Adriano Zumbo Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Love food? You may probably have heard about the popular chef Adriano Zumbo and his cooking skills on social media. He is a known chef and a patissier, who specializes in all kinds of recipes regarding bakeries, cakes, and tarts. Adriano is mostly known for his works in the Masterchef Australia’s fairytale house. His other notable works include Croquembouche tower and V8 cake. Adriano is also known by his self-made name of “Sweet Assassin” and also by the crown of “Dark Lord of Pastry”. Well, let us learn a lot more about Adriano Zumbo and his work of pastries.  

Adriano Zumbo’s Early Life

Adriano was born on November 6th, in the year 1981. He belongs to the nationality of Australia and but his ethnicity belongs to Italy. If you want to know, he belongs to the star sign of Scorpio and if you have the same sign, that’s incredible. He also has a huge taste of Italian pastries in his domain of chef skills. His parents are Frank Zumbo as his father and Nancy Zumbo as his mother. He has a sister by the name of Rosalba Zumbo. Their profession hailed with a prominent IGA supermarket which they used to run on their own. Although he lived with his parents for some time, Adriano spent his childhood with his only sister. He stayed in the Coonamble region, in New South Wales. Further information about his family life will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

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Adriano Zumbo’s Educational Life

Not much is probably available on his education, but Adriano finished his education pretty quickly. He got into his chef skills very quickly. Adriano was fond of cooking from his childhood. He hails from Italy right from a young age and thus, is a very keen appreciation of traditional world-renowned coffee. During his time in Sydney, this was when he developed his taste of culinary far better than any other area of cooking. He learned his chef skills and started his pastry point. Adriano also worked with notable chefs including Ramon Morato and Herme. 

Adriano Zumbo’s Professional Life

Apart from being a class chef when it comes to cakes, pastries and his role as a major patissier, Adriano had other notable works and appearances too. He initially started by making usual bakeries, like tarts, brownies in cafes. Adriano opened his first patisserie or his first business in 2007 and got his first profit on his skills. With that in time, Adriano became the owner of a lot of patisseries in Italy. He also boosted his selling business of macrons by 4 times when he was in the Masterchef. Adriano got his show by the name of Zumbo. It showed the prominent chef routine of Adriano Zumbo and how he managed his work in the Balmain. The series was broadcasted on SBS. He also gained a lot of recognition by coming to almost all of the seasons of the popular Kitchen show, The Masterchef. Adriano presented his top-rated challenges for the contestants and showed off his pastry skills too. Adriano is insanely famous for his culinary achievements, the Croquembouche tower, V8 cake, and his own fairytale house too. 

Adriano Zumbo’s Patisserie Life

Adriano’s famous V8 cake is a classic dessert and is a known delicacy on the lips of every food lover. It is made of 8 flavors of vanilla. The desert was also presented as a challenge in the 2010 Masterchef season. He created it to honor the 85th birthday of Margaret Fulton. He also co-hosted a lot of other shows, like Zumbo’s Just Desserts with another popular star Rachel Khoo, Falanga. He also had a Netflix Series by the name of Sugar Rush with Nelson as a judge. Adriano also published a lot of his culinary books for the world to learn about the secret of bakeries. 

Adriano Zumbo’s Social media handles

Adriano is mostly active on his Instagram handle and likely on his Twitter account. He has over 310K followers to his Instagram account and has uploaded over 1300 posts till now. He is also available on Twitter with over 50K+ followers now. Among other top chefs, Adriano is also followed by food lovers all around the world. Aside, he spends most of his time only on Instagram. He is not present on other social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. He also has a YouTube channel by the name of Zumbo Baking, where he shows some of the most delicious bakery recipes. 

Adriano Zumbo’s personal life

For the time, he is in a sweet relationship with the somewhat popular Nelly Riggio, who was a participant in the My Kitchen Rules. Adriano met her in the year 2016 and then started dating onwards. The couple announced and made their relationship public in 2017. From then, the two stayed together and are having an amazing life.  

Adriano Zumbo’s controversies

For the time, Zumbo has managed to render his image clean without falling into any kind of controversies at all. For once, he got accused of not paying his working staff enough salary on one of his patisseries. The problem soon got rolled out into the limelight. Later it was found out that it only had been a number error that did not count the payrolls right. Aside, Adriano has maintained his reputation and his position as a top cake chef pretty well till now. 

Adriano Zumbo’s net worth

Adriano has his own set of patisseries in a lot of locations, including his home town Sydney and Melbourne. With all of that in his hand, he earns good money per year. Aside, he also got featured in a lot of TV shows including the world-renowned Masterchef seasons, every one of them. With all of that, Adriano Zumbo’s net worth is 10 Million dollars now. He has earned a great fortune to himself, just by being a chef. Aside, Adriano also receives a 60K+ dollars salary, every year. This is all about the popular culinary and pastry chef Adriano Zumbo that you should know about. 

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