Adexe Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Adexe is one of the most popular content creators on the YouTube platform. And with that, he is also a popular singer with millions of fan bases. He is not just the only one in his team other than his brother Nau, who also performs with him. Adexe along with his brother have their own YouTube channel by the name of “Adexe & Nau” 

Adexe’s Early Life

Adexe was born on July 7th, in the year 2005 in Spain. Yes, his birthplace is in Spain and he is just 16 years old for an incredibly popular position of singer. He was born in the place Santa Cruz de Tenerife and this is where he grew up along with his brother. His full name is said to be Adexe Gutiérrez Hernández, where Gutiérrez Hernández is said to be their last names. His brother’s name is Nau or Nauzet Gutiérrez Hernández. Adexe has featured his posts, photos, and videos with his parents on the social platform Instagram. But there is no official information available about his parents at all. Further information about Adexe’s family will be updated on the website as soon as possible.  

Adexe’s Educational Life

Till now, there is no available information on Adexe’s educational life. From a bit young age, he has started posting and uploading his songs on social platforms. Adexe is just 16 years old and at this age, he may have completed his primary education. Adexe might just be preparing for High school to finally complete his education for the best. He is also dedicating a lot of time to his songs. So there is a low chance that Adexe might not be continuing his education after high school.No other information is available for now about Adexe’s education. 

Adexe’s Professional Life

Adexe started his song passion a long time ago when he was just 8-9 years old. His first own channel was by his “Adexe”.  This is when he sang at the beginning. His first performance was in 2013 when AdexeOfficial was released as his new channel name. Adexe is a very popular singer and also, he is a content creator on YouTube. He performs all kinds of songs to the base of the cover, renditions of other popular artists too. Adexe also makes his original songs along with his brother in a popular professional style. He and his brother are popularly known by the Duo of “Adexe & Nau” on social media. Adexe and his brother create songs of Sunny Reggaeton-tinged Pop tracks. These are similar to CNCO, Naim & Marcos, who are also popular content creators on the platform. Adexe very quickly got attracted due to their voice tone and grabbed a great amount of audience to himself.He also renders and sings songs of other renowned popular artists like Prince Royce, Felipe Santos, and Justin Bieber. Adexe and his brother Nau covered the song Por Fin Te Encontre by Cali and El Dandee, which got an incredible appreciation on YouTube. 

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Adexe’s YouTube Life

The two brothers Adexe and Nau, have their own YouTube channel, “Adexe & Nau”. The channel now has over 12M+ subscribers to itself. The duo has produced and uploaded over 400+ videosAdexe’s recent official song video by the title “Adexe & Nau-Nada Serio (Videoclip Oficial)” was released most recently.The most popular video on the channel is “Adexe y Nau-Andas En Mi Cabeza (Chino & Nacho ft. Daddy Yankee Cover)” which has over 750M+ views. He also has another super popular video by the name “Hasta El Amanecer – Adexe & Nau (Nicky Jam Cover)” that has over 480M+ views on the channel. 

Adexe’s Social media life

Adexe is active on almost all social media platforms, particularly on Instagram. Compared to others, he is well active on Instagram and posted over 1,700+ posts on his account. He has over 1.1M+ followers following him. His fans also follow him for his cool songs and to keep a track of his cool life.Adexe is also present on Twitter with 70K+ followers till now.Adexe and his brother Nau have a YouTube channel by the name “Adexe & Nau” that has over 12M+ subscribers and over 400+ videos.  He is also present on the TikTok social platform with over 1.8M million fans.

Adexe’s personal life

Adexe currently is not in any kind of relationship with any girl at all. He is just 16 years of age and there is a little bit of time left to get to his mature self.  For now, Adexe is completely on focus to make his career on the YouTube platform and his songs. He is doing his best to become an artist, a professional singer, and also one of the best content creators on YouTube. Aside, there is no form of social information available that points that the 16-year-old singer is in a relationship either. 

Adexe’s controversies

For the time, Adexe has never involved himself in any kind of controversies nor any false rumors. He has kept himself completely out of social trouble and maintained his image and reputation clean. Adexe is also completely dedicated to his singing career as an artist.

Adexe’s Net Worth

Till now, Adexe and his brother are owned a YouTube channel have earned a lot of money from their songs and amazing video content. The channel has over 12M+ subscribers and over 400+ videos to their account. Going to the stats of the channel, the videos have managed to get a total view of over 4.1B+. This makes the channel one of the most popular content collections. Likewise, Adexe’s net worth is 3M dollars to the most current count. Aside, a part of the revenue count is also owned by his brother Nau, who also appears on the videos. Aside, Adexe’s worth is said to increase by 100K dollars in the next year, with their channel. He also earns a small portion of his wealth from his Instagram account. He also has several brand advertisements, travels, and others. This is all about the popular singer and YouTube content creator Adexe that you should know.  

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