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If you are family with Entrepreneur content creators, you should very well know Adrian Gee. He is one of the most prominent and talented content creators present on the YouTube social platform. Gee is a multitalented professional. Along with Entrepreneur works, Content creating, he also provides advice on Dating. He also works as an actor and is a professional actor. On his YouTube channel, Gee does a lot of social pranks, experiments on audiences, and even street interviews that got him much popular. Well, let us know a bit more about Adrian Gee and his cool social life. 

Adrian Gee’s Early life

Adrian was born in the 1990s, or exactly on August 3rd, 1993 in Australia. His nationality is Australian too. He spent his entire childhood there and also completed his primary education in the same place. His full name is not exactly Adrian Gee but “Adrian Gruszka”. Gee is just his common and popular social media name for which he is known. Not much is known about his family life for the time now. His parents are of Polish origin and for that, his ethnicity also became the same. Gee also used to speak Polish in his own homes along with his parents. Due to that, his English sounds mixed up with other languages. Adrian Gee has both a younger sister and an elder sister. Further information about Adrian Gee’s Family life will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

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Adrian Gee’s Educational life

As for his family life, there is not much available from his educational background. He is said to have completed his primary education at a city school. Gee also studied at the New York Film Academy, situated in Los Angeles. There, he gained enough skills for acting and making films. Only this much information is available till now from his educational life. Others will be made available later on the site itself. 

Adrian Gee’s professional life

For now, Gee is a professional content creator, actor, renowned Dating Advisor, or “Guru” and also an Entrepreneur. He is also a recognized model who got his form of recognition from doing social experiments, trolling, street interviews, and other forms of content. He made himself a pro Dating advisor or a Dating Guru. During his school time, he was very shy to talk to anyone. Gee also posts a lot about Relationships, teaching guys on “How to Talk to Girls right”. He even created his own companies namely “Teeth Whitening Solutions”, “T8 Coaching”.  

Adrian Gee’s social life

He is mostly a social media star and is actively present on social platforms. He has his own YouTube channel by his name, with 1.8M+ subscribers. His Facebook Page has got him over 370K+followers within a long time. His Twitter handle has over 21K+ followers. His Instagram account also has over 105K+ followers. 

Adrian Gee’s YouTube life

Adrian Gee has his own YouTube channel with his same name “Adrian Gee”. Until now, it has gained over 1.8M+ subscribers base. Gee also has gained a lot of fan following too by his channel. He posts usually prank videos, social experiments, street interviews, public trolling, and also other kinds of videos. His channel has over 400M+ content views till now. His first video named “Welcome” has 11K+ views over 7 years, which was not popular at all. His channel’s most popular video is the video with the Blind Man Honesty Test. Over the years, it has gained over 51M+ views to date. He also has a second channel by the name of “AdrianVlogs” that has gained 48K+subscribers till now. 

Adrian Gee’s personal life

For the time now, Adrian Gee is single and is not in any kind of relationship at all. He spent some good time with Maggie Claydon for a couple of years. She featured Gee on an Instagram post in the year 2016. This proved that they were in a sweet and adorable relationship together for the time. Sadly, their relationship ended in 2018, as Gee was the one to post their last photo together. From that time, he has stayed single and focused on his YouTube content mostly.  

Adrian Gee’s controversies

Adrian for once got called off to the media related to one of his video shoots in the public. Among his experiments, he did one by posing as a blind man. Gee did it really to find out who helps him out first. But the reality turned out to be much different. He was found to shoot the video scripted staged with nothing to be real. Adrian first did a Drop Phone experiment that came out well. But his greed towards this experiment went wrong. When he got called off to media and played the video there, it was found to be staged. Many people questioned the truthfulness of his videos. Gee told that his videos are 100% real. But they didn’t believe him at all. Soon after that, Adrian Gee decided to make all of his videos true to real life without any kind of staging or scripting. Aside from these, he never got into any kind of controversies or false rumors at all. From them, he has maintained a clean image till now.  

Adrian Gee’s net worth

Adrian Gee is a social media personality as well as a multitalented content creator. He has earned a lot of wealth from different sources due to his quality work. His main source of income is from his YouTube channel and other forms of businesses, mainly his coaching businesses. Gee also has his Instagram account for a small income. He works as an entrepreneur too and also as an actor, model. Adrian also gets good income stats from these sources. With all of that, Adrian Gee’s net worth is 1M dollars to be estimated. His max worth is possible 2-3M Dollars given his YouTube income and his cost of expenses in making videos. This is all about the popular content creator and Relationship Guru Adrian Gee that you should know about. 

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