a very big number. With all of that, she might just be earning over 20-30K per year. And with estimation, AeroViro’s net worth is 100-200K+ dollars up till now. Well, she has not exactly mentioned her total earnings yet. Aside, AeroViro has kept her financial status and annual earnings out of the limelight. This is all about the popular anime artist and YouTube content creator AeroViro that you should about. 

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