Addison Wallace Net Worth, Career, Early And Personal Life

If you know about the crazy family by the name of “CRAZY MIDDLES”, then you sure should know about Addison Wallace. She is a well-known YouTube personality related to the Crazzy Middles family. Addison is frequently featured on the parent channel with awesome cool videos which ultimately go for a good grasp of fame easily. 

Well, let us try to learn a lot more about Addison Wallace and her cool little life. 

Addison Wallace’s Early Life

Addison was born on September 3rd, in the year 2008 in the USA. Her hometown is not yet official for the time, but it is taken to be the United States only. If you want to know about her star sign, it is Virgo and if you belong to the same sign, that’s incredible. Before Addison got adopted, her real name was Gianna. She was adopted by her foster parents. Her foster father’s name is Jared Wallace and her foster mother’s name is Shelly Wallace. They adopted her when she was of very small age. 

For now, the names of her biological parents are not available at all. The information would be updated on the website as soon as possible. 

Despite being adopted, she has a lot of brothers and sisters to her side. Surprisingly, she has a lot of biological siblings and their names are Aubrey Wallace, Miles Wallace, and Harlan Wallace. 

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Addison Wallace’s Adoption to new Foster parents

Addison got adopted by her foster parents. Her biological brothers and sisters also got adopted by them. It happened after the DCS found about it. The agency found out that their parents were drug-addicted and did not take adequate care of the kids at all. They took the kids and let them stay with their grandmother. But the results turned out to be the same after a year. Addison’s grandmother was said to be horrible too, just like her parents. The kids for hope got adopted by the Wallace couple for good. Harlan who is Addison’s brother has said to move to the military academy. That is when she changed her original name to Addison.  

Addison Wallace’s Educational Life

Addison Wallace is now mostly focused on studies and she is doing her best to complete it soon. She also does contemporary family work despite making videos on the CRAZY MIDDLES Channel. She is studying in a primary school in the city. The name of the school is not disclosed on their social media handles. 

Addison Wallace’s YouTube channel

She doesn’t have any YouTube channel on her own for the time being. Although she aims to have one by the time arrives and she has finished her education. She is featured on the channel by the name “CRAZY MIDDLES”. It has over 404K+ subscribers and got over 122M+ views on all the videos. The first video on the channel was titled “MEET THE MIDDLES!” introduced by Shelly. The video got over 225K+ views and shows all the family members that were 6 years ago. The most popular video on the channel is titled “EMERGENCY KITS FOR TEEN GIRLS 2019-2020! | BACK TO SCHOOL! | PERIOD KIT!” It got over 2.9M+ views and remains to be most viewed by their lovely audience. 

Addison Wallace’s YouTube videos

She was last featured in a video made for her specifically. The video was titled “Addison’s Birthday Special! | Birthday Surprise, She Had No Idea!”. The entire family gave Addison a big surprise for her birthday. She did not expect the family’s surprise at all. Addison seems to have a tiny experience on her YouTube featuring and she can use it in the future to create one for her too. 

Addison Wallace’s social media handles

For now, Addison Wallace does not have any type of social media accounts at all either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. She is present on the social media platforms of her parents or most probably, on the photos posted by the Crazzy Middles. She seems to have kept herself away from her social presence until she makes a name for herself. 

Addison Wallace’s personal life

Addison Wallace is still in the starting teenage years. She has a very adorable and sweet smile which is present all the time on her face. Yet she is not yet to be in any kind of relationship either. For the time, she is just single and will be for the next couple of years. Until she finds someone of her type and makes the right decision to be in a relationship. Currently, now, she is focusing on her studies and education. Addison is also not on social media either. 

Addison Wallace’s controversies

She is just 12 years old and doesn’t seem to indulge in any kind of false rumors at all. Addison has also never interfered on any social matter to the recognizable scale, though she is well popular on social media. 

Addison Wallace is well appreciated on YouTube for her role in the Crazzy Middles family. And right now she is either dedicated to her studies or YouTube content solely. She also doesn’t have any kind of social media profiles or social presence on her own for the time now. 

Addison Wallace’s net worth

For the time now, Addison Wallace does not have any worth of her own. Since she is just 12 years old and does not have any earnings on her own yet. Although she is featured a lot on the channel “Crazzy Middles”, the channel is not her own. Addison Wallace has her grade of plans to open up her career options and make one of them permanent. She mentioned having plans to open up her channel and create content on it. Addison also may or may not inherit a bit of worth from the CRAZY MIDDLE channel owners. There is no other kind of information about her or her net worth for the time now. 

This is all about the Addison Wallace that you should know.

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