Adley McBride Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Adley McBride is one of the youngest content creators on the social platform YouTube. She is recognized to have a very successful channel by her name that has over 3M+ subscribers. Being a queen of her world, she also appears frequently on her parents’ channel. Adley McBride is also among the rarest YouTube content creators to make her name for herself at such a young age. Well, let us hear a lot more about Adley McBride and her young YouTube Le. 

Adley McBride’s Early Life

Adley is quite small for her age. She is just 6 years old now. She was born on August 6th, in the year 2015. Adley McBride is not just her name, as her full name is Adley Mary McBride. Her mother’s name is Jenny McBride and her father’s name is Shaun McBride. Like Adley, her parents are also as popular as she is. Aside, Shaun is known for his own insanely popular YouTube channel by the name of “Shonduras”. She also has a cute adorable younger brother by the name of Niko McBride. She also features her brother along with herself in the “Shonduras” channel frequently. Both of her parents are social media personalities and have a large fan base and fan following on their YouTube channel. Further information about her family will be available on the website as soon as possible. 

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Adley McBride’s Educational Life

Given her age, McBride is only 6 years old. She has just completed her pre-school education for the time now. Despite her constantly spending time on creating YouTube Content for a long, she hasn’t deprived herself of the path of education at all. She has finished pre-school in the year 2020. Now, Adley is planning to get into the first phase of her primary education. Not much information is available on her education side but she is preparing for getting into a good city school. Recent information about her educational life will be available on the website soon.  

Adley McBride’s professional life

At the age of just 6 years, she is a young but professional content creator. She is also present on her parents’ channel “Shonduras”, where she performs nearly the same roles. Her channel has been rated as the most popular channel owned by the youngest content creator.  

Adley McBride’s Social media life

She is mostly present on YouTube social media and Instagram. She is present on the ID @adleymcbride and currently has over 69K+ followers on her account. She posts frequently on the platform of her work and her daily life, traveling with her parents. She has her own YouTube channel by the name of “A for Adley – Learning & Fun” which has over 3.2M+ subscribers till now. The channel also has an insane 3.9B+ view count on all of its videos till now. This is all of her social presence for the time now.

Adley McBride’s YouTube Life

Adley’s YouTube channel now has received over 3.9B+ view count and it has over 3.2M+ subscribers base. The stats are themselves too much for a 6-year-old who has just finished pre-school. Her monthly view count is over 100M+, which means she is earning over 1M+ in just one month. The first video of the channel is “Learning Colors with PLAYDOUGH!” that was uploaded in the year 2017. It has got over 2.7M+ views to date. The most popular video of her channel has over 77M+ views, which is regarded as a milestone for thousands of channels. This is also one of the most popular videos on her and her parents’ channels. Her latest video is “KiDS CONSTRUCTiON JOB! work with Niko, Mom & Dad!” which already got over 30K views in just 3 hours. 

Adley McBride’s personal life

McBride is just 6 years old. She isn’t exactly fit for being into any kind of relationship at all. Not unless she is 18 years of age or older. Adley has a cute and adorable smile on her face almost all the time. She is seen smiling in almost all of her content, be it from her channel or her parents’. But she is not fit for any relationship matters, neither she is into one either. well, she will grow up soon to attract boys with her adorable smile. 

Adley McBride’s controversies

For the time now, McBride isn’t related to any kind of false rumors or any kind of controversies to her tail. Despite her age, she has never indulged in any trouble or quarrel with other social media stars at all. She has maintained a clean image of herself. Adley has dedicated herself to bringing better and well-appreciated content for fans. Thus, she hasn’t been into any kind of controversies at all till now, given her huge social media recognition. 

Adley McBride’s Net Worth

Adley’s YouTube channel is public by the name of “A for Adley – Learning & Fun” has gained over 3.2M+ subscribers base. This is bigger than anything for a 6-year-old who has managed to build a huge channel with her cuteness mostly. Her videos earn a lot of views in a single week. Her latest video has earned over 1.8M+ views in just one week. She also has a large view count of 100M+ in just one month. The channel also has a whopping 3.9B+ views in its whole lifetime. That is huge for a YouTube channel especially, when the videos are created by a young girl. She is the sole owner of the channel along with her parents helping her out for social media marketing purposes. Adley also has some estimated ownerships of her parents’ YouTube channel. As she appears on it frequently, despite her content being more in the limelight. With all of this, Adley McBride’s net worth is 19M dollars or near to 19.5M dollars. All of this wealth is completely her income from the channel. Thus, this is all about the young YouTube content creator Adley McBride that you should know about. 

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