Addy Rae Tharp Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

Addy Rae Tharp is one of the popular TikTok stars to have good fame on the platform. She is also one of the top content creators on the platform with frequent uploads over time. Addy also ranks up among the most influential creators with the least social presence on the other platforms. Well, let us learn a lot more about Addy Rae Tharp from down below. 

Addy Rae Tharp’s Early Life

She was born on December 19th, in the year 2001. Her birthplace is in the United States and she belongs to the American nationality. For the time now, there is no official information about her family or family members. She grew up good with her family. Addy also has a lot of brothers and sisters in her family, probably 9 members in it by total. Addy Rae Tharp for once featured her mother in a TikTok video that she shared on the platform. Although it features her mother or Mrs. Tharp, there is no official disclose of her name or identity. Further information about her family will be updated on the website as soon as possible. 

Addy Rae Tharp’s Educational Life

Seeing her age, she is already over 20 years old. Thus, it is concluded that she already has covered her primary school education. Addy seemed to have gone into any of the available city schools to finish her education. Addy for the time being may or may not have enrolled in college. She is trying to dedicate her career to the social platform and make a name for herself. 

Addy Rae Tharp’s TikTok life

For now, Addy Rae Tharp is just professionally active on the social platform TikTok. Addy is well famous for her TikTok account. Most of the time, she posts comedy videos, vlogs, lip-sync videos of background and trending music. She has got a very big fan following of over 2.4M+ fans. Her content receives good reception from her fans. She even receives a great deal of support too. With her content reaching millions of views, she has received a total of 124M+ likes on her account. She collaborated with a lot of other stars too. Addy has her Depop Shop selling earrings, necklaces, and most common kinds of jewelry offline. The name of the shop is the same as her name. 

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Addy Rae Tharp’s Social Media Life

Addy Rae Tharp is present on most of the social media platforms, but she is not so active on most of them. She has over 305K+ followers on Instagram with only 35 posts to date. Most of her photos are of her daily life, a bit of travel, and other kinds of photos. She is more followed on Tiktok and Twitter. She probably has over 2M+ followers on Twitter. Addy also has a 2.4M+ fan following on her TikTok account. Addy also has a pretty much incredible rate of likes to her Tiktok content. She currently has over 120M+ likes total on all of her content. Addy Rae Tharp’s YouTube channel She also has a small YouTube channel to herself by the name of “Addy is” and has currently 26.9K subscribers. With this good number of fans to herself, she only posted just one video, “Trying to be a YouTuber VLOG #1” by this title. The video has over 17K+ views over 9 months to the time it was posted. 

Addy Rae Tharp’s personal life

Addy Rae Tharp is in a relationship with another social media star, Cayman Rhodes. For the fact, Rhodes is also a Tiktok personality or most probably a star, who is quite popular on Tiktok too. Both of the stars also have their set videos on Tiktok uploaded periodically and also frequent uploads are seen too. Both Addy Rae Tharp and Cayman Rhodes had their popular fan base on the Twitter platform. Rhodes kind of shifted away from the social platform for some time and then he finally took himself off it. Despite Addy having over 1.5M+ fans on the platform, Cayman left it. Aside, the sweet couple is available on the Instagram social platform. Though they are in a relationship, there are not many photos available in it. Cayman also gained a lot of followers, to a big number of over 150K+ fans when he joined Instagram. She has a small chameleon as her pet. 

Addy Rae Tharp’s controversies

Addy had once got into a clash with another social friend by the name of Eli. His ID is by the name of moreover, available on Instagram. The video of their live stream is available on YouTube by the title, “ELI AND ADDY RAE FIGHTING ON LIVE 2019” for now. The conversation quickly turned into a good fight between the two. The video was shared and uploaded to the YouTube platform. Within a small time, the video got viral among a lot of viewers, specifically among the fans of Eli and Addy Rae Tharp. The result of the video did not get to any conclusion but ultimately both of them cutting their friendship down. Aside, their fans also showed their full support, mostly towards Addy on YouTube and other social platforms. For now, Addy Rae Tharp does not have any controversies at all. She has maintained her image to the very best. Addy also did not indulge in any kind of social rumors or false information on the social media platform.

Addy Rae Tharp’s net worth

Addy Rae Tharp’s net worth is not disclosed by her. She has a pretty good career all by herself and has succeeded in earning good money for the time. For now, she has very good fame on TikTok and Twitter, with millions of followers to her account. Well, Addy Rae Tharp’s net worth is 1M dollars to a suspected count. Addy also has some side business to her name, selling earrings, necklaces as per sources mention. With all of that, she seemed to have a good career on her name. This is all about the popular TikTok star Addy Rae Tharp that you should know about. 

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